Only the Present Itself can be the Present, or be "Realised."

This post is primarily in response to Gary’s questions/points raised in his comment of 11/27 (repeated below). Thanks Gary, for raising some good questions that are sometimes hard to articulate. And as always, thanks to you, too, Julian. And you as well, Anonymous, for your sense of humor!

Gary first said: “I was originally going to ask you what you thought the mechanism was that keeps us in illusion and doubt when it has no reality. But I see that that is probably a wrong question, a question that can only re-inforce the misperception of illusion and doubt. Is it not then an all or nothing deal?…”

Yes, in one sense it could be said Truth is an “all or nothing deal.” Actually however, it is an “All only” deal. There is only the specific Presence of All, and no “nothing” that could be an alternative.

In other words, the premise here (and not just here on this blog, but the “premise” or Truth of Life Itself) is that absolutely all that exists is Self, Being, Consciousness, the Infinite, or All Itself. There is only Itself, the endless Absoluteness of Presence, therefore no such thing as “nothing.”

Gary then said: “For most of us we are seemingly stuck trying to find something which is already here. So would you agree that any solution to this is only part of the problem? We believe in answers because we believe in the problem!I think I’ll just go and burn all my non-duality books…. :-)”

Yes, that is a good way to put it–in one sense. Yet even these kind of statements still imply a second state of “less-than-Self’s-Allness” or something “not-the-Present-Itself.”

To the Infinite Present Itself (the only One conscious, existing, alive) there is no “most of us.” There is no one going anywhere, thus no one to be stuck. There is no need for a solution, for there’s never been a problem. And Infinity’s Un-believing Allness leaves no lesser self to believe, period–whether in answers or problems. Changeless Infinite Presence, Pure Now-Awareness-As-All is not a belief–It is What Is, totally independent of thought, belief. (Truly, this stuff is un-believable!)

There is only Infinity Itself, being. And the only One to whom this is clear is Infinite Presence Itself. That’s the “weird” thing–it seems to require first getting clear to see that there really is only Self’s Changeless Clarity, and there never has been anything besides. But…”until” that’s clear, it can seem as if one gets confused or stuck. It’s the difference between “operating directly as” or being Pure Awareness, or merely thinking about Awareness with a seeming intellect.

Even this response sounds like, and could be accused of, double talk. But that’s because it appears we are stating the Absolute, the Infinite, the Changless-Wordless-Timeless, within a relative framework of finity, words, and time (of which there really is none, from the standpoint of Infinity!).

Gary then elaborated: “Following on from my earlier comment, I know that other “teachers” agree that what you say about the absolute is absolutely correct but yet if the “student” still feels separate he needs to practise presence etc (endless list..) to realise the absolute truth. Their point would be what’s been termed “advaita shuffle” of claiming all is God or Consciousness eg. my suffering or ignorance is oneness appearing as such. In other words they would say its still intellectual and not truly realised. I know from my previous comment that its not possible to go where angels fear to tread as it were but do you have a response to this? There seems two irreconcilable positions.”

I think I understand the question/issue, if not, perhaps you can restate it, Gary. It, too, is related to the point above. It seems that until Reality (which is simply the Being-only-ness of Pure Awareness) is clear, it seems there is a “me” that has to become clear. But once clear, it is obvious that there never has been a secondary self, thus never one that could have been unclear.

Another way of saying this is: From a seeming (emphasis on seeming!) personal or human perspective, it seems to this one that there is a “me” that has to get there. But this “me” would consist of nothing more than just a state of thinking, just a bunch of thoughts. These thoughts mis-identify as one body, a thing–not Pure Awareness–and the thinking assumes the body is its “me.” But, again, all there would be to this “me” are some thoughts, and a body–both of which are mere things one seems to be aware of–and neither of which is actually aware, or a conscious entity.

Because this confused state of thinking always thinks in terms of “me” as a body, naturally it then projects this “me-thinking” onto other bodies, and says they, too, are “me’s” just like itself. It then assumes that Realisation is a matter of one or several of these “me’s” having “gotten there” or become Realised.

All along, Realisation is exactly the opposite. It’s the complete absence of a “me.” It’s never that a “me” succeeds and becomes Realised. It’s that the false sense of this separate “me” dissolves–thanks to having been seen (from the perspective of Pure Awareness) as just a bunch of thoughts, and not an aware, conscious entity; never a real self. It was just a lot of passing, never-present thoughts that seem to have been “superimposed” upon Ever-Present Awareness.

It is not enough to merely intellectually agree or claim that God, Consciousness, is All, because even with complete sincerity, that’s still just a lot of thinking, basically still more of the superimposed “me.” There is a vast difference between that and un-thinkingly being Pure Present Awareness, Pure Isness–wherein there is no personal identification with thoughts or body. Only to, or as, Pure Awareness Itself silently being, is there “no other who is separate and has to become.”

It seems to depend on “where one is coming from” when making the claim. If said only by a state of thinking, there still is separation because idenfication with thinking is all there is to separation. If said while “grounded” as Presence, the Isness of Pure Consciousness, it’s very different. And again, it must be emphasized that all of this very discussion implies that somehow, in some way, Unchanging Present Consciousness Itself failed to be less than absolutely all that is present–and this simply never occurs.

The very word Realised or Realise (British spelling here) is basically made up of Real and Is. Turned around, it’s saying, Is Real. It means that which is real, or what really is. As we say repeatedly, only Pure Consciousness, Being, really is, thus is real. All would-be mind activity and thinking moves and passes on in time. And anything constantly passing away in time never really is, thus never is real.

The only One to be Real, or to be Realised is Pure Consciousness Itself, for nothing else ever is or is conscious to be Real or Realised.

The above being said, it still may seem that thoughts arise and occur constantly. Unless one is living in complete seclusion, thinking seems to be a necessary part of daily living. If thoughts continue to occur, does this mean one never will be “Realised”? No, not at all. The issue is, where is one “coming from” when that thinking goes on? Is the idenfication as Pure Consciousness, or as thinking? In Truth, the only One conscious is Consciousness Itself and It NEVER fails to be Itself. It NEVER wanders out of being WHAT REALLY IS, just as the Present never wanders from being present. This is the “key.”

When thoughts or intellectual activity seem to occur, there is all the difference in the world between saying, “Yes, there is a Present, a Pure Awareness, and “I” (the would-be thinking “me”) have to do a better job of being Awareness, of holding to the Present, and realising what is true of the Present.”…

Or…being clear that, “The Present already is AT Itself, and IT is the only One being aware, alive, here, now. Present Awareness never vacates being Present, and never falls from Itself. IT never feels It has to do a better job of being the Present It cannot fail to be! Nor does the Present feel It has to hold to Itself for fear It won’t perfectly, fully be present. The Present is RELENTLESSLY Present and cannot alter–and It leaves no other that also could or could not be the Present. The Present’s Self-Immediacy here, now, AS ITSELF is the only One, and this is all there is to “Realisation.” Why? Because for Eternity, this is all that Really Is.

Even with, or AS this Clarity, it still may seem as if thoughts “ding” at times–but there is no identification with them, or sense of possessing them; no false feeling of having to do anything or go anywhere.

The Present is being what It is for Itself only.

Reality Checks

The one magnificent NOW cannot happen at some later time. NOW already is.

NOW, the Conscious Present, is not a noun. It is living Present Reality.

Consciousness must be Single, All, Entirety. Why? If there were duality, the secondary state would be un-consciousness. But it is impossible to be conscious of unconsciousness.

What is the nature of the absence of thought? How is this question “answered”? Who alone can answer?

Being’s own Omni-Self-Immediacy leaves no other to see or be Being.

Being never can be prodigal to Its own Being, just as the Present never is prodigal to the Present–and there is no other.

Can you imagine a movie character saying, “Gee, if I meditate a little better, if evolve a little more, I can make the screen more present for me than it is now.”?

Infinite Consciousness, You, cannot vacillate between Infinite Reality and a dream, for Infinity’s Allness precludes there being a dream to vacillate to.

Being never vacillates between being and incorrectly being, or not-being. Being only can be.

What Consciousness is to Its own Pure Consciousness, is absolutely ALL. This fact leaves no other trying to, or that could know what Consciousness is.

There is only Truth Itself, being–which leaves no other to “know” Truth.

The “Answer” lies not in trying to overcome, or rise above time–but in effortlessly being the Changeless Present, wherein time never began, in order to then have to be overcome.

As there is only Consciousness Itself, being–there is no separate self to remind itself there is only Consciousness, or to even say there is only Consciousness!

All there would be to “problems-that-seem-to-arise-in-time” is a mere mental suggestion that the Unchanging Present can experience an absence of Its own Present-ness–right where Its Presence is unfailingly Present!

Yet, as Present Reality is absolutely ALL, there isn’t even a possibility of any unreality that could suggest itself.

How good, how thorough, is the Allness of Infinity at “starting with” the Allness of Infinity?

Pure IS being ALL, doubt never occurs.

Omnipresence never is intermittently omnipresent.


This is primarily in response to ramesam’s comment from 11/17.

The “premise” here is the Allness, the Only-ness of the Present Itself (synonymous with Pure NOW-Consciousness, Infinity). This All-Presence of the Present, Pure Consciousness, is not PFD’s premise or “view” or theory–It is entirely thanks to the Present Itself being what IT is. PFD has nothing to do with It.

After all, who or what else besides the Present Itself is ever present to be another kind of “premise”?

This is entirely about the Present Itself–not about an “us” and how “we” also seem to experience things, or how good of a job “we” are doing of living up to what the Present is. The Present Itself being All-Presence leaves no other that might or might not live up to what the Present is. One always “looks out from” Here, for this is what the Present Itself, the only One presently conscious, is “doing.” Everything said here “speaks” from this standpoint. (Is anything ELSE ever present to be a standpoint?)

Starting Here, as what the Present is to Itself, to Its own Pure Present-ness, leaves ONLY Present-ness, and not a split second of time ever having occurred (as discussed in earlier posts). There is just One, un-changing Present-ness as all that is present–eternally, timelessly, changelessly. This Pure Present-ness then, is what ALL is. Nothing else is present besides the Present Itself to be ALL. This never lapses, because the All-present Present does not permit any time in which a lapse could occur.

As this Pure Total Present-ness does not permit time, It does not permit or include anything that could occur or arise in time. Thus it is not accurate to say, “PFD views It All as Oneness — including the ‘would-be problem.'”

That is not what is meant by the Present’s ALLNESS.

The Present’s Allness does not mean the sum total of all things that appear in time. The Present’s Allness is not “everything that appears, including problems.” That’s the very point here! ALL means the Present’s utter Timelessness, Its Pure Infinity, wherein ONE unchanging NOW is, and nothing else occurs. It precludes there being a sequence of time events.

Anything purportedly involving appearances, change, thus problems, or a “me” that could react or not react–would require time, a state of not-the-present. And the very point is that, to the Present which is all that is present, (as Pure Conscious Being) there is ONLY Present-ness. A state of not-the-present cannot occur because it’s just that: not-present.

This only is clear when “starting from” or AS Pure Present Awareness Itself, Pure Being–which IS the Present Itself being present!

The only thing attempting to say there is time, or appearances in which there are inequities or roadblocks, would be a state of sensing-and-thinking-in-time. But in order for such to arise or get attention, one would have to first ignore One’s own Absolute Presence.

All would-be problems are not going on “out there” separate from thinking and sensing. The thinking and sensing would try to point outside itself to problems as if they were some “separate” situation. But they have no existence separate from that very sensing and thinking! And the ONLY way that sensing and thinking can seem to operate and be perpetuated is thanks to first ignoring one’s own Pure Present-ness. The Pure Present Itself (this very Awareness aware here, now) is NOT a state of sensing-and-thinking-seeming-to-occur-in-time. It is Pure Present-ness.

And again, can the Absolute Present ITSELF (the only One conscious, present) ever ignore Itself? No. Can IT ever not be all that is present? No. Is not the Present Itself firmly “standing Its ground” as All-Presence? Yes. Is there honestly another to experience anything to the contrary? No. Can the Present ever be blocked or roadblocked from Its own already-present Total Presence? No. In fact, is the Present ever going anywhere? No. It changelessly IS All-Presence.

ALL is what the Present is to Its own Purity, wherein no “before” and no “time” has occurred. It is a Purity so pure that not even the Present Itself has been present “before” because It only is present NOW.

THIS is the only ALL there is.

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Consciousness’ Ominpresence never is intermittent. Omnipresence, All, always is “on”–as All.

There is only the one NOW that is–so NOW is the One that is.

Oneness is not a One that many share. Oneness is Itself only.

The irrefutable Fact of Absolute Being is the perpetual preclusion of a stumbling, bumbling personal mind.

Undeviating Being never is lacking for perfect Self-identification.

The fact that Consciousness’ Allness leaves no materiality, leaves no one to think in material terms.

Infinite Spirit is not the least bit in awe of Its utter Unlimitedness–and there is no other being conscious.

Being never neglects to be fully present where Its Presence is, which is All.

It is not possible to go deeper into that which has no depth.

Truth Itself is what You are–not a state of thinking knowing something about Truth.

These posts cannot give you anything. They are a direct, explicit statement of what you are.

Truth never is trying to recall something of Itself from before, because Truth isn’t before. Truth is NOW.

There is no other to call Truth anything–not even to call It Truth–so there is no other to re-call Truth.

Always, always, It is Infinity that is being conscious, never a body. It is Infinity that You are, not a body.

In Infinite Reality, ALL, there is no attempt to gain control over matter, for there is no matter.

The one magnificent NOW is not going to happen at some later time. NOW already is.

Absolute Being never is nagged at by another state or feeling. Your Life is one of being eternally un-annoyed.

You are not a person that is being spiritual. There are not people being spiritual. There is only Spirit Itself.

The Allness of Consciousness’ own Presence leaves nothing to think with, or to think about.

The Absolute Present’s Perfection, Its Allness, never is clouded.

Any and every would-be “problem” is not the presence of something. It would be a suggestion that some of the Absolute Changeless Present isn’t all that is present. That’s impossible.

Who Ignores the Present? Is It Even Possible?

Sorry for the delay in posting–I’ve been busy with several new projects. One involves an audiobook version of Consciousness Is All, to be available as an MP3 audio file, downloadable from this website. It will be called “Consciousness Is All, PLUS.” The PLUS means that in addition to the reading of the text, there will be spontaneous commentary on various key points in each chapter–sort of like, “Okay, this is what the words on the page say…now what does it REALLY mean?” Still quite a long ways to go, but I want to have it available as soon as possible. Thanks for looking in! Peter

For clarity’s sake, several of the previous posts have been about “thought-watching.” These discussions have not been a matter of functioning as, or being Pure Present-ness, Unthinking Awareness. It has been a lot of thought about the nature of so-called thought itself. And for this to even occur, hasn’t all this “thought about thought” actually also been a so-called “ignoring” of the Pure Present Itself? Yes. The Present Itself simply is silently being.

Notice closely again. In order for any seeming thought to “arise,” get noticed, or to get attention as such—what first has to happen?

It seems there first has to be an “ignoring” of, or a wandering of attention away from, the Timeless Present that changelessly IS. (Most emphatically, not even this is really possible to the Present Itself!)

The instant this ignore-ance seems to occur, in that very instant there seems to be a “second self.” Now there also seems to be an assumed state of thought, one that seems to be present in addition to, or superimposed upon, Present Awareness which changelessly is all-present. It would be only this so-called “superimposed ignore-ant one” that seems to experience time—not Real You, Pure Present-ness.

See for yourself. The moment there seems to be an ignoring of Present-ness, there seems to be this arising of a personal “I,” an arising of time—and an arising of an entire world that goes with it. In fact, this “ignore-ant superimposition” would be all there is of seeming time and the world itself. This ignore-ant state of thought doesn’t know about time and an arising world—it would be time and a world. The seeming ignoring of Present-ness would be its very “creation” and its only “duration.”

This so-called superimposed time-world and the superimposed “secondary self” or “personal I” that supposedly experiences all finite limitations would be opposite sides of the same coin, the coin of ignore-ance or ignorance of changelessly Present Infinity.

The point is, the one to whom thoughts seem to arise is this would-be state of ignore-ance. Thoughts do not arise to this ignorance, but literally as this ignorance. To Pure Present-ness, nothing besides Itself, no thoughts, ever arise—because, as said repeatedly, in Pure Presence there is no time in which arising could occur. If this sounds theoretical or intellectual, be aware as Awareness only, be 100% consciously Present only, and see if anything can arise.

Never assume that “you” are the one that ignores (or doesn’t ignore) the Present, because it’s not true. For this to be clear, “stand back” from the whole spiritual scene for a moment and look at it with no investment in any of it. Look at “both sides of the fence”—the unchanging Absolute Present, and the seeming ignore-ant realm of time, with no stake in either side. (Of course there really are NOT two sides, but it is put this way for purposes of clarity). Certainly the timeless, all-present Present is not personal. In Its unchanging total Present-ness, no time passes in which anything personal could develop or occur.

Equally, on “the other side of the fence,” in the seeming relative realm of ignore-ance and time, there really is nothing personal either; nothing that “you” are doing. Why? Because if one were to mention it at all, this ignore-ant time state seems to be one of entirely impersonal reacting energy or vibration. No person invented energy or makes it operate or vibrate. It would be this ignore-ant energy that produces its own sense of an “I” or the personal “me.” There is no “you” that produces energy and a universe—it seems to produce its sense of a self which seems to be a “you.”

Said another way, it’s like a dream. The act of dreaming (being asleep to reality) is what dreams up the “you” in the dream. But this “you” is entirely a product of the dream. The “you” in the dream did not dream up the dream—it is a product of the dream, just another part of dream’s landscape. So in this way, the actions of this “you,” and its tendency to be ignore-ant, are not personal, because this “you” would be entirely the dream’s puppet.

The only Self, Life, Awareness, there is, is the Infallible Present, and again, It, too is entirely impersonal. But that happens to be this Alive Present Awareness aware here, now. The fact that It is entirely impersonal doesn’t make It one bit less PRESENT.

So…standing back from all this, it’s clear that what seems to be a tendency to ignore the Present or “flit in and out” with attention—is entirely impersonal. Don’t entertain any sense of a “personal you” that could have such a struggle. Don’t take on any sense of a “personal you” to be a “middle man”—sometimes standing firmly in the Pure Present, and sometimes being ignore-ant.

The Present Itself (the ONLY Life, Awareness) has no secondary state with which It co-exists—so IT definitely is not struggling with ignore-ant tendencies. What may seem to be these tendencies would belong entirely to this would-be ignore-ant state itself (which can’t really even happen!).

If one looks from the side of time and ignore-ance, it may still seem that there are occasional “waves of ignore-ance” lapping against the shore of the Infallible Present. But when “looking out as” the Present Itself—there is ONLY Present-ness, unchanged and un-co-existed-with, eternally.

If it seems there’s been some ignoring—don’t claim it—it doesn’t belong to the Self being aware here, now. Just ask, “Can the Present Itself ignore Itself? No. Is there really anything present besides the Present Itself that could make it even seem as if there can be an ignoring? No.” And abide as Pure Present-ness, wherein there never is a battle or struggle.

And again, why would all this be called ignore-ance? Because it would attempt to ignore the Fact that the Present never lapses from being all-present. It would be an ignore-ant assumption that the Changeless Present is not all-present, but can be absent where “time” or ignorance supposedly is operating. But it simply never, never happens that the Present is not present, all Presence.

All so-called finite time-experience, and all so-called problems in the apparent human scene seem to stem from this one, simple, would-be ignore-ant and impossible assumption—that there could be a lack of the Present. All of so-called mortality and time, and all its would-be limitations would require there being a lack of the Present (thus time) for such problems to arise and occur. And of course, that’s the very point: Never is a lack of the Present possible! Never!

This Truth of the Allness of the Present has been stated here logically, with words. But it is worthless if it stays on the “level” of words or thinking about the Present—for thinking would be exactly what the Present Itself is not! The point is, is the Present Itself, this very Pure Now-Awareness, capable of merely saying or thinking words about Its Presence? No! Is there another? No! The Present has no choice but to fully, all-out be the Presence It now is silently, un-thinkingly being.

In the same way, it’s one thing to say no thought, no ignore-ance, has existed before—but does one merely stop there, and have a big empty void? Is not Life, Being, now vitally present? In terms of “direct experience” can it be said that anything else besides Present Life is present? No. Is not NOW, the Pure Present, all that is present? Yes.

In this Utterly Present Life alive here, now, the fact that there has been no past means All That Is, is absolutely un-aged. As This, You have NO accumulation—not even the thought that there is no accumulation—just utterly thought-free Purity.