April Meetings In Santa Monica

Hi Everyone,

Just a bit of advance notice about an upcoming weekend meeting/workshop in Santa Monica, California, with the theme:

“Are We Having Fun Yet?”

This might sound unusual or flip, but it’s meant seriously. Life’s freedom and happiness are present right now, so there’s no reason why this can’t be experienced right now. It’s a matter of “coming from” Present-ness, Aliveness, and Its unlimitedness. If there’s anything that still seems to “be in the way” we’ll be taking a close look at it–and seeing through anything that pretends to make for “un-freedom.”

Dates: April 9-10 (Saturday & Sunday)

Times: Sessions will be approximately 10 AM to 4PM both days.

Location: Sunset Park Church, 1515 Maple St., Santa Monica 90405

Cost: $75 for both days – $50 for either single day

Parking available.

RSVP required. To RSVP, or for more information, please email via the Contact page here on the website.

Bodhi Tree Friday Evening Talk: “Untie Yourself From Time”

There will also be a talk Friday, April 8 at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore from 7:30-9:30 PM. Admission $15. 8585 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90026. Phone: 310-659-1733. For directions and parking: http://www.bodhitree.com/

Please join us if you can–it would be great to see you there!

Who Wants to be Remembered?

This post is in reply to a question from Anonymous, who was one of several to comment on the recent Grok-The-Talk interview. The question is repeated below:

Dearest Peter, Is it a pleasure, to live this life, knowing well that each of us would love to be remembered? Just asking.

Thank you for the question, Anonymous–although it’s not crystal clear as to how you mean it. Here’s a try:

The “perspective” here, and in much of spirituality, is that of Life Itself, One Self, Presence, Love–whatever term one wants to use. It really is not a life that “all of us” are living, but Life Itself that is living. So, from here, there really isn’t such a thing as “each of us” who would love to be remembered.

It may now appear as if there are many separate bodies or “selves,” but one no longer thinks in terms of separate bodies or separate selves as being REAL. It may appear that way, but it is only an appearance.

We are not “anti” anyone who may seem to have a desire to be remembered–but one might want to examine that desire more closely. Such feelings or desires may seem to arise, but one does not act on them or take them seriously, once it is clear that they are based on a false appearance or false notion.

A close look shows that there really are no other “selves” or “separate minds” or personalities out there to be remembered by!

The notion that there is a world of objects (including other bodies) “out there” separate from the mind, is just a dream-like illusion of the five senses (see chap 13 free here on the website). Further, exactly who or what is it that would want to be remembered?

Looking closely, it’s really just a lot of thoughts or emotions that make it seem as if there were a “personal me” that wants to be remembered. But when looking closely at this “me,” again, the “me” consists of merely some thoughts and feelings, and maybe some mental images. But there is NO SELF THERE, no conscious life or identity there. It’s nothing more than a lot of life-less passing thoughts and feelings.

What’s actually present is pure Life, Presence, sometimes also called Consciousness or Being. It does not know or think in terms of past or future, but only “experiences” NOW. So the whole issue of “being remembered” does not occur.

It is emphasized here that only the Present, pure Presence, is present–“always.” As this Present-ness is all that really exists, It certainly doesn’t want to be remembered, because Present-ness knows only Present-ness. It has no future in which It could be remembered! And utter Present-ness really leaves no others known as “we” who could be desiring such a thing either.

I hope that addresses the question–if not please let me know!