Consciousness’ Ominpresence never is intermittent. Omnipresence, All, always is “on”–as All.

There is only the one NOW that is–so NOW is the One that is.

Oneness is not a One that many share. Oneness is Itself only.

The irrefutable Fact of Absolute Being is the perpetual preclusion of a stumbling, bumbling personal mind.

Undeviating Being never is lacking for perfect Self-identification.

The fact that Consciousness’ Allness leaves no materiality, leaves no one to think in material terms.

Infinite Spirit is not the least bit in awe of Its utter Unlimitedness–and there is no other being conscious.

Being never neglects to be fully present where Its Presence is, which is All.

It is not possible to go deeper into that which has no depth.

Truth Itself is what You are–not a state of thinking knowing something about Truth.

These posts cannot give you anything. They are a direct, explicit statement of what you are.

Truth never is trying to recall something of Itself from before, because Truth isn’t before. Truth is NOW.

There is no other to call Truth anything–not even to call It Truth–so there is no other to re-call Truth.

Always, always, It is Infinity that is being conscious, never a body. It is Infinity that You are, not a body.

In Infinite Reality, ALL, there is no attempt to gain control over matter, for there is no matter.

The one magnificent NOW is not going to happen at some later time. NOW already is.

Absolute Being never is nagged at by another state or feeling. Your Life is one of being eternally un-annoyed.

You are not a person that is being spiritual. There are not people being spiritual. There is only Spirit Itself.

The Allness of Consciousness’ own Presence leaves nothing to think with, or to think about.

The Absolute Present’s Perfection, Its Allness, never is clouded.

Any and every would-be “problem” is not the presence of something. It would be a suggestion that some of the Absolute Changeless Present isn’t all that is present. That’s impossible.

Who Ignores the Present? Is It Even Possible?

Sorry for the delay in posting–I’ve been busy with several new projects. One involves an audiobook version of Consciousness Is All, to be available as an MP3 audio file, downloadable from this website. It will be called “Consciousness Is All, PLUS.” The PLUS means that in addition to the reading of the text, there will be spontaneous commentary on various key points in each chapter–sort of like, “Okay, this is what the words on the page say…now what does it REALLY mean?” Still quite a long ways to go, but I want to have it available as soon as possible. Thanks for looking in! Peter

For clarity’s sake, several of the previous posts have been about “thought-watching.” These discussions have not been a matter of functioning as, or being Pure Present-ness, Unthinking Awareness. It has been a lot of thought about the nature of so-called thought itself. And for this to even occur, hasn’t all this “thought about thought” actually also been a so-called “ignoring” of the Pure Present Itself? Yes. The Present Itself simply is silently being.

Notice closely again. In order for any seeming thought to “arise,” get noticed, or to get attention as such—what first has to happen?

It seems there first has to be an “ignoring” of, or a wandering of attention away from, the Timeless Present that changelessly IS. (Most emphatically, not even this is really possible to the Present Itself!)

The instant this ignore-ance seems to occur, in that very instant there seems to be a “second self.” Now there also seems to be an assumed state of thought, one that seems to be present in addition to, or superimposed upon, Present Awareness which changelessly is all-present. It would be only this so-called “superimposed ignore-ant one” that seems to experience time—not Real You, Pure Present-ness.

See for yourself. The moment there seems to be an ignoring of Present-ness, there seems to be this arising of a personal “I,” an arising of time—and an arising of an entire world that goes with it. In fact, this “ignore-ant superimposition” would be all there is of seeming time and the world itself. This ignore-ant state of thought doesn’t know about time and an arising world—it would be time and a world. The seeming ignoring of Present-ness would be its very “creation” and its only “duration.”

This so-called superimposed time-world and the superimposed “secondary self” or “personal I” that supposedly experiences all finite limitations would be opposite sides of the same coin, the coin of ignore-ance or ignorance of changelessly Present Infinity.

The point is, the one to whom thoughts seem to arise is this would-be state of ignore-ance. Thoughts do not arise to this ignorance, but literally as this ignorance. To Pure Present-ness, nothing besides Itself, no thoughts, ever arise—because, as said repeatedly, in Pure Presence there is no time in which arising could occur. If this sounds theoretical or intellectual, be aware as Awareness only, be 100% consciously Present only, and see if anything can arise.

Never assume that “you” are the one that ignores (or doesn’t ignore) the Present, because it’s not true. For this to be clear, “stand back” from the whole spiritual scene for a moment and look at it with no investment in any of it. Look at “both sides of the fence”—the unchanging Absolute Present, and the seeming ignore-ant realm of time, with no stake in either side. (Of course there really are NOT two sides, but it is put this way for purposes of clarity). Certainly the timeless, all-present Present is not personal. In Its unchanging total Present-ness, no time passes in which anything personal could develop or occur.

Equally, on “the other side of the fence,” in the seeming relative realm of ignore-ance and time, there really is nothing personal either; nothing that “you” are doing. Why? Because if one were to mention it at all, this ignore-ant time state seems to be one of entirely impersonal reacting energy or vibration. No person invented energy or makes it operate or vibrate. It would be this ignore-ant energy that produces its own sense of an “I” or the personal “me.” There is no “you” that produces energy and a universe—it seems to produce its sense of a self which seems to be a “you.”

Said another way, it’s like a dream. The act of dreaming (being asleep to reality) is what dreams up the “you” in the dream. But this “you” is entirely a product of the dream. The “you” in the dream did not dream up the dream—it is a product of the dream, just another part of dream’s landscape. So in this way, the actions of this “you,” and its tendency to be ignore-ant, are not personal, because this “you” would be entirely the dream’s puppet.

The only Self, Life, Awareness, there is, is the Infallible Present, and again, It, too is entirely impersonal. But that happens to be this Alive Present Awareness aware here, now. The fact that It is entirely impersonal doesn’t make It one bit less PRESENT.

So…standing back from all this, it’s clear that what seems to be a tendency to ignore the Present or “flit in and out” with attention—is entirely impersonal. Don’t entertain any sense of a “personal you” that could have such a struggle. Don’t take on any sense of a “personal you” to be a “middle man”—sometimes standing firmly in the Pure Present, and sometimes being ignore-ant.

The Present Itself (the ONLY Life, Awareness) has no secondary state with which It co-exists—so IT definitely is not struggling with ignore-ant tendencies. What may seem to be these tendencies would belong entirely to this would-be ignore-ant state itself (which can’t really even happen!).

If one looks from the side of time and ignore-ance, it may still seem that there are occasional “waves of ignore-ance” lapping against the shore of the Infallible Present. But when “looking out as” the Present Itself—there is ONLY Present-ness, unchanged and un-co-existed-with, eternally.

If it seems there’s been some ignoring—don’t claim it—it doesn’t belong to the Self being aware here, now. Just ask, “Can the Present Itself ignore Itself? No. Is there really anything present besides the Present Itself that could make it even seem as if there can be an ignoring? No.” And abide as Pure Present-ness, wherein there never is a battle or struggle.

And again, why would all this be called ignore-ance? Because it would attempt to ignore the Fact that the Present never lapses from being all-present. It would be an ignore-ant assumption that the Changeless Present is not all-present, but can be absent where “time” or ignorance supposedly is operating. But it simply never, never happens that the Present is not present, all Presence.

All so-called finite time-experience, and all so-called problems in the apparent human scene seem to stem from this one, simple, would-be ignore-ant and impossible assumption—that there could be a lack of the Present. All of so-called mortality and time, and all its would-be limitations would require there being a lack of the Present (thus time) for such problems to arise and occur. And of course, that’s the very point: Never is a lack of the Present possible! Never!

This Truth of the Allness of the Present has been stated here logically, with words. But it is worthless if it stays on the “level” of words or thinking about the Present—for thinking would be exactly what the Present Itself is not! The point is, is the Present Itself, this very Pure Now-Awareness, capable of merely saying or thinking words about Its Presence? No! Is there another? No! The Present has no choice but to fully, all-out be the Presence It now is silently, un-thinkingly being.

In the same way, it’s one thing to say no thought, no ignore-ance, has existed before—but does one merely stop there, and have a big empty void? Is not Life, Being, now vitally present? In terms of “direct experience” can it be said that anything else besides Present Life is present? No. Is not NOW, the Pure Present, all that is present? Yes.

In this Utterly Present Life alive here, now, the fact that there has been no past means All That Is, is absolutely un-aged. As This, You have NO accumulation—not even the thought that there is no accumulation—just utterly thought-free Purity.

Inexperienced God – 3

Please scroll down to read Inexperienced God – 1 and 2 first.

Inexperienced Present-ness (THIS presently alive Self) is unfailingly “alert” to what It is, and It is All. By “holding to” or consciously being Pure Infinity (and This Present Consciousness has no choice!) it may appear that the would-be finite, weighty, material dream realm gradually seems to fade or fall away.

The “trap” would be to take on an assumption that, “Well, some of the weightiness, and sense of separateness and ignore-ance seems to have fallen away up to now. So as I continue to consciously be Pure Present Infinity, then the rest of it will seem to fade away.” No! That, too, still would be an ignore-ant assumption talking, not Pure Present-ness, Real You.

To this Present Self, there is only Present-ness, and absolutely no “time before.” As there is only Pure Present-ness, which hasn’t had a single moment of time-experience or ignorance, not a single prior thought or sensation, there has been NO accumulation of anything. There is no physical accumulation, nor any mental accumulation that was picked up by You “back then” because there has been no “back then.”

The Inexperienced Present that is present here, now, never “took on” or began to co-exist with any weighty finity because there hasn’t been any time before in which any such thing could have been taken on. In this totally Inexperienced Present I Am, there is no past in which a co-existence could have occurred due to ignore-ance or ignorance.

There is only this history-less Present that is present NOW. Because the Present has no history, the Present has no history of ignoring Itself! The All-Present Present leaves no accumulation of times when It ignored the Present It only NOW is being!

One is alert, as Present-ness, yes. But if it seems there is an ignoring, or if thoughts kick up, do not try to control thinking or be “mentally tough.” That would be a secondary self trying to be as present as the Present Itself—yet there really is no such secondary one to try.

Rather than being “mentally tough,” the Present that is aware here, now, is “Consciously Easy” and relentlessly so. One “stays with” how incredibly easy, how effortlessly simple it is for the Present Itself to be present. Only the Present Itself can be the Present in the first place—and IT does not fail. The Present definitely is not struggling to be present. Is there another? No! This is entirely the Present’s Life.

The only “effort” there can be is “effortless effort,” for the Present Itself is effortlessly present. Nothing has to, or can be done to make the Present more totally present, or more baggage-free than It is NOW. It is a matter of being relentless, yes, for the Present is relentlessly (changelessly) present—but never in a struggling or combative way.

The Present is not fighting the simplicity of Its own Purity and Ease, and there is only the Present.

Inexperienced God – 2

Please scroll down first, to read Inexperienced God – 1, then read this post, then Inexperienced God – 3.

The foregoing is why Pure Present-ness defies description (other than to say It precludes description!). There is nothing about the Present I Am that has been—thus nothing that could possibly be spoken about, and equally nothing that will be. The very point is that the Pure Present doesn’t want to be described.

In-experienced Present-ness leaves no other to tell anything to; no other to need or want to know. I do not face or look upon an already-created Existence. The Never-before-ness I Am is Existence. “Wide open” Freedom is All.

All, the entirety of What Is, truly is unprecedented, for just-now Pristine Present-ness has nothing preceding It.

This Inexperienced-ness I Am does not merely mean I have no past. It equally means I do not experience a future.

Just as “nothing has happened yet,” nothing is going to happen where only I Am. The Inexperienced Present I Am is raw Life, without anticipation. I Am completely carefree—not because I am not worried about the future—but because only I Am, I leave no future.

The fact that this All-I-Am has had no prior experience in being, and that there is no time-experience I will have, means I Am not preparing for anything. I cannot await anything. I leave absolutely no background of years leading up to a 2012. Nothing can occur or happen to I, because My Changeless Absoluteness leaves nothing else to happen.

Just as My Inexperienced Allness has no history of opposition or otherness, My unchanging Present-ness precludes a future in which opposition or otherness could occur.

This is why I Am All. Certainly I Am NOW. If I also had been in a past, or if I were going to be in a future, there would be both Now and then. Thus the NOW I Am would not be All. But it never is the case that NOW is not all that is present. As NOW is all that is present there cannot also be “then” present. If “then” could be present, it wouldn’t be “then”—it would be Now.

As the Pure Present, I don’t want “people” to read about Me. I know of no such! Not even I want to read about I! The utter Freshness of My Absolute Perfection-as-All has no need to “know” anything, and no time in which to put any such “knowledge” to use!

Not even I can think of what I Am, nor do I want to. If such were even possible (which it isn’t), the instant there were a thought of I, that thought would be past, and definitely would not be the Present I Am!

I Am absolutely un-approachable, un-contact-able—for I leave no other to do any approaching or contacting, and no time in which such could be attempted. I cannot even approach Myself, nor do I want to, for I fully AM the Self I Am.

I preclude the possibility of there being another to understand Myself. In fact, the Pure Present I Am is so just-now present, so without anything prior, there is no possibility of even an understanding that I cannot be understood! Not even I have a desire to understand or “know” Myself, for that would be a limit!

The fact that I cannot be known or understood is not a source of frustration—It is the very Freedom I Am! I don’t want to understand!

Inexperienced God – 1

This post is primarily some excerpts from Chap 22 in CIA. The reason is not to simply fill these posts with already-written material, but because the points in this excerpt are a “continuation” of previous posts, and they also may give added significance to the 2 posts that follow (they are located above this post). The terms I and I Am are used here entirely in the Divine sense, meaning Self, “God,” Pure Being, the Infinite Present.

In Truth, the Present’s Timeless Absoluteness leaves no prior assumption of anything. The Absolute Present leaves no prior time, and no prior dream appearances—none. To the One Who Unfailingly Is All-Present, not a single time-event occurs.

It isn’t that the Absolute Present erases a past history of world problems.

The Absolute Present leaves no history having occurred.

The Absolute Present leaves no history of even Itself!

Not even the Present has been before!

All there is, is pristine Never-before-ness.

There is only Pristine Pure Life in all Its indescribable Beauty—Absolutely “Everywhere”!

A sparkling clean slate is all there is—permanently!

Your entire Existence is so gloriously pure and fresh, so new and breathtakingly free, there are no words for It! And only this Pure Absolute Freedom is present. Forever!

This is why Omnipresence, Reality, or God, never can be used to improve previous human affairs, for there haven’t been any previous human affairs!

Nothing has happened yet!

How could this Pristine Present-ness I Am possibly need to change or improve something that hasn’t even happened? How could I fall for a dream appearance when only I Am, and there hasn’t been any prior appearance? What’s more, how could this Presently Pure One I Am have to improve an appearance that never will appear because only I Am?

Not only have there been no previous appearances—there has been no previous God! There has been no God before, because the Absolute Pristine Present leaves no “before” in which a God could have been. Only this Pristine Present is—which is God—if such a term is used.

Obviously, One can’t go back to a lesser self, for no past occurred in which to have been a lesser self! You can’t be saved. Nothing besides Your Pure Present Being has happened that You could possibly need saving from—and this is “salvation” in its true light.

This book is not about lifting oneself out of what never occurred.

As the subtitle says, now Life is completely new.

One cannot even ask, “Why hasn’t this been brought out before?”

There is no before. There is only Present Consciousness.


How could there be another that must study how to be the Present? Not even the Present knows “how” to be Itself, because the Present has had no prior experience in being present!

This is why any attempt to “know” something about the Present Consciousness I Am must fail. This One I Am simply hasn’t been before, in order to have anything known about It!

If one were to speak of appearances, it seems virtually all “teachings” assume there is an established, pre-existing “way” in which Consciousness, Life, the Present I Am, is being present—and that there also is a “you” that must know or align with this “way” of being or living.

As the Present I Am, All Presence, has had absolutely no prior existence—when could there have been another that also must be the Present I Am? How could there be an already-established “way” in which I Am present? As I simply have not been before, there is no “way” I Am. There can be no technique for attaining that which hasn’t been before. I Am completely devoid of technique, utterly without method or practice. How could there be a method of practicing that which has no history of existing?

Having had absolutely no prior experience in being, I Am utterly Inexperienced.

In-experienced-ness is All. As the In-experienced-ness I Am is All, I leave no others who could be trying to experience an experience that not even I have had! And, of course, where I Alone Am, where In-experienced-ness is All, could there be any mistaken teachings attempting to teach that which hasn’t even been before? No!

As the Inexperienced One-All, I cannot offer guidance to get where I Am. There is no other to whom to give such—and as not even I have been before, not even I know where I Am! I have had no “time” in which to get My bearings, nor could I ever desire any because I Am not going anywhere. I Am. My Presence is so utterly Present, so completely without a past and absolutely new, even the simple words, “I Am” would be old news by the time they were voiced.

As this Pure Present I Am completely precludes time, I haven’t wasted any. How could Absolute Being waste that which never has occurred? Not a bit of Life has passed by. Perfect Life is.

Equally, don’t smugly assume you have been living spiritually—or have been honest with Truth in a past—for honestly there is no past. You have no history of not seeing Truth before, or of assuming you have seen Truth before—because You have no history—and this is to “see” or be Truth.

The Present Never "Has" A Thought

Look from a different angle at what was discussed in the previous post, “As the Present, You Have No History.” Again, in these posts the term thought is now used in the broad sense, meaning all that appears to be “mental.” This means both the thinking of the intellect and the sensing of all so-called “items” such as this computer screen, which, as shown, really is not a separate solid (or gross) object, but entirely “mental” or “made out of” mere thought.

One of the points in the previous post is that the seeming nature of every would-be thought is to always be found only in this “current” thought. Even that which seems to have been a “previous experience” or any “previous thought” actually never occurred “back there”—for it always would be found only in this thought. What seems to have been a “previous” thought never really was before.

See for yourself. Even the very instant that “a current thought” seems to arise—what is going on? The instant a thought seems to be noticed as such, does it hang around? Does the thought age? No. It is impossible to find a so-called “previous thought” as if it had already occurred, and now is hanging around somewhere, waiting until it is thought of again.

What seems to happen is that there is a new thought which includes what seemed to have been the just-prior arising thought. The thought may seem to have similar content, but it’s a new thought. To say, “Aha! Yes, here it is; I’ve thought of it again”—that’s not really a repeat of an old thought. At most, it always seems to be a brand new thought, seeming to arise now, with nothing having preceded it—for all the so-called “preceding thoughts” would be found only in “this” thought, and nowhere else.

It seems as if there had been an initial arising thought that already is gone or dissolved into what is now “this” thought. But not even the “initial thought” really happened “back there” because it only seems to be here, now. And so on, for “every” thought. The only “status” of any thought is that simultaneously as it seems to be arriving, it seems to be leaving, being not-present! Trying to hold a thought is like trying to grab a handful of time. Good luck!

Of course, what this means is that never is any thought actually present. Never has any thought been before—because in the Pure Present there is only the Present and no “before.” The Truth is, this Present Awareness never has had a single prior thought! Not one! And as there have been no prior thoughts, there can’t have been any prior emotions that supposedly accompanied those thoughts! As Present Awareness, You are absolutely pure, fresh and pristine. NOW, You are baggage-free, and completely mentally/emotionally “uncluttered”! It’s not that such things have been gotten rid of—they haven’t occurred!

The foregoing is undeniable, even on what appears or seems to be a relative basis. It would be a “relative truth.” Now for a Reality check: of course, in Infinite Reality there is no need for, no possibility of, any such discussion as this. Yet for what still may appear to be “daily living” it has huge implications.

All of what appears as “daily living” supposedly is based on cause and effect. The supposed occurrence of one thing or event in time, supposedly leads to or causes another, in what is mistakenly assumed to be a long sequence, a sequence of time.

It seems to work the same way with thought. Each thought makes it seem as if there have been many other thoughts preceding it—other thoughts that “led up to” this current thought—BUT THERE HAVEN’T BEEN!

Supposedly, “this” thought is the result, or product of, other thoughts that preceded this one. For example, it seems as if, “I had the thought about what to eat for dinner. Then while eating dinner, I had the thought that I’ll get on the computer afterward. So now here I am at the computer, as a result of having had those previous thoughts.”

That may be how it seems if ignoring the Truth of Total Present-ness—but from the standpoint of Pure Present-ness everything is seen in a different light.

Again, on the so-called ignore-ant basis, supposedly the preceding thoughts were the cause that led up to this thought—which is said to be the effect of earlier thoughts. This is an example of the “law of cause and effect”—which all of human finite experience would appear to be based on. Yet, from the standpoint of Pure Present-ness—if one were to even talk about any of this—all of it now is seen as being completely backwards!

As said repeatedly, all that is present, eternally, is the Present Itself. To the Present, there is only Present-ness, wherein no time or history occurs. So, if it were possible for the Present to ignore Itself and talk about thought (which really isn’t possible), at most, all there ever seems to be is this “current thought.” And it would be only in this thought that all other so-called “previous thoughts” are found—which means they aren’t really previous at all!

So cause and effect is turned completely around. It would be this current thought that seems to “cause” or be the “source” of what are mistakenly called all the “previous thoughts”—for this thought would be the only “place” they could be found, their only “source.” No so-called thought ever really happened or was thought before, because as only Present-ness is, there is no “before.”

From CIA p. 232

The “sense-mind’s” thinking may keep trying to insist there really was a long past that happened “way back there.” It would try to say there was a yesterday, and before that, a week ago, and before that, a year ago, and so on, in a long sequence. But what’s really going on?

What is called a year ago isn’t any farther away or older than yesterday, because all there ever would be to both is only thought images, and both are simultaneously being thought now. Apart from what appears as those current images, neither “yesterday” nor “a year ago” had any other prior existence. As all there is, is Consciousness, there has been no prior physical world. And as Consciousness, All, is Absolutely Present, there has been no prior time, no prior thinking.

That’s the so-called “illusion”—this thought makes it seem as if there have been many other prior experiences and other thoughts that preceded this one—but there couldn’t have been because none of it has any seeming existence anywhere apart from this thought.

This appears to turn the so-called law of cause and effect upside-down—and all of the science and education that seem to have been based on it! From a so-called human, finite point of view, this is incredible. An entire book could be written on this point alone.

Yet to the history-less Present that is present NOW, where is there a previous existence in which there were some mistaken notions about cause and effect? Where has there been a long habit of the Present ignoring Itself? Not even that has occurred, for only the Present is!

What else does this mean—especially that, to Pure Present-ness, there are no solid, material objects, nor even the thoughts about them? It means there NEVER IS A SINGLE OTHER “MIND” OUT THERE TO TALK TO! NEVER! To the Pure Present, there is no time in which another “mind” could have started. In Present Infinity there equally is no so-called body-object, no “place” in which to locate such a mind.

The very notion that there could be another mind to talk to would itself be a mere thought, a thought, which, to the Pure Present, never arises or occurs. How often do we just pay “lip service” to this–or is it a matter of actually operating on the basis of truly being ALL? One may be “saying” all the right words, but if one has another out there to talk to, the “message” is not pure–but tainted with belief of otherness.

The point is, it is directly Self-evident that only Present-ness can be.

The very notion that there even can be thought, that anything can arise, would itself be a thought. But to Pure Presence here, now, not even this seeming thought ever happened before; no such thing is.

So, to Pure Presence, this entire discussion, even the notion that thought has now been “seen through” would equally be a thought that never was.

Only Pure Presence is.

As the Present, You Have No History!

The Present’s complete preclusion of time and form makes clear that nothing arises from, or appears in, the Present, Pure Being—and the Present is all that is present, eternally. An arising or appearance would take time, and at no point in Absolute Present-ness does a state of time, non-presence, begin or occur. (Even to say “preclusion of time and form” is inadequate, for even that gives too much status.)

The Infinity that the Present is, is Reality. Reality is not “deep”—Reality (what is real), is simply what really is—and only Present-ness, Infinity, really is. Nothing else is present to be Reality. One “starts here,” as said repeatedly, this is the “premise”—for the Present is all that is present to be a premise. What’s the alternative? To start with what is not present? Non-presence means not existing—so how is it possible to “start with” what doesn’t even exist? Non-existence couldn’t be Reality.

Perhaps the foregoing discussion of what the Present, Infinity, Reality, truly is, seems “too theoretical” because words are being used. As some may argue, “To even use a term ‘the Present’ is implying some sort of ontological ground of being; any conclusion regarding the allness of the Present, too, is merely a product of thought, conceptual, and is not ‘direct experience’.”

Then don’t use such a word as Present. Don’t use any words—just abide as pure un-thinking Awareness, or emptiness—the indescribable, indefinable “something-ness” that is no-thing—yet always now-alive. As the following excerpts show, One still can have a “direct experience” of the only-ness of the Present. But as said earlier, at this point It cannot even be called “experience” for It is the Present directly being Its own sensation-less, thought-less, timeless Pure Presence—which cannot then even be called an experience.

To illustrate what is meant by this, the following are excerpts from Chap 22, Time Never Began.

Present Consciousness. Two words. What do they really mean?

As said repeatedly, the fact that Consciousness is all there is to all Existence, means there never has been a physical, material world—anywhere, ever. If one were to even speak of what is called “the present day” or “all past events,” at most, all so-called events and times always would be only mental, or entirely “made out of” dream-thought.

Yet not even that is fully accurate. The fact that Consciousness’ Changeless Being is the entirety of what is present—as the Un-budging Absolute Present—leaves no possibility of time occurring! So not only has the so-called “past” never been physical—it hasn’t even been!

Only, only, only the Present is present—“everywhere.” As often as that has been said, this irrefutable Truth makes clear another huge point.

When it seems you ignore the Absolute Present You are, what would be happening?

In that instant, that would be creating all time—the entirety of time!

It literally would be creating all time for the very first time ever!

As Pure Conscious Being, as the Absolute Present Itself, You never say there was a past—only a false finite “sense-mind” or dream would try to say so. How does one not get fooled by it? Start from the true premise—that only the Unchanging Present, I-Am-Presence, is.

Now notice that whenever the finite thinking “sense-mind” tries to say there has been a long past, it is always right now when it’s saying that. The thinking would try to make it seem as if there has been this long, long past that stretches “way back there”—one that includes a recent past, and a much older past. Now look very closely where all—every last bit—of that so-called long past is. The entirety of it would be found only right here in that current thinking of it. The entirety of what is mistakenly called “the past” isn’t past at all—all of it is being projected only right now in that bunch of current thinking. That’s the only place you come up with any of it!

Stop reading and see if this is irrefutably true right here, now. Stay with this; keep “noticing” until absolutely certain. There simply is no evidence of a seeming “past” (emphasis on seeming!) apart from what seems to be the current thought of it.

Mistaken human belief would try to say there are both that current thinking of a past and the other “real” past—the one that occurred in a physical world at a previous time. Why is that not true? Because, again, absolutely all there is, is Consciousness—which precludes there being any physical world. And the fact that Consciousness, All, is changelessly Present only, precludes there having been any previous time.

The would-be ignorant “sense-mind” doesn’t realize that its “world” never is a separate physical world, but just its own dream-like thought. So all that the entire so-called past ever could have been “made out of” is thought. And when you examine it closely, you see the shocking truth—that dream-thought never is something that occurred “way back then”—for the entirety of it seems to be mentally projected only just now!

The above was also the subject of the post on 9/29 (Reality Precludes Objects). There never has been a physical objective world, so there can’t have been a “real past” in which physical events occurred. At most there would be only a “thought-past.” And now it’s clear that very seeming “thought-past” isn’t really past at all, but seems to occur only right now for the “first time ever.” Again, don’t just accept this—see right now “within yourself” that it’s irrefutably true.

Go ahead, try as hard as you can to come up with a little bit of a “past,” or a whole lot of it, in some place other than the current thought of it. It’s impossible.

No matter how far one tries to mentally shove a “past” back there—it actually has had no prior existence. The only place all of it would appear to be found is in the very thinking-dreaming of it starting now.

That’s all there would be to all of the so-called “past”—just that one big mental “panorama” or “thought-collage”—all of which begins now. This is clear only from the vantage point of the Absolute Present, wherein no time has been. Otherwise one mistakenly assumes time has some other, prior beginning. It doesn’t.

In the exact same way, the entirety of what is mistakenly called “history”—both “recent past” and “ancient past”—is encapsulated in the one momentary mental snapshot or thought in terms of it. From the vantage point of Absolute Present Awareness, it is clear that the entirety of so-called “history” isn’t history or old at all—it’s all one mental panorama being instantaneously thought or dreamed now. Always, it would be current thinking only imagining there is oldness.

Even though this book has repeatedly referred to the passing of time—from the vantage point of Present Consciousness, one sees that time never is passing. The entirety of time seems to be projected now.

One never, never, never leaves Now, Present Awareness.

This being true, how old is Your Present Being? How old is All?

Look closely. How many prior thoughts in terms of time, or time snapshots have you had before? Do you say billions? The answer is none. Why? Even what would be called all “prior” times and all their snapshots would be found only in this snapshot of time-thought, in the ignoring of the Present that would be going on now. All so-called time is found only in the dream-thought—but that’s not You, Pure Present Consciousness. And not even the dream is “old,” but seemingly began this instant.

What is far more important, in Reality, the Absolute Present Itself, the Totally Aware Being You are, never has any time-snapshots. Not one. And never is there another being present. The Absolute Present never leaves or alters Its Absoluteness. It leaves no past of anything.

From the vantage point of Present Consciousness, Reality, there is no such thing as a past that was. There is only a would-be past, that appears to be projected now in thought. And to even come up with such time-projections would mean first ignoring the Pure Present You are; trying to superimpose that time-thought upon Your Self. In Truth, not even that is possible, for the Present cannot ignore Its Absolute Presence.

Be alert and don’t assume that there has been any prior time—not even a time which you now have seen to be false. Not even that occurred, for only the Present is.

It is one thing for the foregoing to be clear. But more importantly, what is being “done” with It? The above is the same as saying there is no memory. The Present Itself certainly has no memory, and only the Present is present.

So “throughout the day” are you consciously being the Present, as Pure un-thinking Awareness, Alive Nowness?

Or is it a matter of fondly thinking back about what was read here as being true of the Present? If so, that would be merely a memory of the Present–exactly what the Present Itself is not! It would be dreaming–only now you’re dreaming that you’re “being spiritual.”

This does not mean to imply that there is another who sometimes can be, and sometimes not be, the Present. The Present Itself is the Only Self.

So if it “seems” there has been a wandering of attention, just ask Your Self, “Has the Present Itself lost sight of Itself? No–It is fully present NOW and never lapses. Is there another that could lose sight of the Present, and must return its attention to the Present? No. In fact, has there even been a “past” in which attention wandered–and now attention must be returned to the Present? NO!”

From p. 239:

Can the Present Itself ever fall or lapse? Can Being fail to be? One does not keep score, but “stays in,” or is, the unrelenting, un-backdown-able Present. That is the only “job”—staying alert and catching oneself, no matter how often it seems necessary. It’s never that you’ve “fallen” and must “climb back.” It’s staying alert that, as the Absolute Present, You leave no past in which You could have fallen!

Present = Infinity = Awareness

Notice a few “similarities” between the Present and Infinity. (As will be shown, the Present and Infinity really are not two separate things, having similar qualities—but simply different words for the same quality-less One).

It was shown earlier that Infinity really means no-finity. This means Infinity has no finite qualities whatsoever. It means Infinity involves nothing observable or measurable–there is nothing noticeable about It–for anything noticeable would be finite. So when speaking of Infinity, one cannot speak in terms of size, amount, time, or any other so-called finite qualities or characteristics.

As Infinity is that which has no measurement, then Infinity is not a huge quantity. Contrary to what is often believed, Infinity is the absence of any quantity—for any kind of quantity, even a huge one, would be at least partly countable or measurable, and therefore finite.

Infinity is not enormously big in size (nor extremely small in size, as in infinitesimal). Infinity is the complete absence of size. Infinity does not mean an endlessly long time, because any amount of time, too, would be measurable. Infinity is the absence of time, or is time-less—just as in the Present there is no time.

Just as Infinity has no measurable size, the Present has no size. Just as Infinity has no spatial measurement, neither does the Present.

There is absolutely no size, space, distance or dimension in the Present. There isn’t so much as a millionth of an inch of length, width, height, or depth of distance in the Present. Most emphatically, this means the Present is not “present at all points throughout physical space.” The Present does not “fill” or occupy space. Why?

If there were space or even the smallest amount of distance in the Present, it would be possible to move from point A here, across space, to point B, over there. But such movement would take time—of which there is none in the Present. The instant one has movement in time, one has left being present. Any movement in space, which involves time, would be a state of not-the-present, instead of what-is-present.

Because the Present is the absence of time and the absence of size and distance, then the Present also must be the absence of anything measurable. It would take time to measure any kind of measurement. And for something to be measurable would mean it has some kind of size or other quality–yet there is no such in the Present. In other words, the Present is the complete absence of measurement, just as Infinity is the absence of measurement.

Has the Present Itself ever appeared or been seen? Of course not. Has the Present ever been touched? Has It ever been counted? Of course not. Has Awareness ever been seen or touched? Is there ever anything else present besides the un-seeable, un-touchable, immeasurable Present Itself?

In the same way, the Present has no weight. The Present has absolutely no form that could be weighed. It would take time for a form to be formed or observed. For weighty matter to be formed, it also would take time—of which there is none in the Present. In the same way, Infinity, being measureless, has no weight, no form.

Just as the Present has no weight, ask yourself how much Awareness “weighs” to Pure Awareness. It is the same One. How utterly weight-less is Awareness to Its own Awareness? This is the One being You now. This is all that is present!

Just like Infinity and the Present, Awareness has no form. Infinity, the Present, and Awareness is this same weightless, timeless One. It is being infinitely aware and presently so–but not in space or time.

Equally, has Infinity ever been seen, touched or counted? No! It’s because the Present, Infinity, and Awareness are the complete absence of all finite, measurable, observable, or limiting quantities or qualities. They are absolutely un-limited. Though we do our best here to point with words, Infinity and the Present actually are incapable of being described or conceptualized, for that, too, would be a mental measurement, a limit.

This “description” of the Present and Infinity as indescribable also happens to be an exact “description” of Pure Consciousness, Awareness, Being, Now, and other terms—for they, too, really cannot be finitely described. And all these terms really are pointing to the same ONE indescribable Infinite “Stuff” being presently aware here, now.

So, when the words present or the Present are used in our writings or on this website, they refer to that which has zero distance, zero time, and zero describable qualities–yet which is presently alive. (In light of the foregoing, you may wish to go back and reread chap 17, The Immediacy of All.)

This undeniable “perspective” forces a redefining of what always has been called “the present”—which is typically assumed to mean “everywhere present” or being present at all points in space, all points of dimension. (It is this mistaken, finite definition of present that usually is mis-read into much spiritual literature).

Most emphatically then, this Infinite-Present is not the same as what is usually mistakenly called “the present” on a human basis, or “living in the now.” That kind of “present” would be merely a momentary or fleeting “present moment” or “now-instant,” in time’s flow from past to future. It still involves or co-exists with time. In philosophy, this kind of present is called “presentism.” Presentism is the name given to this would be “momentary present” that the finite senses and thinking experience as a “now moment”—but one that is co-present with a flow of time.

This clarity that the Present is pure Infinity shows in another way why It is not sandwiched between, not co-present with, past and future time. As the Infinite-Present is the absence of time, and only Itself is present, then the Infinite-Present is the utter preclusion of past and future, all time.

What else does it mean that the Infinity of the Present (as this very Awareness) permits no time, no space, nothing measurable? As the Present does not permit any time or space within Itself, within All That Is Present, the Present also does not permit any thought or sensing—for these, too, would take time.

In this present Infinite Being, there isn’t even any “mental space.” There cannot be any mental forms. Even the super-fast forming or arising of a thought, which may seem to take less than a nanosecond, still would be time–of which there is none. There is only the unspeakable Immediacy of this Present Being–as all that exists–eternally, changelessly.

From CIA p. 162: “There simply is no physical distance extending in any direction from Your Present Conscious Being! Right this instant, as Consciousness, there is nothing separating You from All That Is! There is nothing separating the One Self from all of Itself right here and now.

The whole of All is so present, so available as this very Being, It is indescribable! How much Presence and thus Power does that “put” here, now?

All of the Infinite, all Presence, all Intelligence, all of the Self’s Love, Peace and Harmony existent is right smack Here, as this very Conscious Being! If not, then where is It? There is nowhere else!

Stop frequently and “abide as” the Infinite Present Itself which is present “right here,” because IT definitely is clear as to what Itself is, as un-thinking Pure Awareness. There is only This One Present. There isn’t one here and another one “over there” somewhere else, because there is no distance, nor any time in which to approach the Present–only This Infinite Present Awareness.

This present Unlimited Infinity that truly is ALL, is not negating or doing away with a world of time and space. Rather, One who is consciously being The Unlimited One leaves only This. This One is not dreaming that there also could be a finite realm of limitations. As Your Unlimitedness is ALL, You preclude there being any limits that You could cling to–nor is there any limit that could cling to You.

The Present does NOT co-exist with time

Back to the seeming state of time for a moment. Again, if one were to talk about it, time always would seem to be what is-not-present. What this means is that, as time never is present, all phenomena that supposedly occur and are experienced in time, equally never are present.

Every last particle of what appears as an observable stellar universe (the universe that is said to “arise in Awareness” each day) even at its smallest quantum level—all of it seems to function and have its basis in never-present time. Even at the level of energy, every bit of the so-called appearing, arising universe seems to be vibrating, moving; it never stops passing on in time, or not-being, to genuinely be.

It means the entire so-called universe never is present. What’s more, it takes time to even observe the universe. The entire functioning of the very human thinking, sensing “mind” that claims to observe that universe equally has its basis only in never-present time. The entire activity of the mind equally never is present.

Only Pure Awareness Itself is present.

A doubting thought may come, “Don’t tell me the things that I sense or think about in the universe aren’t present or aren’t being. I sense this computer screen right now. I sense the body. I sense the planet earth right now. I see it now, and I even could reach down and touch it now—so don’t tell me the screen, body, the earth, and all those sensations aren’t genuinely present.”

Look closer. For anything in the entire universe, the moment it is sensed by way of a visual image, a tactile feeling, or any other sensation—what’s really happening? As said earlier, those particular sensations are constantly shifting, changing and passing on, never to return again. It seems each sensation is instantly replaced by another new visual or tactile sensation, and another, and another, non-stop.

Again, they’re like the moving frames of film in a movie projector. The specific image of this computer screen as it appeared a few seconds ago, and the sense of touch of a body, are gone—already having been replaced by the fleeting image and touch being experienced at this moment in passing time, and on and on.

This applies to everything that is sensed in the universe—including the entire universe itself. Not a particle of it ever stops moving on, or not-being, to be. In its essence, it all would be a state of vibration, always moving or passing on in time. The entirety of it always is fleeting, passing away, and not being present—or being “not.” Shocking as it may sound, the entirety of the “universe” would be just so much non-presence!

Only the Present Itself, Infinite Awareness, is truly present.

The reason for all this discussion is to expose what seems to be this major misunderstanding about what present actually means or is. It seems many will insist, “Well, I can look at the tree appearing in my yard, and that tree definitely is what is present. What’s more, the entire appearing world is present, because I experience it now. Even though it may not be permanent or real, it’s present as an unreality, because I’m directly experiencing it as such right now.”

None of it really is present—as also discussed in the 9/29 post (Reality Precludes Objects). The “tree” (and the rest of the “world”) never is physical or objective. At most, it would be nothing more than so many passing, never-present sensations, supposedly experienced by the mind. These “mental-sensations” are sometimes called “mentations” to emphasize the purely “mental” or dream-like nature of it, as just so much thought—never physical or material.

The reason for the continued emphasis of this point is coming up. For now, be clear that any and all appearing or arising phenomena, anything sensed or thought–would be inseparable from so-called “time”–time that never is present.

This is further exposed by looking closely at another widely accepted, yet mistaken, notion—that the Present co-exists with time.

If one mistakenly starts out by identifying as a body instead of as Pure Awareness, one unwittingly accepts the typical human assumption that there is time—for everything the body seems to do appears to occur in time. One thus assumes there are both time and the Present.

In contrast, when one starts from the premise of the Present (identifying as Infinite Awareness being, which is the Present), it is clear that there are not both the Present and time!

From the standpoint of the Present, the Present does not co-exist with time, not-the-Present.

There is only the Present. Why?

There is absolutely no point at which the Present can be said to stop being present, and where another state, one of time or non-presence starts. Think it through intelligently—how could non-presence start somewhere? It’s a contradiction in terms. Non-presence can’t be a state; non-presence can’t start or get its foot in the door because it’s not present. It literally doesn’t exist; it can’t occur.

Only the Present can be present—and It is alone in Its presence.

This is clear only when starting from the premise of the Present (this present Infinite Awareness as It is being), and not sensing and thinking—something that time-based human thinking never does. And doesn’t One have to “start” from the premise of the Present and not time—since only the Present is genuinely present to be a premise? Is It not the Present Itself that is being present and aware here, now?

As the Present is not co-present with time, non-presence, this means the Present is not “between” past and future. The Present, Timeless Awareness being, is not a “source” or “cause” of a manifest world, as is often mistakenly believed. To the Present, which is all that is present throughout, or as all Existence, time never occurs. As time never occurs, manifestation or arising never occurs in the Present–for these would take time, of which there is none. Time, past and future simply do not occur in Total Present-ness. So the Present cannot be “between” such, but stands alone as All Presence.

Much more to come on this…


Words such as present and now are great “pointers.” However, they often are misunderstood (when in the so-called realm of words and thoughts). As discussed earlier (10/4 post – “Does Infinity co-exist with an ‘arising’ Pt. 2”)—the misunderstood meaning of present and other words is often brought to the subject of spirituality, and seems to obscure what is said concerning Infinite Reality, Absolute Truth.

Reality check: The Present that is present now, can be neither understood or misunderstood, for It is not in the so-called realm of thought. The Present cannot be obscure to Its own Presence. The Present simply, freely, un-thinkingly is, as Pure Awareness. As the Present Itself is the only Self that is present, It leaves no other self to either understand or misunderstand.

Present means having existence. It means being or that which is. Present means now existing.

Now look closely and be specific and clear as to what present actually is.

In the definition of present, there is absolutely no reference to, and no provision for, time. None. Present, which is a state of pure IS, doesn’t involve so much as a nanosecond of was or will be. The word was means no-longer-present and will be means not-yet-present—neither of which is anything like being present. The meaning of present, when considered by itself alone, actually has no relationship to time, past or future—for they would be not-the-Present or non-presence. Be clear that when speaking in terms of that which is present, it cannot be related to time in any way.

That which is present, or the Present Itself, is time-less. In the Present’s Pure IS, there is no state of is-not-yet and is-not-anymore. There is only IS—wherein time does not occur.

The Present is the absence of time.

As you read these posts, stop frequently to “be still” or silent, because only this is what is present. This still Present-ness is the presence of Awareness Itself—for only It is being This. Here, there is no need for pointing. Reading words and thinking would be a process; it moves from one thought to the next; it takes time. Time seems to occur only on the “level” of thinking and sensing—not Infinite Awareness. So trying to think what the Present is never will succeed. One only can be the Present, as Pure Awareness.

The following points are covered here quickly. They are covered in much more detail in CIA chaps 1, 12, 21, 22, 23.

Did you ever stop to notice that the Present always is present and never, ever goes away? Why is that? What “makes” the Present be present?

It is thanks to Awareness, Consciousness, as It now is being. A little Self-investigation makes clear that Infinite Awareness literally is what the Present is. The Present isn’t something separate that Awareness is aware of. Awareness as It is being aware here, now, simply cannot be taken out of being present. This ever-present Awareness, being boundlessly greater than what appears as an entire stellar universe and all things therein, is what is called the Present Itself.

Just as the Present never changes from being present, Pure Awareness never changes from being present—for It is the same One. The Present isn’t a time when Awareness is aware. It is the Present Itself that is being aware.

As Awareness is aware here, now, It is the Present Itself that is the One aware here, now—never a “personal you.”

As said before, when was the last time that the Present was not present? Has the Present ever decided not to show up? It sounds silly because it absolutely never happens. The Present unfailingly is present.

Now, in contrast, look at what time pretends to be. It pretends to be a period when the Present is not present. But that never happens! Simply never! That’s all there would be to “time”–a superimposed thought, a mere ignore-ant assumption, that the Present could be absent, which It can’t! The Present does not change from being all that is present.

In fact, as the Present Itself actually is all that is present, there can’t even be such an assumption because there is no one to assume it, and no “place” from which an assumption could come or arise. Only a state of thinking would make an assumption, yet the Present Itself does not think. Undeviating Present-ness is all that IS.