How many dreams or dreamers are there?

This post is in response to several other issues ramesam touched on in his comments of Dec 19. The comments are repeated here in part, with the main points in bold italics for emphasis:

“…I do not find anywhere, either in the ancient Indian lore or in the modern non-dualism teachings, any body explaining the emergence of the wakeful state with all the phenomenal ‘world’ and its goings on.

Words like ‘Maya’, ‘Leela’ (play), ‘Freedom’ etc. are used to explain how from that Immutable Oneness the first ‘I-thought’ is engendered to manifest later as the variegated manifold. But these are admittedly just explanatory fictions. Such explanations take all the mathematical precision and scientific regularity in the phenomenal world as ‘given’. They accept the inevitability of inexorable natural laws and never provide any clue as to why a law is the way it is.

As I said, we see a ‘signature’ of dream state in a dreaming brain (REM sleep). How do you think the brain state would be when one is “abiding” as ALL, One, Consciousness, Brahman.”

Take the last point first. Not having any experience in neuroscience, it is difficult to comment about a brain state, for anything said would be speculation. All that can be done is to speak from the standpoint of Pure Awareness, and hopefully some of this can be seen in a new light.

It would seem that when “abiding as Oneness, Consciousness” there is no thinking activity, and little or no experience of sensations—so it would follow that those apparent related areas of brain activity would be greatly reduced or inactive. Meanwhile, in such states the body usually still appears to breathe, pump blood, etc. so it would seem that whatever brain activity is involved in these apparent functions would continue.

There are stories of yogis and saints who have reached a state in which all body functioning is virtually nil—and there is no reason why this is not possible. From the standpoint of Pure Awareness, there is nothing material or physical—and so if one were to mention what appears as body, it thus is seen as “idea” rather than a physical object. An idea does not need food to in order to be the idea it is—nor do ideas breathe, and so on.

Right now, see the idea Mickey Mouse in thought. It’s just an idea—nothing material there, no breathing and no food required, no sense of weight or physical density. Nor is there a physical brain or any “mind-activity” there—it’s just a mind-less idea, a thought-image. Nor does that Mickey-idea dream.

Now consider the body that appears to be sitting in front of this computer. See it in thought as it appeared to be doing something “yesterday”—perhaps eating dinner. Now see it in thought doing something “tomorrow.” In both cases it, too, is just a thought-image, exactly like Mickey. What’s more, that body as it appears to be sitting here right this instant, is the same. There really is no physical, material stuff there—it just seems so—and only to the degree one seems to be sensing, rather than being Pure Awareness.

Body actually never is other than a thought-image, no different—and there is no brain in a thought-image, either. To say there is, would be an assumption. A brain supposedly is a physical object—yet an idea, a mere thought-image, cannot contain a physical object.

The basis on which this is said is discussed at length in chapters 13 and 14 in Consciousness Is All. (If you do not have the book, chap. 13 is offered free on this website.)

This is NOT advocating that one should “try to see body as idea” because the only One aware is Awareness Itself, and It is not doing any such thing. It is being Pure Awareness only, with no concern over ideas. To try to de-materialize things is to mistakenly assume there are material things—and there are not! There is only Awareness—and consistently, persistently (and effortlessly!) abiding Here, the would-be physical sense of things will seem to eventually fade. To try to get rid of objects or physicality is starting with objects, not Awareness, and only making more of a “reality” out of them.

One final point. Who or what is claiming there are many minds in bodies “out there” all having the capacity to dream? Can one honestly say there are many others “out there,” all with their own minds that dream? Have you ever experienced “their” dreams to be certain they’re occurring? Or is the whole thing merely going on within the one dream that seems to be experienced by a “personal you”? And isn’t that “personal you” equally part of the same one dream also? Are there really many bodies, many minds, thus many dreamers? From CIA, p. 146:

Look very closely again. Exactly what is the only “mind” to whom all those “others” supposedly exist? Only to what seem to be the five senses of this “sense-mind” here.

The thinking may try to disagree and say, “There most definitely are others who have their own minds, because I talk with other people every day.”

The only thing claiming there are “others” out there to talk to, would be this so-called sensing mind. It all appears to be coming from these five senses right here, nowhere else. Take this sensing mind away, and all those “others,” too, just like the entire objective world, wouldn’t appear to be there.

As said earlier, when you awaken from a dream, all those seeming “others” in the dream do not awaken with you—you are the only one there is to be awake.

Some may still disagree and try to say, “But even if this ‘sense-mind’ were not sensing anything, the objective world and universe still would exist. It still would be there as objective and would exist to all the others who are sensing it too. There is far more to the objective world than just my sensing of it. And even if there weren’t any body to sense it, the objective world and universe still would exist.”

You never can prove that. Look even more closely. Again, what would be the only thing claiming that the entire objective world and all “others” supposedly exist? Only what seem to be these same five senses.

The only thing claiming there are “others” out there who also are sensing an objective world would be this so-called “sense-mind” right here—these five senses, not those of others. Again, the whole thing appears to be inseparable from this sensing mind.

The so-called objective world isn’t really objective or external at all. Meanwhile, pure Conscious Being, the Real You, is none of this sensing mental activity. The Truth is, it’s not “your” sensing mind, though everything you’ve ever been taught would say it is. Why is it not “your” sensing mind? Because all there is to You is Pure Being, Pure Infinity, and Infinity does not possess anything finite, not even a finite sensing mind.

As Consciousness, You do not have a mind. All You “have” or are, is Pure Consciousness. The Being You are is changeless Presence, and any so-called sensing mind that functions in time would be non-presence, non-existence. How could You possess non-existence?

It must be emphasized that this entire discussion is speaking hypothetically, on the basis of “if”–and it’s a huge “if.” It only could seem to happen if Timeless Being were not ALL, or if the Absolute Present somehow stopped being the entirety of Presence–which actually is impossible.

What seems to cause "dream"? Pt. 1

Now to get into ramesam’s other comments from 12/19, particularly:

“…I do not find anywhere, either in the ancient Indian lore or in the modern non-dualism teachings, any body explaining the emergence of the wakeful state with all the phenomenal ‘world’ and its goings on.

Words like ‘Maya’, ‘Leela’ (play), ‘Freedom’ etc. are used to explain how from that Immutable Oneness the first ‘I-thought’ is engendered to manifest later as the variegated manifold. But these are admittedly just explanatory fictions. Such explanations take all the mathematical precision and scientific regularity in the phenomenal world as ‘given’. They accept the inevitability of inexorable natural laws and never provide any clue as to why a law is the way it is.”

In summary: How to explain what appears as the emergence of the phenomenal ‘world’? What is its cause? Why does it appear? And finally, why does it appear in the particular way it does, i.e. involving things like mathematical precision, repeatable scientific laws, etc.?

Again, the “stance” or perspective of this website: The only-ness of the unchanging Absolute Being, the Present—which is another way of saying, Infinity is All. From Here, even what seems to be a “phenomenal world” of cause and effect is seen in an entirely different light—even though no such thing is actually occurring in Infinite Reality.

First, what appears as a phenomenal ‘world’ really would be only “mental” and not consist of material objects or physicality, as ramesam hinted at with his quote marks around the word ‘world.’ The only “stuff” there would be to it is mere sensations or thought—the entirety of finite phenomena would be inseparable from the “mind” or “made out of” pure mental-stuff or dream only (again, as discussed in chap. 13). Pages 204-205 in CIA deal with what its seeming “cause” would be, and why it seems to appear:

The question might seem to persist, “As Pure Being, the Conscious Present, truly is all that is present, then where could time, finite sense, duality, and human suffering even seem to come from, even if seen as illusion or dream? As only the One Infinite is present, is All, then where would the ‘cause’ itself be that supposedly causes a seeming finite dream to occur?”

A “cause” for so-called finite sense or dream never can be found.

That’s because it doesn’t have its own cause. Why?

The One, All-Present Consciousness being aware here, now, is absolutely all that is present, existent.

This Consciousness is the Only One conscious for all Existence.

As Consciousness, You are the Only One. Oneness is what You are. So when not being the Oneness You are, then that would be all there is to duality. As the All-Present One, the instant attention seems to stray from Pure Being—that would be the very “cause” of all

As the Only One, the only seeming “cause” of time, non-being, would be due to first “looking away” from Timeless Being.

It seems as if Pure Conscious Now, What Really Is Being, is ignored, and one is functioning as a thinking, sensing mentality in time, or what-really-is-not being. One seems to leave Awakeness and starts to dream.

The reason for never being able to find a separate cause of time and a finite “dream-world,” is that the mentality looking for the “cause” always is looking for something apart from itself. When all along, that very mentality itself would be dream’s very, only “cause”!

The very act of thinking and sensing, looking outside One’s Being for a cause “out there” would involve time, non-being. So instead of consciously being the clear, silent Conscious Now—True Timeless Identity—it is enacting the very startup of a would-be second “time-identity.”

The human sense-dream is not an entity in and of itself. It does not have its own presence. It is not any kind of presence. Its entire operation would depend on the seeming “ignore-ance” of What Is Present, Pure Now-Consciousness which is truly All That Is.

There is a definite reason why finite sense or dream could not be going on by itself, “off there,” apart from This Self, having its own presence. It is because This Presence is all there is. There is not another, pre-existing, secondary state called dream that is “off there” somewhere. There is no dream having its own presence, that attention goes out to, for only this Being has Presence. If you had a dream last night, did that dream appear, or have its own presence, before you fell asleep? No.

Being specifically, totally alive as the Conscious Present I Am, as Pure Awakeness only, leaves only One. It is Self-Interest, Single-Mindedness. It leaves no second, superimposed state of dream-thought, no assumed identity, chasing around in time, trying to act as non-presence. It leaves nothing added to Am; no add-Am, Adam, or man-sense.

Again, all seeming human limitations never would be physical or material conditions—but just an assumed, secondary “mental” state of dream-thought. The instant there no longer is any thought in terms of it, it “evaporates,” because as Consciousness, You are the only Presence, the only Substance, for all of Existence. Finite time-dream can’t think or function on its own because it doesn’t exist on its own. It, of itself, has no conscious existence. Only You do.

Here is the most important point of all, however. Omnipresent Being, the One All-Self, never actually ignores Its Allness, no matter how things seem. That’s what All means—there is nothing besides Its own Presence to which Its attention could stray. All means there is nowhere for which All could leave Itself, nowhere All Itself isn’t changelessly present. The One Absolute All precludes there being a secondary “you” that could get It wrong or even get It right.

What seems to cause "dream"? Pt. 2

Now for the second point, as to: Why does the phenomenal (mental) ‘world’ appear the way it does? Why does it seem to involve such things as mathematical precision, scientific laws, and so on? Again, having no background in formal science, it is difficult to comment from within that framework—for it would be speculation at best. However, from the standpoint of Present Awareness, such things can be seen in an entirely new light.

From the standpoint of Absolute Present Awareness being ALL, and which does not change, there is ONLY Present-ness. Period. The Present-ness being spoken of is the presently alive Awareness, aware here, now. To this utter Present-ness, time does not occur. There has been no past. Absolutely nothing has happened before, because where the Present is changelessly all-present, there is no “before”—only Present-ness!

If one were to refer to time, all of what seems to have happened “before” or seems to be a “past” actually would be found only in the thought that seems to be thought now. All so-called history or a long past would be found ONLY in what seems to be this current thought—nowhere else. (There is not space here to go into a full explanation of this, but it is discussed in detail in CIA chaps 21 and 22, and also in a previous post here titled, “As the Present, You have no history.” If this point is not clear, it is suggested that you read those chapters and post—otherwise the following simply will not make sense.)

What the foregoing means is that, to this Present Awareness, there has been absolutely nothing prior. Not even the Present has been before because It is present only. So there has been no accumulation of time. To Present Awareness, there has been no long continuity of time. There is absolutely NO prior state of “things having been a certain way down through history”—for there hasn’t been any history!

It means that there has been no historical backdrop in which mathematical precision and scientific laws operated a certain way before—because there has been no before! There equally has been no past in which a “mystery” developed as to why math and science “continue” to operate in this way. No! There being only Changeless NOW-AS-ALL, there is no such thing as a continuity or sequence of time. There has been zero prior time. None.

See for yourself. If one ignores NOW-Awareness and begins to think, that’s when all so-called time “kicks in”–and for the first time ever! All of what the thinking mind would try to say was a “past back there” in which math and science developed over a long period—where is all of that? It’s not back there in time—it’s found entirely and only in this current thought. Again, Consciousness is all—there is no physical world in which prior events could have been experienced. And Consciousness is unchangingly all-present, leaving no such thing as a prior “time” in which there were prior events or even prior thoughts!

A passage from chap. 22, p. 231 says it:

Mistaken human belief would try to say there are both that current thinking of a past and the other “real” past—the one that occurred in a physical world at a previous time. Why is that not true? Because, again, absolutely all there is, is Consciousness—which precludes there being any physical world. And the fact that Consciousness, All, is changelessly Present only, precludes there being any previous time.

The would-be ignorant “sense-mind” doesn’t realize that its “world” never is a separate physical world, but just its own dream-like thought. So all that the entire so-called past ever could have been “made out of” is thought. And when you examine it closely, you see the shocking truth—that dream-thought never is something that occurred “way back then”—for the entirety of it is being mentally projected just now!

Go ahead, try as hard as you can to come up with a little bit of a “past,” or a whole lot of it, in some place other than the current thought of it. It’s impossible.

No matter how far one tries to mentally shove a “past” back there—it actually has had no prior existence. The only place all of it would appear to be found is in the very thinking-dreaming of it starting now. That’s all there would be to all of the so-called “past”—just that one big mental “panorama” or “thought-collage”—all of which begins now.

This is clear only from the vantage point of the Absolute Present, wherein no time has been. Otherwise one mistakenly assumes time has some other, prior beginning. It doesn’t.

In response to this, conditioned thinking may try to screech, “This is crazy! I studied math for years in grade school and at the university—and math always worked precisely the same way. I’ve been balancing my checkbook for years, and math always has worked the same. And what about the scientific law of gravity? It has been holding my body on this earth for years!”

Oh? All of this only seems strange to a state of thinking that seems to have been conditioned to think in terms of continuity—but only to thinking would there seem to be continuity—not to NOW-Awareness. And to NOW-Awarenes, not even any conditioned thinking has gone on before!

Look at it again. Where is all the so-called evidence, the only evidence, that there was a “past” in which years of math, checkbooks and gravity seem to have operated? Where is all the so-called evidence that dreams have been researched for years by neuroscientists? Only in this current thought. It can’t be found anywhere else. And one has to first ignore NOW-Awareness to entertain that thought. Even when thinking would try to say there were many prior thoughts had “over the years”—they, too, actually are not prior, but would all be found only in this thought.

This seems to operate similar to a “sleeping dream.” One might have been asleep for only a few minutes, yet in the dream there are characters that appear to be very old. How old could they be if the dream just began? It is as if dreaming seems to instantly project this entire picture or background in an attempt to give its story credibility and make it seem plausible–yet it has no long background at all. And to whom only would it seem plausible? Only to its own sleep-state, only to dream itself.

What’s more, to Present-Awareness-As-All, there actually hasn’t even been a past in which a single prior “sleeping dream” occurred!

What this all means is that, as Pure Present Awareness, You have no history—and You leave no history having occurred. As this Pure Present-ness You are so WITHOUT any kind of limitation it’s indescribable!! Any would-be limitation would have to be a result of some prior condition—but there haven’t been any prior conditions! This history-less Life alive here, now, is unconditional–and literally is what Unconditional Love is, if one uses such a term.

This also means that there is nothing, repeat NOTHING to say that even the “everyday world” has to continue appearing a certain way (with wars, disease, financial problems, environmental problems, etc.) because to this Utterly Present Awareness there have been NO prior appearances! None! How could a so-called pattern continue–when no such pattern ever got started in the first place? In Pure Open Present-ness there has been NO prior pattern saying that because things have been this way “up until now,” then they must continue. As NOW ITSELF IS ALL, It leaves no room for any “up until” Its NOW.

There hasn’t even been a past in which a “you” didn’t see this!

By being clear on this fact–by LIVING AS IT–you are “giving” yourself and the entirety of Existence the most valuable, priceless thing possible. And it’s not really a thing, but is Pristine New Life incapable of age or decay, unopposed Harmony, disease-free Presence, Unlimited Intelligence–as the very “Stuff” or Substance of all Existence!

Can there BE such a thing as lack?

This post is mainly in response to the comments/questions made by ramesam on Dec. 19 (the main points are repeated here for convenience), and they touch on much larger issues. This response also will consist of two posts because of the scope of what ramesam touched on.

The first concerned the seeming experience of “lack.” Ramesam was contrasting the joy and simplicity of simply being Presence, with what also sometimes seems to be a feeling or sense of lack:

“But then, we are back again into duality. The sense of a ‘lack’ haunts as Mr. Anand said. And once again you led us into that ‘inexpressible’ space in your response to him.

I want to get to the root of this ‘lack’ – a lack not for any objective ‘thing’ but that gut feeling of “not satisficing”.

One way is to see the ‘lack’ to be “ALL”, the very Being. However, this looks to be a mere explanation.”

First, for any who may be new here, the “stance” or perspective of Reality Check and this website (and the “stance” of Self Itself!) is the unchanging allness of Presence, or Present-ness. There is only the absoluteness or fullness of Infinite Present Being, wherein no absence of Being occurs. And again, this is not just a theory, but the unchanging “direct experience” of this One being presently conscious. It is the presence of Pure Present Being Itself, which is unchangingly present “pre” all seeming thoughts and feelings.

For the following to be clear, “start” or “look out as” this Unchanging total Presence of the Present Itself, Pure Being, (which, again, is the only Self being presently conscious here, now).

Being cannot be, and simultaneously experience a lack of Its own being—and this as far as It goes. Stop right here. Why? Because this is what is true of Being Itself, and there is no other. Being’s Absolute Presence never is missing or absent, and there simply is no other “stuff” existent that could be missing or absent. Period. As Being Itself is all that is being and does not change, a lack of Being (or any other kind of lack) is “un-occur-able”—so there definitely is no agreement with the third statement, above.

In order to even attempt to say there was lack, one would first have to be in order to do so. Being’s Presence is not an absence. What’s more, if there could be a lack of Being, then nothing would be, there would be no Existence at all, thus no one to even say they “lacked.”

No, Being is not any observable form or “thing” either—but It is not a total void or a lack. This is not something one can think, but what One IS, as Alive Formlessness, pure Open Awareness.

Being, Awareness, in order to be, must wholly or completely be. There is no such thing as partial being. Being either is or It isn’t, and Being is. As Being wholly is, or completely is, It could be called Wholeness or Completeness. It could be called Self-Satisfaction, for Being, Self, never is experiencing a lack of Its own Presence, which is all the Presence there is. There simply is nothing besides to operate as a dis-satisfying element.

But all these words or thoughts about Being are not what is important, or what is “satisfying”—It is the “Stuff” Itself—Being’s presently alive Presence, which never is lacking for presence or aliveness. True Satisfaction is not the having of any thing, not even a mental or emotional state—but is the clarity that there is nothing besides Infinite Openness, Presence. And It does not “have” Itself; It IS Itself. This does not mean there is anything wrong with “having things” in daily experience–not at all–it’s just that One does not look to them for satisfaction or happiness.

To sum it all up, the fact that Being, the Pure Present is ALL that is present means that if there could be lack–and that’s saying if–then there would have to be a lack of the Present Itself. But that simply never happens.

That being said, if it seems (emphasis on seems) there still is a feeling of lack, or of being unsatisfied, what exactly would it seem to be?

Notice that any sense or feeling of lack (a seeming lack of a thing, or just a vague feeling of lack or dissatisfaction) would be just that—a sense or a feeling, basically an emotion. This feeling of lack often is intertwined with thoughts: “I wish I had this or that thing,” or “I wish I had a better experience,” etc. Meanwhile, the entire “time,” Being is unchangingly, fully, completely present, as Pure Open Awareness. So it’s a matter of where one “identifies”—as the Present, as Awareness—or with thoughts and feelings. And what is Present Awareness Itself “identifying as”? As Itself, of course! Is there another being conscious that could mis-identify? No.

We use expressions such as, “That thought or feeling of lack was going on yesterday.” And that’s exactly the point—it would be a feeling that is going, and one that seems to be on. All there would be to a sense of lack, is a constantly moving “mental state” going on from one thought or feeling to another. There is no Presence in it. It seems as if these “constantly going” thoughts and feelings are superimposed on boundlessly abundant Being, the Present, which never fails to be Present.

It is as if the Present, Self-Satisfaction, is totally overlooked, ignored, or bypassed by identification with all the “add-on” thoughts and feelings. All so-called lack would be this mere superimposed state of thought, imagining that something besides the Pure Present is of value and is missing. But—Being, the Present, already is all that is present and conscious to be anything, and none of It ever is missing or absent!

Put it this way: Is the Present Itself ever having a “gut feeling” that some of Its Presence is missing? No. Is there another being present? No. Can Infinite Openness Itself ever have a “gut feeling” that something besides Itself is missing? No—because to Infinite Openness, there never could be anything besides Its Infinity to begin with. Gut feelings of human dissatisfaction would be vibrations or emotions, and those take time. In the Present, time does not occur, thus no such feelings.

All seeming sense of “lack” never is an absence of some thing—rather, it seems to be the having of too much—it is the having of too many of those assumed or “add-on” thoughts and feelings. It’s just a lot of thoughts that there could or should be something present besides the Present Itself. But there can’t be. It seems to be an assuming, a “taking on” or a super-imposing of a lot of thoughts and feelings “on top of” Pure Aware Being, Self-Satisfaction, the Present that never fails to be totally present, all Presence. No amount of super-imposed thoughts or feelings ever can change this.

So the “answer” is not to try to overcome a state of lack, but to simply be present (Pure Awareness Itself, being) to Whom there is no lack of Present-ness, thus no lack! By simply abiding as effortlessly present Presence, the would-be “lack thoughts and feelings” seem to dissolve, because all there would be to them is an ignoring of Present-ness. And can the Present Itself (the only One presently conscious) ever actually ignore Itself, even for a moment? No!

The notion of lack would consist only of thought, and thought is time—for all thoughts require time to occur. But Pure Awareness is all-present and cannot change. Herein no time occurs, thus there is no possibility of thought. If one is going to knowingly ignore one’s Satisfied Present-ness in favor of dissatisfied thinking and feelings, then one only has oneself to blame. And yet, again, the Present Itself being changelessly present, not even this is really possible.

The only one that seems to experience lack would be the super-imposed “personal I-self” or “personal thinking mind” that functions entirely in time. If there really were such a thing, it definitely would lack, because it would be made out of thought, made out of time, and time completely lacks Presence or Present-ness! It literally would be a state of non-presence! Now that would be “lack”! Yet, as said repeatedly, when starting from or as the Present Itself (this very Pure Awareness), the Present simply never, never is absent. Never. Thus to Present Awareness, Present Being, there never is “lack.”

This “starting” AS the Present Itself (which this very Awareness here, now, is eternally “doing”) is a complete reversal of the so-called human way of experiencing. It also is a reversal of what is considered to be “something,” and “nothing.”

On the level of the sensing, thinking mind, things and the act of thinking itself seem to be a “something”; this “something” of things and thoughts might be an image, a form, whatever–which seems to have a kind of “substance” to it, even if only “mental substance.” In other words, thinking assumes that what it thinks or experiences is “something,” or of value. But the only one saying that is that very same thinking!

What’s more, all seeming experience on the level of the senses and thought consists only of form—thought forms, object forms, and so on. On this level, form is something. And to these same senses and thinking, which know only form, the Infinite Present’s complete absence of form seems like a “nothing.” To sensing and thinking, the Present is invisible or “nothing” because the Present is not some thing or form that can be sensed or thought!

When seen from the stance of Absolute Present-ness, Pure Timeless Being, (this very Awareness, which is all that is truly present), that which constitutes “something” and “nothing” is put in an entirely different light.

To Present Awareness, there is only Itself, Its Formless Infinite Being, and as this is absolutely all that is being, It is all that exists to be “substance” or “something” if one is going to use such terms. But It is purely “spiritual” something or substance, not a material substance.

What’s more, to the Pure Present, thoughts, sensations and feelings are seen to be moving, passing, from one to the next. They would be one with never-present passing time. They would be not-the-Present, or non-presence.

So now, rather than being a “something,” all thought would be non-presence, never-presence, or “nothing.” In fact, to the unchanging Absolute Present, time and thought doesn’t even get that much status, because it never occurs!

So—everything is “reversed.” Infinite Presence, Openness, or Formlessness is all that is present to be “stuff” or “something” (but which is no thing, no form or object). And anything sensed or thought in time would be non-presence, and having no presence, it would be “nothing.”

It may sometimes seem that one unwittingly accepts such thoughts and feelings as being one’s own—but they’re not. Don’t claim them! They do not belong to You, unchanging Present-ness, Pure Being.

To identify with, or as, thoughts and feelings (which are inseparable from time) would be identifying with exactly what the Pure Present is not! They would be exactly what You are not. Time-thoughts and feelings would be a total lack of the Present (if such were really possible, which it isn’t).

So to first identify with or as thoughts-and-feelings-that-come-and-go-in-time is to be doomed to an experience of lack, for one always would be lacking Present-ness or Presence, which is another way of saying “Satisfaction.” And Satisfaction always is IMMEDIATELY available as Pure Awareness, Being.

This is why there is so much emphasis here and in Consciousness Is All on “starting” or identifying—not with a state of thinking and feeling that knows about “an” Awareness, “a” Present—but identifying directly AS, or being the Present Itself, AS Pure un-thinking Awareness. There is all the difference in the world—and, after all, this is what Awareness Itself aware here, now, is “doing” or being.

Your Endless Presence exists utterly, totally alone…

The fact that Your Endless Presence exists utterly, totally alone, is a permanent guarantee of never being threatened by any outside force—for there is no outside force.

There is nothing that could come in from outside, because Your Own Endlessness has no outside. It is impossible to need a protective barrier around Your Presence, because the fact that It is endless means there is no edge or border at which to put one.

For Eternity, there is nothing that could upset You. As Utter Oneness, You are completely at ease in the certainty of being unopposed forever, undisturbed forever. Perfect Calm is the entirety of what exists—as the endless, endless, reach of Your own “infinitely outstretched” Presence.

All there is, is borderless, unchecked Openness, which is alive—the endless “overflowing” of Softly Present Life.

As All, as the Entirety of Existence, all You ever know is that deepest, all-abiding Peace and Joy of being able to live completely defenseless. You never are naively open to attack—but simply can’t be protected or have a guard up, for again, Your Own All leaves nothing else from which to need protecting.

Absolutely nothing exists besides You, Your Infinitely Gentle Self.

There is only wide open, gentle Unprotectedness—being serenely, boundlessly free—a never-ending expanse of carefree Ease.

This open, free Ease is Unconditional Love. It is un-conditional because It never is faced by a condition—just “more and more” of Its own endless Openness. This gentle Open Love is the all-embracing softness with which Awareness, You, are now present and aware.

How indescribably delicate is Awareness as It now is being present?

How utterly, completely effortless is Your Existence as It goes about Its business of simply being? Yet how immovable and stable is It? Does Existence ever waver?

Feel how delightfully un-labored—how permanently easy—it is for Existence to simply, effortlessly, be here, now. Being this effortlessness is One’s Life Work, One’s Career—for Eternity.

That is all there is to It. Existence is simply being.

Existence never works at existing. It never struggles to be. There is absolutely nothing that has to be done.

Your Existence never is trying to arrive. It never needs to attain.

Existence never has to try, period. It just is.

There is no possibility of exertion in Existence for It already perfectly is, and nothing else is.

As Perfect Existence is already All That Is, there never is anything besides Its own Presence that It has to accomplish. Being need not work to sustain Itself over time, for in Absolute Being, there is no time. As this changeless Perfect Being, You never can have anything go wrong. You never make a mistake. There is nothing Perfect Being can do, except be, effortlessly. For Eternity, Your Life is delightfully effort-less.

Your Being is Divine Effortlessness Itself. This Effortlessness can no more withhold Itself from being All, than Being can withhold Itself. As It already is, It never can be delayed—or put aside.

Effortless Being never can be escaped.

Right now, stop. “Feel” how delightfully effortless Existence’s Ease of Being is. How un-tense and utterly “relaxed” is absolute Ease—endless Ease?

This Ease, which is all of Existence, isn’t a state You are in. It is what You are. This Ease that You forever are—is so easy, so effortlessly simple, It is not in the realm of words.

Existence’s Ease is the gently alive Bliss You now are alive to being. How marvelously soft and gentle is this Delightful Bliss to Its own Presence? How fully “immersed” in Its own Tenderness is It?

This endlessly overflowing Ease is what You never, ever, fail to be. This Infinite Ease that You permanently are being is never, never, never going to go away. It can’t. Ease is absolutely All That Is—there is nowhere besides Itself that It could go!

If this effortless Ease being You now were somehow multiplied a billion times over in Its simplicity and softness of being, Its wondrous richness and depth—that would barely scratch the surface of the Never Ending Ease that Your Present Self is.

This All-Embracing Ease is the “Satisfied Sigh” of Infinite Serenity.

It is the Divine Ahhh that is All—the Ahhh that never comes to an end of Itself.

From Consciousness Is All, pp. 321-323.

Who only is conscious to be "enlightened"?

This post is primarily in response to Anand’s recent comment:

“From the standpoint of Consciousness, it would seem that enlightenment is a myth and so the search can end–nothing to do and no one to do anything. I get this intellectually but the seeking goes on and despair and frustration are the only outcomes…”

This is a good comment, something “each of us” seems to face at one time or another.

Anand, it sounds as if there is an identification with thoughts about Awareness, rather than identifying as, or simply being, Pure Awareness Itself. It also sounds as if “you” have done a lot of sincere studying and hard work on this.

Now it’s time to “rest” and enjoy. Why?

Who alone is aware right there as You? Awareness or Self Itself is the only One being aware, conscious. It already is “at” Itself; It already is fully being Itself (and there is no other) so the “work” already is “done.” Any continued attempt is actually futile. It sounds as if this is clear, too–no becoming and no other to become.

Let’s call this already-present Awareness the New You, or Real You–which, again, is the Presence of Awareness Itself–and which NEVER fails to be present, to perfectly be what It is, and does not require any “work” to be present.

The New You is effortless. And this is your new homework assignment, given to You by Your Self: Make no effort at all. That means no more thinking about Awareness, no more thinking about enlightenment–because after all, New You (Pure Awareness) doesn’t think. Stop reading. Stop looking on the computer for awhile. Stop trying.

Notice that, even while doing the new homework assignment of goofing off as Pure Awareness, You remain perfectly aware even though none of that extra mental activity is going on! (This does not mean one will “goof off” in what appears as daily affairs, or at one’s job–but one will completely goof off as far trying to become Awareness.)

The “old seeker-you” was merely just some thoughts–and the feelings that come up as a result of those thoughts–frustration, groping, annoyance, dissatisfaction, and a feeling of “I’ll never get there.” Just notice those feelings and thoughts–notice that they’re not New You, Awareness, and they don’t even belong to You because New You doesn’t need them to be the Awareness It already is being.

It also sounds as if thinking (not New You) keeps imagining that “enlightenment” is some special kind of state, afar off, and that it’s definitely not what simply is already present here, now.

Do you know what “enlightenment” really is? It’s simply the cessation of trying to imagine what enlightenment is!

Don’t try to stop thoughts either. Don’t worry whether they come or not. Just peacefully, calmly, put “attention” on how effortlessly Awareness is aware, whether thinking thinks or not.

Stay busy noticing or “feeling” how soft Pure Presence is. What does that “feel” like right where you are? This doesn’t mean think about the softness of Presence, or what’s going to happen as a result of doing this–but just continually “feeling” or being It. You are now in the “feeling” business, not in the thinking business. This really is not a matter of a separate “you” feeling “an” Awareness–but simply the Presence of Alive Awareness Itself, being Itself right there, without a secondary thinker-self.

It may seem to take a while–but just keep “returning” to how good the softness and ease of Awareness feels because It is the Real You, without any super-imposed mental/emotional burden (and which Real You never had in the first place). As long as one is “resting here” or being this ease of Presence–the would-be thoughts of frustration and feelings of despair simply cannot take over and run the show.

Keep noticing how light and easy Awareness is–how Awareness Itself has no weight at all. Feel what this is, for this Weightlessness is Real You; It is All That Is.

Again, this calm, easy peacefulness may seem to come and go for awhile; and It may even seem to be absent for long stretches. If so, rather than struggling or trying to “get back” to Awareness–stop! Ask if Awareness can EVER be made to go away or be absent. It can’t! Awareness never is absent–and the entire “responsibility” of being Awareness is up to Awareness Itself. Don’t let a would-be Anand ego try to do it. It may seem necessary to persist–but persist in not making any effort, persist in being effortless, rather than mentally making effort.

In one sense, Pure Awareness as It is simply being could be called a synonym for Enlightenment Itself. It is already here. Every time a thought comes about “what you need to do” or that “I’ve become separate again,” say, “Yes, that’s right! You always will be separate because you’re just a passing thought. And isn’t it great that Enlightenment already is here, as this very Awareness!”

Only the Present Itself can be the Present, or be "Realised."

This post is primarily in response to Gary’s questions/points raised in his comment of 11/27 (repeated below). Thanks Gary, for raising some good questions that are sometimes hard to articulate. And as always, thanks to you, too, Julian. And you as well, Anonymous, for your sense of humor!

Gary first said: “I was originally going to ask you what you thought the mechanism was that keeps us in illusion and doubt when it has no reality. But I see that that is probably a wrong question, a question that can only re-inforce the misperception of illusion and doubt. Is it not then an all or nothing deal?…”

Yes, in one sense it could be said Truth is an “all or nothing deal.” Actually however, it is an “All only” deal. There is only the specific Presence of All, and no “nothing” that could be an alternative.

In other words, the premise here (and not just here on this blog, but the “premise” or Truth of Life Itself) is that absolutely all that exists is Self, Being, Consciousness, the Infinite, or All Itself. There is only Itself, the endless Absoluteness of Presence, therefore no such thing as “nothing.”

Gary then said: “For most of us we are seemingly stuck trying to find something which is already here. So would you agree that any solution to this is only part of the problem? We believe in answers because we believe in the problem!I think I’ll just go and burn all my non-duality books…. :-)”

Yes, that is a good way to put it–in one sense. Yet even these kind of statements still imply a second state of “less-than-Self’s-Allness” or something “not-the-Present-Itself.”

To the Infinite Present Itself (the only One conscious, existing, alive) there is no “most of us.” There is no one going anywhere, thus no one to be stuck. There is no need for a solution, for there’s never been a problem. And Infinity’s Un-believing Allness leaves no lesser self to believe, period–whether in answers or problems. Changeless Infinite Presence, Pure Now-Awareness-As-All is not a belief–It is What Is, totally independent of thought, belief. (Truly, this stuff is un-believable!)

There is only Infinity Itself, being. And the only One to whom this is clear is Infinite Presence Itself. That’s the “weird” thing–it seems to require first getting clear to see that there really is only Self’s Changeless Clarity, and there never has been anything besides. But…”until” that’s clear, it can seem as if one gets confused or stuck. It’s the difference between “operating directly as” or being Pure Awareness, or merely thinking about Awareness with a seeming intellect.

Even this response sounds like, and could be accused of, double talk. But that’s because it appears we are stating the Absolute, the Infinite, the Changless-Wordless-Timeless, within a relative framework of finity, words, and time (of which there really is none, from the standpoint of Infinity!).

Gary then elaborated: “Following on from my earlier comment, I know that other “teachers” agree that what you say about the absolute is absolutely correct but yet if the “student” still feels separate he needs to practise presence etc (endless list..) to realise the absolute truth. Their point would be what’s been termed “advaita shuffle” of claiming all is God or Consciousness eg. my suffering or ignorance is oneness appearing as such. In other words they would say its still intellectual and not truly realised. I know from my previous comment that its not possible to go where angels fear to tread as it were but do you have a response to this? There seems two irreconcilable positions.”

I think I understand the question/issue, if not, perhaps you can restate it, Gary. It, too, is related to the point above. It seems that until Reality (which is simply the Being-only-ness of Pure Awareness) is clear, it seems there is a “me” that has to become clear. But once clear, it is obvious that there never has been a secondary self, thus never one that could have been unclear.

Another way of saying this is: From a seeming (emphasis on seeming!) personal or human perspective, it seems to this one that there is a “me” that has to get there. But this “me” would consist of nothing more than just a state of thinking, just a bunch of thoughts. These thoughts mis-identify as one body, a thing–not Pure Awareness–and the thinking assumes the body is its “me.” But, again, all there would be to this “me” are some thoughts, and a body–both of which are mere things one seems to be aware of–and neither of which is actually aware, or a conscious entity.

Because this confused state of thinking always thinks in terms of “me” as a body, naturally it then projects this “me-thinking” onto other bodies, and says they, too, are “me’s” just like itself. It then assumes that Realisation is a matter of one or several of these “me’s” having “gotten there” or become Realised.

All along, Realisation is exactly the opposite. It’s the complete absence of a “me.” It’s never that a “me” succeeds and becomes Realised. It’s that the false sense of this separate “me” dissolves–thanks to having been seen (from the perspective of Pure Awareness) as just a bunch of thoughts, and not an aware, conscious entity; never a real self. It was just a lot of passing, never-present thoughts that seem to have been “superimposed” upon Ever-Present Awareness.

It is not enough to merely intellectually agree or claim that God, Consciousness, is All, because even with complete sincerity, that’s still just a lot of thinking, basically still more of the superimposed “me.” There is a vast difference between that and un-thinkingly being Pure Present Awareness, Pure Isness–wherein there is no personal identification with thoughts or body. Only to, or as, Pure Awareness Itself silently being, is there “no other who is separate and has to become.”

It seems to depend on “where one is coming from” when making the claim. If said only by a state of thinking, there still is separation because idenfication with thinking is all there is to separation. If said while “grounded” as Presence, the Isness of Pure Consciousness, it’s very different. And again, it must be emphasized that all of this very discussion implies that somehow, in some way, Unchanging Present Consciousness Itself failed to be less than absolutely all that is present–and this simply never occurs.

The very word Realised or Realise (British spelling here) is basically made up of Real and Is. Turned around, it’s saying, Is Real. It means that which is real, or what really is. As we say repeatedly, only Pure Consciousness, Being, really is, thus is real. All would-be mind activity and thinking moves and passes on in time. And anything constantly passing away in time never really is, thus never is real.

The only One to be Real, or to be Realised is Pure Consciousness Itself, for nothing else ever is or is conscious to be Real or Realised.

The above being said, it still may seem that thoughts arise and occur constantly. Unless one is living in complete seclusion, thinking seems to be a necessary part of daily living. If thoughts continue to occur, does this mean one never will be “Realised”? No, not at all. The issue is, where is one “coming from” when that thinking goes on? Is the idenfication as Pure Consciousness, or as thinking? In Truth, the only One conscious is Consciousness Itself and It NEVER fails to be Itself. It NEVER wanders out of being WHAT REALLY IS, just as the Present never wanders from being present. This is the “key.”

When thoughts or intellectual activity seem to occur, there is all the difference in the world between saying, “Yes, there is a Present, a Pure Awareness, and “I” (the would-be thinking “me”) have to do a better job of being Awareness, of holding to the Present, and realising what is true of the Present.”…

Or…being clear that, “The Present already is AT Itself, and IT is the only One being aware, alive, here, now. Present Awareness never vacates being Present, and never falls from Itself. IT never feels It has to do a better job of being the Present It cannot fail to be! Nor does the Present feel It has to hold to Itself for fear It won’t perfectly, fully be present. The Present is RELENTLESSLY Present and cannot alter–and It leaves no other that also could or could not be the Present. The Present’s Self-Immediacy here, now, AS ITSELF is the only One, and this is all there is to “Realisation.” Why? Because for Eternity, this is all that Really Is.

Even with, or AS this Clarity, it still may seem as if thoughts “ding” at times–but there is no identification with them, or sense of possessing them; no false feeling of having to do anything or go anywhere.

The Present is being what It is for Itself only.

Reality Checks

The one magnificent NOW cannot happen at some later time. NOW already is.

NOW, the Conscious Present, is not a noun. It is living Present Reality.

Consciousness must be Single, All, Entirety. Why? If there were duality, the secondary state would be un-consciousness. But it is impossible to be conscious of unconsciousness.

What is the nature of the absence of thought? How is this question “answered”? Who alone can answer?

Being’s own Omni-Self-Immediacy leaves no other to see or be Being.

Being never can be prodigal to Its own Being, just as the Present never is prodigal to the Present–and there is no other.

Can you imagine a movie character saying, “Gee, if I meditate a little better, if evolve a little more, I can make the screen more present for me than it is now.”?

Infinite Consciousness, You, cannot vacillate between Infinite Reality and a dream, for Infinity’s Allness precludes there being a dream to vacillate to.

Being never vacillates between being and incorrectly being, or not-being. Being only can be.

What Consciousness is to Its own Pure Consciousness, is absolutely ALL. This fact leaves no other trying to, or that could know what Consciousness is.

There is only Truth Itself, being–which leaves no other to “know” Truth.

The “Answer” lies not in trying to overcome, or rise above time–but in effortlessly being the Changeless Present, wherein time never began, in order to then have to be overcome.

As there is only Consciousness Itself, being–there is no separate self to remind itself there is only Consciousness, or to even say there is only Consciousness!

All there would be to “problems-that-seem-to-arise-in-time” is a mere mental suggestion that the Unchanging Present can experience an absence of Its own Present-ness–right where Its Presence is unfailingly Present!

Yet, as Present Reality is absolutely ALL, there isn’t even a possibility of any unreality that could suggest itself.

How good, how thorough, is the Allness of Infinity at “starting with” the Allness of Infinity?

Pure IS being ALL, doubt never occurs.

Omnipresence never is intermittently omnipresent.


This is primarily in response to ramesam’s comment from 11/17.

The “premise” here is the Allness, the Only-ness of the Present Itself (synonymous with Pure NOW-Consciousness, Infinity). This All-Presence of the Present, Pure Consciousness, is not PFD’s premise or “view” or theory–It is entirely thanks to the Present Itself being what IT is. PFD has nothing to do with It.

After all, who or what else besides the Present Itself is ever present to be another kind of “premise”?

This is entirely about the Present Itself–not about an “us” and how “we” also seem to experience things, or how good of a job “we” are doing of living up to what the Present is. The Present Itself being All-Presence leaves no other that might or might not live up to what the Present is. One always “looks out from” Here, for this is what the Present Itself, the only One presently conscious, is “doing.” Everything said here “speaks” from this standpoint. (Is anything ELSE ever present to be a standpoint?)

Starting Here, as what the Present is to Itself, to Its own Pure Present-ness, leaves ONLY Present-ness, and not a split second of time ever having occurred (as discussed in earlier posts). There is just One, un-changing Present-ness as all that is present–eternally, timelessly, changelessly. This Pure Present-ness then, is what ALL is. Nothing else is present besides the Present Itself to be ALL. This never lapses, because the All-present Present does not permit any time in which a lapse could occur.

As this Pure Total Present-ness does not permit time, It does not permit or include anything that could occur or arise in time. Thus it is not accurate to say, “PFD views It All as Oneness — including the ‘would-be problem.'”

That is not what is meant by the Present’s ALLNESS.

The Present’s Allness does not mean the sum total of all things that appear in time. The Present’s Allness is not “everything that appears, including problems.” That’s the very point here! ALL means the Present’s utter Timelessness, Its Pure Infinity, wherein ONE unchanging NOW is, and nothing else occurs. It precludes there being a sequence of time events.

Anything purportedly involving appearances, change, thus problems, or a “me” that could react or not react–would require time, a state of not-the-present. And the very point is that, to the Present which is all that is present, (as Pure Conscious Being) there is ONLY Present-ness. A state of not-the-present cannot occur because it’s just that: not-present.

This only is clear when “starting from” or AS Pure Present Awareness Itself, Pure Being–which IS the Present Itself being present!

The only thing attempting to say there is time, or appearances in which there are inequities or roadblocks, would be a state of sensing-and-thinking-in-time. But in order for such to arise or get attention, one would have to first ignore One’s own Absolute Presence.

All would-be problems are not going on “out there” separate from thinking and sensing. The thinking and sensing would try to point outside itself to problems as if they were some “separate” situation. But they have no existence separate from that very sensing and thinking! And the ONLY way that sensing and thinking can seem to operate and be perpetuated is thanks to first ignoring one’s own Pure Present-ness. The Pure Present Itself (this very Awareness aware here, now) is NOT a state of sensing-and-thinking-seeming-to-occur-in-time. It is Pure Present-ness.

And again, can the Absolute Present ITSELF (the only One conscious, present) ever ignore Itself? No. Can IT ever not be all that is present? No. Is not the Present Itself firmly “standing Its ground” as All-Presence? Yes. Is there honestly another to experience anything to the contrary? No. Can the Present ever be blocked or roadblocked from Its own already-present Total Presence? No. In fact, is the Present ever going anywhere? No. It changelessly IS All-Presence.

ALL is what the Present is to Its own Purity, wherein no “before” and no “time” has occurred. It is a Purity so pure that not even the Present Itself has been present “before” because It only is present NOW.

THIS is the only ALL there is.

San Diego Talk Dec. 4-6

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