Being can only be.

Being Itself does not vacillate between Being and a dream.

Being does not flit between Being and incorrectly being, or not-being.

Being can only be.

Being cannot be “known.”

There is only Being Itself being, which leaves no other to know It.

The “Answer” lies not in trying to overcome time–but in being the Present, pure Being, wherein no prior time has occurred which would need to be overcome.


What is this thing called attention?

This question/comment concerning attention came by email from a friend, and is the subject of this post:

“Given the perspective of CIA, how do we account for attention, which seemingly can shift from what it attends to? Is it part of the human sense, or not? If it is, then it is what is not, which invalidates its ability to be present with what is.”

Reality Check: The only Self, Life, Consciousness, existent and now present, is that of the Infinite Itself, Absolute Being, which is All. As often emphasized, everything said here is from this “stance.”

To this presently conscious Infinite Alive Being, there is no such thing as “attention.” There is nothing besides Infinity to wander, and then “return home”—just as the Infinite Awareness that is here and now present, never wanders from being present. The Infinite Self is not trying to account for attention, and there is no other–no such thing as “we.” Do not read this under an assumption that You are one of many bodies, each with a “wandering, thinking, mind” that can sit in front of a computer while it appears this is being read. All there is to You is boundless Alive Presence, the un-wandering Undimensional, Un-appearing Infinite Aliveness.

The very notion that there is such a thing as “attention” mistakenly implies Infinity, the Only Self, can be two. The notion of attention implies Infinity is capable of knowing finity. It implies that there is time in Infinity. It implies that the Present Itself is not all-present. It implies that Existence Itself can flit in and out of existing, in and out of being ALL. None of this is possible to Self, Infinite Being.

Infinity-As-All is incapable of being focalized or localized, and that is what attention purports to be—a focalizing of finite mental activity. It mistakenly implies there is time in Infinity during which a focalizing could occur. It implies a second state to which the focalizing could be directed. In Pure Infinity, (call It Emptiness if preferable) there is nothing to focalize on, and no one to do any focalizing. There isn’t even another that is “focalizing consciousness on Emptiness, Infinity”—for Emptiness, Infinity, is Its Own Consciousness, which is this Consciousness, which is all the Consciousness there is.

Attention would seem to be a focalizing on one form as opposed to another. It implies a focalizer and that upon which it focuses. None of this occurs in Infinity’s Formless Undimensional Being—which, again, isn’t “an” Infinity, but this presently alive Being.

Infinity Itself being All, not only leaves no other to put attention on Infinity. It leaves no such thing as attention in the first place!

If, somehow, Infinity, Pure Present-ness, were not all-present, and if, somehow, there were human time-sense (two huge “ifs”!) then attention would seem to belong entirely to it—not to this Present Awareness. So-called human sense and its “attention” would be entirely one-with time—time which never is the Present, time which never is present. Thus, “attention” (what never is present) has no possibility of being present with, or as, What Is Present, as so rightly indicated in the question above. It’s doomed to failure from the start!

One cannot leave it at that however. It’s not that there is the Present Self, and also this other thing called “attention” which does not belong to Self. The Present’s absolute Present-ness-As-All leaves only Itself, period. There is no secondary state.

Again, this is clear only when “starting” from the allness of Present Self, Infinite Changeless Being—and after all, IT is the one being presently conscious here—and this is what IT is “doing” or being.

If it were possible for Self, this Awareness, to ignore or leave Its Pure Present-ness, in favor of an appearance, and think in terms of time-pictures or dream (which actually is impossible), here is what seems to happen when there is an attempt to explain “attention” in this dream time-picture.

According to this dream picture, it seems there was a past time in which a separate “you” discovered spirituality, and became more aware of Awareness, Being. It seems as if this “you” had something called “attention,” a kind of mental capacity, seemingly capable of focusing on, or turning to, something called Awareness, Being, Emptiness. It’s as if there were a fence with two sides—the Formless, the Timeless—and a seeming realm of form and time. It seemed it was necessary to “live in the Real, the Now”—otherwise this thing called attention would wander off onto “the false side of the fence” and identify with forms—objects, thoughts, feelings—creating the separate personal “I.”

Then, it may have seemed there was more clarity, as if living is done mostly on one side of the fence—the Formless, the Timeless. The picture of form and time still appears to be there, but there is little or no identification with, or as it.

It is clear that the only Self is Unchanging Present Awareness, which is this Self aware here, now. It is clear this Awareness is the only Life, and It never wanders from Itself. This clarity is that of Present Awareness Itself—it is not another having clarity about Awareness. This Infinite Aware Being does not have “attention” because Infinity cannot split from Itself—there’s nothing to split. As It is ALL, there can be no flitting in and out of ALLNESS. Being changelessly Present only, It leaves no time in which a split or a flit could occur.

Then it seems as if concern over attention “falls away”—seen as never having been necessary to, never having belonged to, this infallibly All-Present Being. Being need not keep attention on Itself for fear It won’t be. As Self, attention is not Yours. You do not need it. To Alive-Infinity-As-All (This alive Presence) there is only Itself and thus nothing else that could attract It or distract It.

If it seems a thought arises, or there is a momentary distraction, instantly there is an alertness to Presence (which really is Self’s Presence as This Presence). If one were to put it into words, this alertness almost seems to say, “Wait a minute. Infinite Awareness is the only Self being here, now, and It fully is Itself, is All—NOW. It hasn’t mentally wandered from Itself, thus It has no need (or possibility!) of returning to Itself. So there certainly is no lesser self that needs to or could do something with “attention.” If thoughts or forms seem to arise—so what? They aren’t this Present Awareness and never actually pull this Present Awareness out of being.”

The point is, never let it be about a “you” and how good a job this “you” is doing with its “attention.” The only Life, Presence, there is, is Self Itself, Present Awareness. Always, It is a matter of, What is true of the Present Itself, alone? The Present simply cannot wander from Its Present Being and there is no other. It does not fail to fully be Itself, be All. When was the last time you notice the Present not being present?

As this Pure Present-ness, which has absolutely no prior history of being, You have no history of “attention” whatsoever. So there has been no past in which some lesser self was good with its attention or did a lousy job of it. The Present Itself has no history of ignoring Itself before because the Present, being all–present, leaves no “before.” There is only Present-ness. This does not change.

As emphasized in other posts—all would-be past history (of there being a lesser self having attention, or needing to be attentive) only would be found in a thought trying to arise now for the first time ever!

From CIA p. 239:

It’s never that you’ve “fallen” and must “climb back.” It’s staying alert that, as the Absolute Present, You leave no past in which You could have fallen!

There is no "why" to Awareness, the Present

This post is in response to Sofia’s comments and questions from the earlier post, “Words, words, words.” The questions are repeated here for convenience.

Dear Peter– Thank you for taking the time with my questions. I quite understand that Pure Awareness is absolute, and that time/space/everything is nothing more than conscious thought.

But is there a reason for this awareness? Is there some purpose for the whole exercise? I know that such answers will fall outside the realm of Pure Awareness, but why isn’t Awareness aware of why it is aware?

And also, is this a solipsistic deal, or is Awareness multi-faceted, being aware through all conscious manifestations? I thank you again. Sincerely, Sofia

These are rather involved questions…for the “full picture” I would suggest one read the book (and I’m not trying to sell books!)

For now: First of all, Awareness as It is used here, is not the same as It is used in much of nonduality. Here, Awareness means Infinity only–Pure Being or Spirit. It is Timeless, yes, but not a Timelessness that co-exists with time, or even a thought-state of time–even though they are talked about a lot here for clarity.

Awareness is “primary” in the sense that It alone IS, as you indicated. Awareness alone is present, changeless, all that really is–or all that is real, which is why It is called Reality.

All so-called time-phenomena, including all mind-activity and thinking, never are present. They seem to constantly move, change, come and go, and never truly are BEING. From the standpoint of Awareness, Being, thinking and mind-activity that seems to occur in time would be non-presence, non-being.

Awareness does not depend on thinking to be what It is. It exists or IS on Its own–and Its “Realm” is nothing like that of the would-be thinking mind. Awareness does not need thinking.

But it’s not the other way around–if not for Awareness being present, thinking wouldn’t even seem to be. Again, thinking has no genuine present-ness or reality of its own; no true, unchanging presence, which is why it’s referred to as “would-be”…it would be what it seems IF it really had presence, but it doesn’t.

What then seems to happen (but only on the level of thinking–and not to Awareness) is that thinking tries to apply the standards of its “would-be” realm of non-presence to Awareness.

Thinking, which seems to deal in time, cause and effect, a reason why, or purpose, etc., then tries to ask “why” of Awareness, such as: Why is Awareness aware? Why is It here, and what is the purpose of all this? Why does It seem to become more aware of Itself? etc.

BUT, all of that mistakenly implies there is time in Absolute Being, Self’s Infinity, Awareness, and there isn’t. None of thinking’s would-be standards can be applied to Awareness–Its Timelessness is an entirely different “Realm” than what so-called “thinking” seems to be accustomed to.

When asking “what is the purpose”–be very specific about what is being referred to. If it’s Awareness–Awareness has no purpose. It is Changeless Perfection. Again, “purpose” is a notion wholly cooked up solely by human time-thinking. It’s trying to come up with a reason for itself being there to supposedly think–but thinking doesn’t know it has no real Being. It is trying to explain to itself some grand purpose for itself–but it’s simply the cat of human imagination chasing its own tail.

Don’t try to answer the questions that thinking comes up with on their terms! Rather, stand as Pure Unthinking Now-Awareness, Absolute Present-ness, and question the legitimacy of thinking. From All-Present Awareness, thinking would be non-presence–and so it never really is genuinely present to ask questions about its non-presence, and then demand answers to them! Thinking never questions its own validity to be there and doing all that thinking.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking–it’s just that it and all it tries to do and account for, explain, or demand answers about, is NOT REAL. In chapter 5, (free on the website) it says, “The only one that thinks thinking is so special is that very same thinking.” Thinking doesn’t know that, from standpoint of Pure Being (all that Is Real, or Really Is), thinking doesn’t even occur.

And then if there’s a thought, “Well, what is the purpose of this whole exercise of seemingly becoming more aware?” Again, in its ignorance (ignore-ance of the fact that only Awareness IS), thinking mistakenly assumes there has been a long background, a past history, of slowly becoming more aware. Yet there is no such thing!

Awareness Itself is not becoming more aware. It IS Itself. And even the notion that there was a past in which some clarity or greater awareness has been gained–is NOT TRUE from the standpoint of Timeless All-Present Awareness which precludes a past.

Not even Awareness Itself has existed for so much as a nanosecond–because the false notion that It has, would be just a thought trying to arise now for the first time ever. So there certainly hasn’t been any history or background of someone having become more aware.

This also throws all notions of solipsism out the window. Who or what created the very notion of solipsism? Thinking! Solipsism is generally defined as the theory, or view that there is only the self. First of all, that’s usually taken to mean referring to a personal self, or the subjective. To Infinite Present Awareness, there is neither.

Far more importantly–to Present Awareness who Itself hasn’t even existed before–there has been no past, no previous time in which there has been so much as a single thought about Awareness, Self.

There has been no prior time in which any theories or philosophizing went on. There has been nothing subjective, no previous time in which PRESENT AWARENESS had a prior way of thinking about Itself and calling Itself solipsistic or subjective–or even the Only Self! Awareness has not, and does not, call Itself anything–not even Awareness.

Awareness, Pure Alive Being-Now, does not wonder if Itself is multi-faceted, etc. because It has no time for such thoughts or wonderings to arise. As the saying goes, to wonder is to wander (outside of IS). All such wondering would be merely a past-less “first-time” thought, not Awareness.

Hope that answers it!

Can there BE an "end of suffering" – Part 1

Regular visitors here may notice a similarity between the title of this post and the post of 12/23: “Can there BE such a thing as lack?” The word “suffering” easily could be substituted for “lack” in that post, and be read on that basis.

You may be wondering why some of these posts are long, and consist of several parts. What is said here sometimes refutes popular “teachings.” So rather than give short, “pat” answers (even though the short answers may be true), it seems wise to clearly, carefully state the basis on which the statements here are made.

This forum also provides an opportunity to simultaneously reply to many similar questions. These may have come in not only on this website, but via email, through formal talks, or even phone calls—or they may simply be general issues of spirituality. So while a post written here may “start out” in response to one question, it often will branch out to cover a much wider range of points.

This post is primarily in response to Jean’s comment of Jan. 2 (below), yet it is not directed to any one “person,” for there is only Self.

Anonymous said…
The question of suffering.Does full awareness prevents or diminishes pain and suffering? I feel – or it seems I feel – Oneness ( I am a zen practiser – but I(i?) feel overwhelmed by suffering, particularly before innocent victims, humans or animals. Could you be so kind to give me any light about this crucial problem? Thank you heartedly. Jean

The short answer is—No, Full Awareness (and there is no other kind of Awareness) does not actually prevent or diminish pain and suffering. Why? In Full Awareness, which is the only Self alive, existent—suffering never occurs or begins, so does not exist to be prevented or diminished. The very question implies such a thing is possible—yet from the standpoint of the Allness of Self, no such thing is possible.

That being said, even in what appears as “daily experience” yes, it MUST seem, (but only as a seeming) as if pain and suffering do diminish because they have no place, no presence, to this Present Awareness being aware here, now.

This notion of “suffering” brings out a key difference between Infinite Reality as stated here, and what appear as various “teachings.”

In the so-called human scene, there often is an expectation that spirituality will relieve suffering; that there should be an end of suffering, and sometimes even that there has been an end of suffering! If this is the case, there obviously must be an assumption that suffering began. The very clinging to this mistaken assumption–that suffering can occur–is why “suffering” seems to continue.

Shocking as it may sound at the moment, “suffering” has zero history of existing, and zero possibility of ever occurring, from the standpoint of Self presently alive here, now. To make this crystal clear, and to “blow this mistaken notion out of the water forever” is why this post is in three parts.

(REALITY CHECK—To Self Itself, the Pure Infinity that this present Awareness is, are there even such things as various teachings, differences, mistaken assumptions, or even blogs about Reality, Self? No—there is only the Alive Now-Presence that is Self Itself—fully being Itself!)

What is said here always is said from the standpoint of, or AS, this Alive Present Itself. It is said on the basis of the Allness, the utter Total Presence of Self Itself, the Infinite, or what could be called Full Awareness. Do not assume that this right now is some body named “Peter” talking to other bodies. It is THIS very Aware Presence that is presently aware NOW—and It is said from this standpoint because only Awareness is now present to be a standpoint. And It is really not a “standpoint” but is ALL.

All that can honestly be said to be present, to actually exist, and have genuine presence to “operate” is this Aware Being Itself, also called the Timeless NOW, the Pure Present. This may be clear via logic and words, or with what sometimes is called “direct experience.”

If this seems like a lot of heavy-duty spiritual talk so far, just relax and see what is actually existing, functioning and operating here right now. See what is honestly present now.

First, there certainly is Awareness. If not for Awareness, Being, being present, it could not even be said there was such a thing as existing—so there certainly wouldn’t even be suffering either. Absolutely nothing can be said to exist beyond or apart from this Awareness. Also notice that It is Awareness Itself that is being presently conscious. This Presence of Awareness certainly is not something a Peter or Jean or any other so-called body knows how to do or sustain.

Now notice that Awareness only can be present. Pure Awareness is present tense only—It does not move in time. Awareness can’t be moved back into a past or ahead into a future—and Its Present-ness never changes. Try to move Awareness out of being present. Can’t be done. So again, read this AS this Aware Presence Itself—not as a body sitting in front of a computer that knows about “an” Awareness.

Awareness also is all that is genuinely present. How is this true?

First notice what else seems to be going on. There also may seem to be passing thoughts, passing feelings, passing sensations—even visual sensations of what seems to be seen on a computer screen. But these passing thoughts and sensations always seem to be the stuff one is “aware of”—they are not aware, not Awareness Itself. More importantly, they do not have genuine or “permanent” presence or present-ness. They are not Awareness, the Present Itself. Thoughts and feeling always seem to be coming, and then going, moving on in time, passing along, never being present. They never stop moving, passing on, to be present. This is the key.

It would be only in, or as, the passing thoughts and sensations and feelings where ALL so-called suffering would seem to be. What exactly is suffering anyway? It may seem to start with something felt by a body, or seen by a body. Then there are emotions about what is seen, or sensed—maybe a “tragic” picture—and the emotions are labeled as “unpleasant.” Then there may be lots of thoughts and worries (more thoughts, but now emotionally charged) about the suffering. which only seems to “increase” the suffering. But what is all that?

Just be honest. ALL, repeat, ALL of the so-called suffering seems to be only in the “aware of” part—never in or as Pure Awareness. Awareness Itself is not any thought, not any sensation, not any feeling. Awareness Itself is present-only, thus never is anything experienced in never-present passing time (like thoughts, sensations, emotions).

Most emphatically, this is NOT saying or advocating that Awareness, All, is “separate” from anything or is dualistic, as sometimes seems to be assumed. When starting 100% as Pure Present Awareness, there is ONLY Pure Present Awareness. Period. Stop Here. Stay Here. Present Awareness Itself is having no thought about including or excluding, separation or non-separation. It seems necessary to do this with words here, but Awareness Itself, Alive Infinity, is not saying any of this. It is unthinkingly being. Period.

So the “answer” is to cleanly, specifically, consistently and persistently start with, or AS, Pure Present Awareness only. Insist on being Pure Awareness only. Do not identify or claim those thoughts, sensations, and emotions as “yours” for they are NOT You, not yours. Do not negate or deny them either. The only You is Awareness being Itself—always AS THE PRESENT ONLY—and as such, as Infinity, You really do not experience finite sensations, thoughts and emotions that seem to pass in never-present time. So You can neither claim them, embrace them, nor negate or deny them.

Do not be half-hearted about this—for the Present never is half-heartedly present—and It is “You”! Do not pussy-foot about this. Be adamant and put Your All-Present foot down firmly and keep it down as Pure Awareness—meaning don’t let what may seem to be nagging, continuous thoughts and feelings pull You out of this Pure Aware Being You are (because they really can’t).

When it came to thoughts and feelings of a little “personal I” trying to arise and pretend presence—even gentle, loving Ramana Maharshi was ruthless and said to “grab them by the throat”—and see that this purported thinking, emoting, suffering “personal I” is not a conscious entity at all. You’re even going one better than that, by not dealing with them but being exclusively and pre-clusively “interested in” the sheer fascinating-ness, the grace and magnificence of Awareness only. (more on this is coming up)

One actually cannot escape or fail to be Present Awareness, for IT is the only One being aware, present in the first place, and It never fails to fully be present only! Never. Simply stop entertaining the assumption (mere thought) of time.

To start or identify merely with, or as, all the seeming sights and feelings and thoughts that one seems to be aware of is to totally ignore Awareness Itself. It is to attempt to function as un-Awareness, not-Present Life, and that’s why the suffering seems to continue.

Awareness IS what truly is present, and the feelings and thoughts are something that is trying to be present in addition to, or “superimposed” on top of Awareness which purely, changelessly IS. To ignore Awareness and identify with them is to seemingly “oppose” or function in opposition to, One’s very Awareness, Being—and that is why all the problems.

Suffering DOES NOT have some kind of independent presence of its own that will, or can, continue when totally “busy” being the Pure Awareness that truly is present. Why? Because only Pure Awareness, the Present Itself, can honestly be present! And to say there is something else, something in addition to this Purity, would be to think, to super-impose, to ignore and be dishonest with what truly is effortlessly and inescapably being present. Yet can the Aware Present ever actually ignore or be dishonest with Itself? No! So not even that is really possible.

Can there BE an "end of suffering" – Part 2

Look at “suffering” again, now cleanly starting from, or AS, Pure Awareness Itself. (And this doesn’t take any “work”—It is this very present Awareness here, now, as It is effortlessly simply being—“pre” all would-be feelings and thoughts. Awareness is the complete absence of trying—yet It still is perfectly present.)

If a feeling or thought of suffering tries to come up, just be alert and ask, “Is this feeling the same as Pure Awareness Itself as It is being here, now? No—it is a feeling—maybe a heavy feeling, or a rumbling, uncomfortable feeling. But wait—is that feeling aware? No. Is it permanently being? No—only Awareness is aware, is being. Well, as Awareness is the only One aware, and being, the only One truly present—what is true of IT? What does IT “feel like”?

In other words, what is Pure Awareness to Itself—to Pure Awareness? Awareness is 100% here right now, so the “answer” to this question also has to be 100% right here, now. It is not an answer gotten by thinking—it is an answer gotten by silently, effortlessly “aware-ing.” It is simply a matter of not ignoring what is already right here and fully functioning.

How much does Awareness weigh to Itself? Is Pure Awareness heavy? How much does NOW, the Present weigh? How far away is Awareness from Its very Presence, therefore from the fullness of Itself?

REALLY CHECK THIS OUT, BE THIS! Why? Because THIS is the very, only One presently aware here in the first place.

Can there honestly be, ever, any “experience” more direct than THIS Present Awareness being Its own Pure Present-ness?!

This is TRUE “direct experience”—It is SELF’S “direct experience” and who else is there?

Stay Here—because You ARE Here. As Awareness, how hard, how dense, is this NOW that You now are? Is NOW an emotion, or emotional? Does Pure Awareness ever feel rumbling? How long does it take before Now-Awareness is totally present to Itself?

Does the changeless NOW suffer? From what—there being only NOW? Does Awareness have to make more contact with the Awareness It already is being right here, now? No! And so on…

This is not done with any sense of labor or struggle because It is what already is, effortlessly “speaking as” Itself. In fact, It “feels” wonderful because now there no longer is all the seeming super-imposed intellectual and emotional opposition to It. Actually, there never was!

The point is—stay “busy” as Present Awareness, which is the only “You” there is. Again, Awareness Itself is the only One who is being here, now. This is entirely the Life of Pure Awareness, not a Peter or any other. So to be honest with or AS what really IS, there has to be a functioning as Present Awareness only. All “interest” must be in being Pure Awareness only—because this is what Awareness Itself honestly is “doing.”

To repeat, there is no attempt to deny thoughts, deny feelings, deny sensations—because Awareness Itself is not doing that. It is 100% busy being Pure Awareness only, being Self-Interested. Sometimes this is called “Awareness watching Awareness” or Awareness aware-ing (being) which is not perfectly accurate, but it’s about as close as words can come.

This Allness (or Fullness) of Pure Awareness Itself does not mean what Awareness, Self, the Infinite, is to a “me,” but what Awareness is to, or AS ITSELF ONLY. Notice there is no mention of thinking. There is no mention of sensations—of what is seen or heard, etc. There is no mention of emotions. Not that there is anything wrong with these—they just are not this Present Pure Awareness. Again, if mentioned at all, they would be un-Awareness.

Full Awareness is not some ultimate, esoteric, or eventual state. Full Awareness ALWAYS is present. Full Awareness never becomes more present. What seems to happen is simply that there is a cessation or dissolving of all the thoughts comprising the “personal me” that assumes it is separate, and only partially aware.

As this Full Awareness-NOW is the ONLY ONE that “ever” can be aware—It leaves no other that also has to, or can, be fully aware. Awareness Itself already is “taking up” all the Awareness there is, which leaves no Awareness for another to be. In fact, Awareness leaves no other to even try to be as aware as Awareness Itself.

The notion of a “me” that also has to be as aware as Full Awareness is not really an actual self—it’s just more of those same assumed thoughts—meanwhile, Full Awareness is unstoppably present and functioning.

Can there BE an "end of suffering" – Part 3

Thoughts or feelings may try to come up (and it may seem as if these thoughts or feelings are coming from a “you,” but they are not—because the only Self or “You” is Pure Awareness Itself.) For example, a thought may try to say, “This is all just a lot of words.” But is It Awareness saying that? Is It doubting Its own Presence?

Other thoughts may seem to come, such as, “It’s hopeless because suffering has been going on for such a long time. I have this long history of feeling intensely for those who appear to suffer, or I have suffered myself. I have this clinging habit—of being sensitive to suffering; it’s a part of me.”

Total rubbish. And actually, to Present Awareness, no such thing ever occurred, not even as rubbish. Why?

Look again, as Pure Present Awareness. In or AS this Present-ness, is there any such thing as history? AS THE PRESENT, is there any evidence, even the slightest, that there was a long time “back there” where a hard-to-break habit developed? No. To Present Awareness, there is ONLY Present-ness. Again, Awareness Itself does not think, or sense or feel emotions. It does not experience past or future—thus cannot think in such terms.

The only thing trying to say there was a long time back there would be a mere un-aware thought that tries to arise right now. And the so-called “past” is not back there, it’s not past—for all of it would be just a current thought seeming to arise right now for the first time ever. That’s the only place the entirety of “a past” can be found.

Go ahead, look into that thought. It may be an image of a place, an image of a body—and there may be feelings associated with those images. The entire thing, the whole so-called package or panorama is found only in, or as this thought. Try to find more of it separate from the very thinking of it. You can’t. There never is the thought of a situation–only the thought as the situation—because that “situation” has absolutely no other presence or existence apart from that mere thought! But in order to entertain even this thought, or to “suffer it” there first would have to be an ignoring of this effortlessly present Pure Awareness.

From CIA p. 231:

Mistaken human belief would try to say there are both that current thinking of a past and the other “real” past—the one that occurred in a physical world at a previous time. Why is that not true? Because, again, absolutely all there is, is Consciousness—which precludes there being any physical world. And the fact that Consciousness, All, is changelessly Present only, precludes there being any previous time.

The would-be ignorant “sense-mind” doesn’t realize that its “world” never is a separate physical world, but just its own dream-like thought. So all that the entire so-called past ever could have been “made out of” is thought. And when you examine it closely, you see the shocking truth—that dream-thought never is something that occurred “way back then”—for the entirety of it is being mentally projected just now!

Go ahead, try as hard as you can to come up with a little bit of a “past,” or a whole lot of it, in some place other than the current thought of it. It’s impossible.

The beauty of It is, as Pure Awareness, You actually never ignore Yourself to go on a time-thinking binge —and there is no other being present or aware.

Even the thought that Present Awareness has existed or been present before…even that would be just a thought trying to arise now. Not even Present Awareness has existed before—because where Present-ness is All and doesn’t change, there is no “before”! So there is absolutely NO history of anything! None. That means no history of ANY suffering, or any “body” prone to feel a lot of suffering! To this Pure Present Self, no such thing ever occurred.

As Present-ness, You are utterly Pure, and incapable of co-existing with, or “knowing” any suffering. Why? Because all would-be suffering requires time, and to this Pure unchanging Present-ness, a previous time never has occurred, thus suffering never has occurred.

As Pure Present-ness isn’t even a nanosecond old, It has had no prior experience, thus doesn’t “know” anything at all—so It certainly doesn’t know suffering. THIS is You! This history-less clean slate is all that is present!

On the same basis, as Pure Present-ness, You never are waiting for a seeming situation of “suffering” to ease or diminish, to finally dissolve. Why? To Pure Present-ness wherein nothing has happened before–You cannot wait for a dissolving of something that never even happened! The very notion that something did happen, and now hopefully will dissolve, still would be more mere thought–a thought seemingly arising just now for the first “time” ever. Don’t fall for it!

And even if it temporarily still appears as if pictures of suffering, and thoughts and feelings of suffering continue trying to “knock at the door”—stand your ground as Pure Present-ness. One has to. Why? In the first place, this is where the Present’s “ground” is eternally “stood” and there is no other. Again, this Life here is 100% that of the Pure Present, Awareness Itself.

Does it seem as if this website is relentless about this? Well…isn’t the Present relentless in being present?

Truth, Life, is this alive being that Pure Awareness, Pure Alive Presence is. It is now actually aware-ing—not thinking about Its Awareness. One is “alive-ly being” Oneself, not merely thinking thoughts about “a” Self.

Emotions and feelings seem to “run deeper” than thinking, or be more “visceral,” so mere thinking about Present Awareness will not cause them to fully dissolve. Nor does it do any good to try to “get rid of” feelings.

Only functioning as Alive NOWNESS, Pure Alive Presence, seems to dissolve such feelings. Why? Because Alive Nowness is the only One existing here, now, and this is what IT is “doing” or being. It is not feeling emotions of suffering. It is “aware-ing,” “Now-ing.”

Feelings would be mere impersonal vibration—and they seem to continue as long as there seems to be a “resonation” with them—either a resonation of unwittingly accepting them as “mine,” or a resonation of trying to oppose them. Either way is based on the mistaken assumption that something besides the unchanging Pure Present Itself is present—and to claim or oppose is continuing the assumption. Again, can the All-Present Present assume something besides Itself? No, there is nothing present besides Present-ness Itself that could be assumed! This clarity, being This, instantly stops all the run-on thinking/assuming dead in its tracks.

When seemingly on the level of the would-be “mind,” when merely thinking about Awareness, the Present, there always will be a dualistic or binary (two) opposite: un-Awareness, non-Presence, etc. But when consciously, unthinkingly being Awareness, the Present, Pure Being, there is no opposite. Only THIS is. Only THIS has or is Presence, and the seeming other has no permanent presence, which is why it “seems” to dissolve.

The Present Itself, this very Pure Being Itself, DOES NOT RESONATE. It would take time to have resonation, vibration, and in Pure Being, in Now-You, there is no time. Resonation seems to happen at a certain frequency or with a certain frequentness—and Being has no frequency. Why? Being is not frequent. Being IS. In Truth, Changeless Reality, You do not resonate with anything because You, Infinite Alive Being, are ALL—and there is nothing besides the Purity of this Being that It could resonate with.

Be clear right now, AS NOW. To this thought-less, wordless Present-ness, there is only Present-ness. There is not also present something called “several days ago” when a “Jean” made a comment about suffering. Only if Present-ness is ignored, could there seem to be such a thought. Is there present NOW a so-called “Peter” that replied seemingly even “a few minutes ago”? To have any of that, too, and the entire seeming “background” of the entire history of planetary suffering would require first ignoring the Present in favor of such thoughts. But the Present cannot ignore Itself. And even if it seemed to happen, at most it would be only a dream-like thought, trying to arise now for the first time ever.

To this Present Self, there simply is no background of time, no accumulation of a past in which anything occurred before in a certain way, and thus must continue. None at all!

This utterly history-less Life present NOW is permanently a brand new, clean slate! All That Is, is a permanently brand new clean slate! You are absolutely without any prior mental or emotional baggage! None!

What is THIS?!

Ease back into, or AS, the clean, clear Present, and enjoy how unlabored and baggage-free You are. Notice that, the less effort is made, the more light and alive it seems You are. This is not done as “another” that is turning to “a” Present—but because the FULLNESS of this Pure Life is the only You NOW and It cannot be otherwise for Eternity.

Get “lost” in how easy It is, and in how inescapably easy It is, to simply be present! Sink, sink into the Divine Quicksand of the Infinite Ease You are.

Again, as THIS is all that is present and never, never, never can change—what is this brand-new Fantastic-ness that You are?

As said before, as Pure Present-ness, having NO prior existence or experience, You don’t “know” anything! You don’t even “know” what Present-ness is, because It hasn’t been before in order be able to know It! Yet here It is, unfailingly alive.

Every “moment” of Life, You are “a total surprise to yourself” thanks to this Never-been-before-ness of Life that You are. And It cannot be shut off, avoided, or put aside! WHAT IS THIS?!

Don’t try to mentally grasp what You are, because You are That which doesn’t want to be grasped!

A thought may come, “This is wonderful…but what about being compassionate?”

This Self-Honesty is truly being as “compassionate” as ONE can be. Why?

It leaves only utterly fresh, pure, untainted LIFE as the entirety of what exists! This history-less Alive Awareness is the only Substance existent. All exists Here. Functioning as this Aware Purity simply does not allow a dream pattern of suffering to pretend its presence, nor any of the sufferers that appear in that dream. It may sound surprising, but this All-New Reality leaves no such thing as ever having occurred and this open Freedom is as “compassionate” as can be.

What could be more “caring” more “loving” than having the entirety of Existence be that of absolutely Pure, Perfect, un-aged LIFE?! Again, as the Present Itself, You literally are being This. And This is the only “Substance” existent now and eternally so.

It even may appear “outwardly” that one does things with the body to help others—to offer kind words, or to assist in other ways. So what?

All that counts is where one is “inwardly.” Inwardly, You “stay consciously busy” as the Pure Present, Pure Alive Presence, simply not ignoring or denying this history-less Alive Self that effortlessly IS. As long as You are clear and “busy being” this ease of Pure Present Awareness, what You truly are, it makes no difference what the body appears to do, for that “doing” never alters the Presence of Pure Awareness, or makes It less than Totally Present.

It’s worth repeating: if one were to talk about appearances, it seems that some teachings unwittingly acknowledge that there is suffering. It is taught that there could be an end of suffering, or that there should be an end of suffering. Then it may even be said that there has been an end of suffering. Of course, all of this contributes to the false belief that there can BE suffering.

All of it mistakenly implies that the Unchanging Total Present lapsed, and that suffering actually began; that it started “back there” in a past. Again, this always would be merely a “current thought” and a complete, total denial of Present Awareness—the only Presence, Self, and Power there is. And yet, to the Present Itself, not even that is really possible.

As long as the “goal” is an end of suffering, there never will be an end of suffering. Why? Because that is actually perpetuating the very thing that seemingly allowed it to occur—an ignorance of simple Present Awareness! To assume suffering can be ended, is to already be caught because one has already assumed suffering began in a “time before”—which it didn’t. This would be in ignore-ance of Present Awareness, assuming It is not changelessly all-present—which It is!

Again, isn’t it great that, this Present Awareness truly being the only Self, ALL PRESENCE, means there hasn’t been a past in which there could be mistaken teachings. In this inescapably present Present, there hasn’t been even a nanosecond of a past in which there was a “separate you” who wasn’t being THIS. Who could do such a thing—the Absolute Present Itself being ALL?


It sometimes is said that Full Awareness (also often taken to mean an end of suffering) is “attained” by grace, or thanks to grace.

Usually this means, “Full Awareness just happens when the time is right” and no amount of personal effort can bring it about. This sounds as if there were a separate God somewhere that is playing favorites. This sounds as if there were time involved. Or, that there is some kind of partial-ness, or some element of random chance involved in Self’s Absolute Present-ness, Its Pure Infinity.

Now really examine this seemingly popular cliché about grace, from the standpoint of Present Awareness.

If there really is such a thing as grace—do you realize grace would have to be the Present Itself—this very Awareness? Present Awareness is all that is present—eternally—to be grace. Nothing else is present that could be grace.

But what exactly is grace—even as that word is normally used? There also is the term graceful (short for grace-full).

Isn’t grace (or gracefulness) a confident ease, a simplicity and effortlessness, a kind of delightful pleasantness, with which one goes about one’s business? There is almost a softness and a lightness to grace. Put it this way—grace certainly isn’t hard, heavy, clumsy or labored.

Did you ever notice how exquisitely graceful the Present is, as It goes about Its business of simply being present?

This is exactly what grace is, if that word is used. It is Life’s simple ease, the clean pleasantness of effortlessly being—free of all the “add-on” weight and clutter of thoughts and emotions. Life’s Present-ness is utterly carefree—yet absolutely confident, certain, in Its being.

Right now, stop all trying. Drop all effort to see, do, or be anything.

Awareness still is aware. The Present is present. How graceful is This? How soft, how utterly without materiality, is Awareness to Pure Awareness? Is there any mental clumsiness here? As said earlier, how much does Awareness weigh? How much does the Present weigh? Could anything be more graceful than This? Taste, taste, or be This. Luxuriate as This. This is the One who is presently aware.

Do you realize this unspeakably light, soft, graceful Present couldn’t make any effort, even if it somehow wanted to?

Do you realize the Present’s gracefulness is You?

Do you realize that, as All-Present Awareness, YOU are all the grace there is? Again, nothing else is present besides You that could be grace.

You get to be grace—forever—and in fact, cannot fail to be It! How cool is that?!

You get to be this utterly effortless, yet totally confident Ease “all day long.” Grace is unrestrainable. Grace is uncontainable. It can’t be shut off, and can’t be made to go away. You even get to walk the body around all day long “within” this boundless, softly alive grace that You effortlessly are.

Being this delightful ease of grace not only is the coolest thing there is—It is all there is!

Words, words, words

This post is primarily in response to Ray’s comment of 12/31. Ray was commenting on ramesam’s remarks of 12/26. These are followed by the more recent comments of Anonymous on 1/1 (all repeated below). Thanks very much for all the comments.

Ray said: “I fully agree with Ramesam’s comments and would appreciate it if you could verify it is indeed the same as your teachings.”

ramesam had said: “…the Great Sage, Venerable Gaudapada (c. 8th Century), the ‘solitary philosopher’ who [even] before Sankara gave a rational explanation of Advaita Vedanta which is the objective of the Upanishadic teachings:”There is no dissolution, no birth, none in bondage, none aspiring for wisdom, no seeker of liberation and none liberated. This is the absolute truth.” — Verse 32, Chapter II, Karika on Mandukya Upanishad.

The same Karika says in Verse 48, Ch. III and again at Verse 71, Ch. IV:”No kind of individual is ever born nor is there any cause for any such birth. The ultimate Truth is that nothing whatsoever is born.”

Verses 44 and 46 in Chapter III give helpful hints: Awaken the mind if it gets into a state of deep oblivion (= deep sleep like stance). If it is distracted, bring it back to the state of tranquility. Let the mind be not get attached to the happiness of Samadhi. Then the mind verily becomes Brahman.

Swami Nikhilananda gives the following comment on mind: “The truth is that mind is identical with Atman. It is only through ignorance we separate the mind from Atman.”

Anonymous said: “What teachings? Who’s being taught? Where? When? Who became ignorant? When? Who’s doing the teaching? All silly questions. God, reality, truth, use whatever word, it matters not. Reality is NOW. NOW means NOW. NOW is not a “was” or a “will be”. NOW is NOW. In truth, there IS only truth and thus no one is learning anything from the information on this website or any website or book, etc. It’s neither important nor is it unimportant. There is nothing here that needs to be emphasized nor deemphasized.

First, in response to Ray…

On the level of words, yes, what is said here is in many ways the same as Advaita Vedanta and Upanishadic teachings, and more particularly, the writings of Guadapada. I do not profess to be an expert in those areas, so there may be some aspects with which I’m not familiar. Based on what I have read and heard, there are many similarities. There also are differences, especially with the quotes cited above, although I know the quotes are not fully representative of Advaita or the Upanishads. Most differences are along the line of what Anonymous said. It is due to semantics and the use of words.

What counts is that Pure Present-ness Itself is not any word, not any body’s teaching—and only Pure Present-ness is, eternally.

The Present’s utterness being Truth, leaves no others to talk about Truth—only the unchanging actual alive Presence that Truth Itself is. One is always alert (because this Alive Present is fully alert as Itself) that there really never are any to talk about Truth—even though such Truth-talking may appear to be going on all day long right under one’s nose!

All so-called writing (even this writing here), all talking, all “teaching” uses words—words still seem necessary at “this stage of the game” as long as there appear to be books and blogs and talking. At best, these words are only pointers as “we” all know. Yet some words are better pointers than others. Even Anonymous had to use words in making that succinct comment—but why those particular words?

The following is speaking in general terms and is NOT referring to, or singling out any particular “person” or whether “anyone” is using more conceptual words than others—for, again, there is only the Present Itself.

Words are tied to thoughts, and the use of a particular word is indicative of a particular underlying thought—or it could indicate the absence of thought. A few words (such as Present, Now, Being) point to non-conceptual Truth (the absence of thoughts).

Most words point not to Truth, but “point back” to a concept or thought; they point to the very thought or concept that gave rise to the use of those words. For example, the thought of dinner arises, and then the word “Italian” is uttered. It is a particular thought that gives rise to the very use of a particular word.

In Truth, there is only the Present-Itself-As-All, to Whom not a single prior thought or word has occurred. And not even the Present Itself occurred or has been before, because where only Present-ness is present, there is no “before”! So absolutely nothing has happened before—nothing on which a single thought or word could be based!

The Pure Present Itself being thought-less, is why It is word-less, teaching-less.

So, to this Present Awareness, even if there appears to be a using of words, certain words simply do not apply. Many “formerly used words,” even so-called spiritual words, have to be “dropped” because they have too much conceptual baggage—too much reference to “time” or to “otherness.” (Even this makes it sound as if there is something besides the Pure Present where such could go on, and there isn’t!)

As only Pure Present-ness is, then if words appear to be used, they will be those most consistent with this Present-ness. For example, Utter Present-ness leaves nothing besides Itself to be refuted or negated. Thus even the words “there is no” and “nothing” do not really apply (and yet they get used a lot, even here). In Truth, there is only definite, specific Presence. This Present-Itself-As-All only can be unthinkably New, as unthinking Alive Presence.

Now, as Present-ness, look at the words in the quote from the Karika:

“There is no dissolution, no birth, none in bondage, none aspiring for wisdom, no seeker of liberation and none liberated… No kind of individual is ever born nor is there any cause for any such birth. The ultimate Truth is that nothing whatsoever is born.”

Again, the Present Itself (existing alone) cannot negate anything else—for there is only Itself and nothing else to negate! So there is no need for, or possibility of, negating “dissolution, birth, bondage, aspiring for wisdom, nothing born, etc.”

Sometimes this “negating” is referred to as the neti-neti (not this, not that) approach, which at times may appear helpful. Yet as Utter Present-ness already is Itself, is ALL, who is there to approach the Present via a neti-neti approach? When did such a need occur?

Admittedly this may sound like nit-picking, and words are sometimes used here in similar ways—but it does make clear this point about there being too much negation (even here). Not to the Present Itself of course, but when it comes to words. And to the Present, no points are being made clear, either! Present-ness only is Alive, It cannot negate nor compare Itself to anything else, for all there is, is Itself-Now.

Also, how could Pure-Present-ness-As-ALL, or Truth, be “ultimate,” as said in the quote above? There being only Truth Itself, where is there a lesser state to which Truth could be compared “ultimate”? There being only Truth Itself, to whom would Truth be an “ultimate”?

Pure Present-ness is not a teaching. I don’t know enough about Advaita Vedanta to say if it is considered a “teaching” or not. If it is, there would definitely be disagreement here with that notion. The very notion of “teaching” is a red flag—starting with a “lesser mind” that could be taught. Only the Present Itself is present to begin with—and It cannot be taught to be the Present It changelessly IS. Nor does It leave another to teach, or to do any teaching. Isn’t it great that the ALLNESS of the Present doesn’t even allow for another to mistakenly call something a “teaching”!

See, even in these last few statements—more negation! Actually impossible, and totally unnecessary, to the Pure Present!

Similarly with these other quotes:

“…Awaken the mind if it gets into a state of deep oblivion (= deep sleep like stance). If it is distracted, bring it back to the state of tranquility. Let the mind be not get attached to the happiness of Samadhi. Then the mind verily becomes Brahman.Swami Nikhilananda gives the following comment on mind: “The truth is that mind is identical with Atman. It is only through ignorance we separate the mind from Atman.”

NOW-As-All cannot “awaken the mind.” As only NOW is, where is anything besides? To attempt such is to assume there is a lesser mind to activate or awaken from its slumbers. Only NOW is, and NOW never slumbers. Is NOW Itself designating this as “mind” and this as “Atman” and this as “Brahman”? No. (By the way, I have seen Atman and Brahman described in different ways, depending on who’s doing the talking. The same with Consciousness, too, of course! Ha!)

It seems that Advaita Vedanta and the Upanishads often are treated as a tradition. Also in this tradition there sometimes seems to be a sense of veneration for “great seers” and “great works.”

Where the Present Itself is ALL—and this Absolute-Present-ness only is present NOW, completely precluding history—where is there a tradition, or anyone who would think in such terms? As this very Present Awareness present here, now, is absolutely history-less, and is ALL—when were there any previous “great seers” and “great works” to be venerated? Who would do the “venerating”—the Present Itself being All?

Wouldn’t all of that, at most, be only a mere thought image that tries to arise now—for the first time ever?

As none of this is Present Truth, why go there? Why use words that “point” to such things?

Again, this is not said as a criticism—for any use of words can be criticized, even all of those used here. For all I know, there could be many other quotes that point more “accurately.” The only point here is the inadequacy of all words, the pitfalls of semantics, and that all so-called “techniques” are impossible, un-occur-able in Reality. The Pure Present is utterly “technique-free”—yet never fails to fully be.

Speaking relatively, while Advaita speaks of THAT which is “without a second” and is time-less, creation-less—I somehow get the “feeling” from the writings and most non-duality that this “without a second” is a Self that is said to be time-less—yet which is assumed to have been around a long time! Or, it is assumed that Advaita has been around a long time.

It is like saying Self always has existed timelessly—which would be a contradiction. Or, that Self is time-less, but that there also is time going on somewhere, if only in a dream. The writings give more of an impression of, “Yes, Self is timeless—but there is also a realm of time here, in which there is a ‘we’ who are learning and knowing that the True Self is timeless.”

It could be that I’ve just not come across it, but I cannot recall having seen it said in Advaitin literature that not even Self, All Itself, the Present Itself, is so much as a nanosecond old! I haven’t seen it said that not even Self has been before. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of this, yet it is a huge distinction. Again, it could be that I just haven’t seen or heard it.

To this Present Awareness, has there been a past in which there was one known as Guadapada, or Ramana Maharshi, or Nisargadatta, or Jesus or Buddha—and that “they” saw more, or had a greater “in” with Self than this Present Awareness? Yet how often does it seem that this is unwittingly accepted? And isn’t it great that there being only just-now Present-ness, not even any unwitting acceptance has happened before! The simplicity of NOW is “enough” for this Now that is NOW. Is there anything besides?

This is not said out of any kind of insincerity or disrespect of “great ones,” but rather out of Self-Respect—meaning this is speaking from or as Present Self’s absolute, undeviating wholeness and “integrity.”

And of course, as Pure-Present-ness, One has to say, “Were there even a few minutes past, in which a blog post was read, talking about words and teachings and differences?”

ONLY Present-ness is!