Audios From San Diego 2014 Weekend Now Available

downloadAudios from the recent January San Diego January workshop are now available on the website.  The theme of the meeting was Wholeness, Completeness, Allness.

If anyone would like to “join in” with the workshop from the convenience of your living room, you can now do so.  There are about 9-10 hrs. of listening.  Cost for the full set of audios is $50, with lots of good discussion, starting from Friday evening, thru Sunday:

New Simply Notice PLUS Audiobook

The new Simply Notice PLUS audiobook is finally finished and available.

It consists of reading from the text, plus spontaneous commentary as it arises during the reading.  Overall it’s about 8 hours of listening for the Preface, Introduction, and 19 chapters.

downloadYou can listen to the Introduction here:  

      Introduction - Peter Francis Dziuban

A free sample of the Preface is also on the Consciousness Is All group page on Facebook:!/groups/59642176138/

To see the full version of Simply Notice PLUS, please visit:   It will also eventually be available on itunes and

Sincere thanks to Giovanni Sacchi for his excellent assistance with the audio engineering.


San Diego Weekend Workshop Jan. 24-26, 2014

          San Diego Workshop
          January 24-26, 2014

Wholeness, Completeness, Allness

It is the nature of the Self, the All-One, to be alive as Wholeness, Completeness, the Entirety of what exists.  As this is the only “you” there is, then you as you really are, must be alive as This now, and only as This.

If you are in the San Diego or Southern California area, please join us for this weekend mini-retreat as we experience the nature of Allness.  We will be using material from both books, Consciousness Is All, and the new Simply Notice.
Location:   877 S. Costa Verde Blvd.,  Apt. 417,  San Diego,  CA  92122  (Home of our hosts Alan and Phyllis Kahaney)
Times:   Friday eve. Jan. 24:  7- 8:30 pm                     Free lecture

                   Sat. Jan. 25:  10 am – 5 or 6 pm


                   Sun.   Jan. 26:    9 am – 4 pm
Cost for full weekend – $100.  Either single day: $50
Space is limited.  RSVP required.  Please email:
For those traveling from out of town, there are a number of hotels nearby.

Two New Time Out! Videos

For those who have been interested in the Time Out! series of videos, two new videos have been added. These will most likely complete the series, particularly because of what is said in the last one, Time Out! #23, Newness, Newness, Newness.

They can be seen here…scroll down to the bottom of the playlist:

Time Out! Series
The Time Out! videos in sequence, from 1 to 23.

Time Out! Video Series Now Available On Audio

Hi Everyone,

For listening convenience, the popular Time Out! video series is now available in MP3 format.  The audio tracks have been taken from the videos and adapted for listening on your ipod, in your car, or when you just don’t feel like watching a video.

There are a total of 23 audios, which comes to about 3 1/2 hours of listening.  The series is divided into two sections: Time Out! #1 thru 10B, and Time Out! #11 thru 23.  Cost is $9.99 for each section.  Yes, the videos are free and there is a charge for the audios because it helps pay some of the expense of maintaining the website and our other activities.

If you’d like to try them, please go here:  Click on the tab for “Consciousness Is All Audio” which is to the right of the “Simply Notice Audio” tab.

Thanks very much, and if you haven’t seen the newly redesigned website (still under construction), it’s here:

Reply to Din’s Question on FB 7-11-13

Here is the question posed by Din on Facebook, followed by the response.  The reason for posting it here is that FB does not permit comments of this length.

Well Peter, since I have your ear, I have a question for you

I’ve been involved lately with the emptiness teachings, and what comes to mind is that all phenomena and all non-phenomena, like consciousness itself, is empty

what that means to me is that consciousness is not really a “something” but is more a notion i have about what it is

now Francis Lucille says that consciousness/awareness is that which is aware of these words

but my own sense is that consciousness is just a construct the mind has created to create some understanding of this aware space that seems to be here

in other words, consciousness exists in relation to everything else, but does not really exist by itself, it’s just a convenient explanation to try and explain the unexplainable

so I would be interested in how you see this 🙂


Hi Din,

To give a quality answer to that kind of question really requires more than a typed response here.  I shy away from quick responses, which is why I shy away from email answers to such deeper questions, but we’ll give it a shot.  If the following doesn’t work for you, that’s totally fine—but I’m not interested in debating anything (see reference to the blog post, below).

Bottom line is, as far as there being something “beyond” interdependency, you’ll never get an answer that will satisfy the thinking mind.  That’s because the answer means the would-be mind and all its would-be experiences and questions never occurred.  And that’s definitely unacceptable to that so-called “mind”!   So…the answer either “groks” or it doesn’t.  Or, you have a deep experience that “shows” you.  Period.

Those who tend to favor emptiness teachings tend to give primacy to thought, the intellect and the power of reason.  Yet the very fact that Life is alive does not depend on, and is not arrived at, by way of reason.  And by the way, the “emptiness” that emptiness teachings refer to, (sometimes also called nirvana) isn’t dead.  And yet it’s not interdependent.  So then what is it THAT? 

A big part of the problem for this endless debate in some teachings is the words awareness and consciousness.  Virtually always, they are linked to the “aware of” or the “conscious of” and so it seems that they are interdependent.  Funny, I appear to have written a book called Consciousness Is All, but at the time had not much familiarity with the Eastern teachings and the different meaning they gave to “consciousness.”  Because of this issue, I don’t use the word nearly as much since getting on the nondual scene!

Also, many eastern teachings almost always START from phenomena, apparent experience, and then sort of “work back” from there.  Emptiness teachings seem to be the pinnacle of human reasoning and the mind; the statements are often laser-like in their clarity and argument—but, maybe that’s not the whole story.  Yes, it’s also possible to have mere notions about consciousness—but that’s not to say that there isn’t something “beyond” the notion, too, even though it may not be one’s everyday experience.

Other traditions such as the Infinite Way, and the work of Alfred Aiken (which I studied a lot) don’t go at it in that way.  They also use other words as pointers (which admittedly are only words) such as Spirit, Being, so there isn’t this same hang-up on that debate.  I’m very “comfortable” with there being an Infinite, a formless, timeless “state” that does exist beyond the realm of phenomena and interdependency.  (And actually, from ITS “viewpoint” It isn’t beyondsuch an interdependent realm, but actually precludessuch a realm.)  This also has been “demonstrated” by many who have had “experiences” such as nirvikalpa Samadhi, wherein there is no form, no interdependency, no thought, no reason—but there is still Life.

And it’s okay to call It Consciousness—which is why It’s capitalized—to make a distinction from “finite” consciousness which is what most teachings deal with.  I’m not implying there are two kinds of consciousness either—it seems to be a matter of degree (see the email response below to “Ellen”).

To me, emptiness teachings are the philosophical/religious equivalent of Newtonian physics.  Their model explains everything nice and neatly by way of the mind and its apparent experience—up to a point.  Then quantum physics comes along and blows everything out of the water.  In this case, the pure Infinite is the equivalent of quantum physics.  And by the way, Infinite in this sense does NOT mean an endless, vast finity.  It means NO-finity, just as the prefix in-finite really indicates. 

To Infinity, a finite state never occurs—so does not even exist to argue, or be discussed.  But that only makes sense when “starting” or looking out from Infinity.  But if you start on the level of apparent experience, that’s totally unacceptable.

If you want to look into it more, I would humbly suggest a couple of old posts on the Reality Check blog here.  You can find them in the archives:

First is an audio post from 5/3/11, titled, “If there were nothing to be aware of, would Awareness still exist?”

Maybe the best answer is this double post from 6/26/10: “In this debate, don’t take de bait.”

Finally, here’s a reply I wrote to an email with a similar question (Ellen is a made-up name):

This is a poor illustration, but imagine the Ellen body and Peter body sitting in a coffee shop having a discussion about interdependency, and why “he” is saying such a question is irrelevant.  Now pull back from this limited scene in your perspective a bit.  (Think of the Google maps or satellite images that pull up and away from earth to a broader perspective.)  What had a moment ago appeared to be a very real interior of a coffee shop now is a tiny speck on a huge land mass, surrounded by water.  Pull back even further and you can see the whole northern hemisphere.  Going back further you see the entire earth, floating in space.  Pull back even further–to the whole solar system, then the milky way galaxy.  The pull back even further, where there are countless galaxies.  From this perspective, Ellen and Peter and their discussion don’t even appear anymore–not even as illusion!  Nor do any teachings appear.  Nor any debates.  This is not a denial of such things—rather, at this “level” such things don’t even appear or occur in order to even be denied.


Then pull back further still, to where even the universe disappears because it, too, would be finite and limited.  From this perspective of unlimited Infinite Consciousness, an entire universe is not even appearing or identifiable, let alone an earth.  There is only the boundless Love of pure Infinite Consciousness, Oneness.  From HERE, starting 100% only from HERE, can it honestly be said there is a place called earth with debates?  That, again, is not a denial of earth–because from this perspective, no finite illusory earth even exists or is known in order to be denied (let alone a coffee shop, its occupants, or their discussion).  All of that is something seemingly dreamed up by a lesser, illusory would-be finite Ellen mind, which, to Infinite Love, never really even begins or occurs.


Notice also that this “higher” perspective is not something arrived at by way of reasoning or by the argument of Peter in the coffee shop.  Nor would it be possible for Peter to bring this perspective down into the framework of their current coffee shop experience in order to prove his argument.  It’s the total “eradication” of the experience and all its debating.  Rather, it is the preclusion of such a thing.


And if one tries to say, “Yes, but…earth still exists from another perspective…” then one is right back dreaming again, and ignoring the purity and Infinity of the very All-embracing Consciousness, Love, Self, Life, You truly are.


It is from this perspective, that the book Consciousness Is All is starting.  Here, there is only the Infinity of pure Consciousness.  It is said that this is the only “true” or “valid” perspective because It is this very same Infinite Consciousness that is the only One being conscious and existing in the first place!  Who else is there, really, to take a lesser or limited perspective?


The apparent body called Peter Francis Dziuban is not the pure Infinite Consciousness spoken of when saying “only Infinity really exists.”  To this Infinite Consciousness there is only Its Infinity, and no finite body/thinker called Ellen that is asking questions, and no finite body/thinker named Peter who could react one way or another. 


We don’t deny that it may seem at the current time that a lot of an illusion/dream still appears to cling and hang around–even though the allness of the Infinite is clear.  Just because it still appears to be around, that is no reason to negate or doubt Infinity’s allness.  When you’ve awakened from a sleeping dream and some of the dream-feelings and images may still seem to linger for awhile, do you doubt the validity of your awakeness and decide to go back dreaming because some of the dream still appears to be hanging around?


I hope that helps a bit Din…


All the best!


New Review of Consciousness Is All PLUS for Collective Evolution Magazine

Michael Jeffreys, whom some of you may already know, recently wrote a review of Consciousness Is All PLUS (the audiobook version of Consciousness Is All) for Collective Evolution Magazine.

Michael is a fine writer/teacher in his own right, who regularly holds meetups in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica CA area.  You can see the entire Collective Evolution by following this link to our Facebook page.  The review starts on page 44 of CE:

For those who do not use Facebook, the review is excerpted below. Apologies for any formatting issues–the text didn’t cut/paste too well from CE Magazine:



Consciousness Is All – Plus By: Peter Dziuban (Audio Book Review)

WRITTEN BY: Michael Jeffreys EMAIL: BLOG:

“The only One ‘experiencing’ the Presence of Consciousness here, now, is Consciousness Itself. This never is an experience being had by another.”
–Peter Dziuban

Just about everyone on the planet has been so thoroughly conditioned to believe that they are a human being, a body, which consciousness resides inside of, that it isn’t even seen as a belief, but simply a given, i.e., ‘the way it obviously is.’ Well, there was a time when the Earth was believed to be flat too! And in fact this too was at one time simply accepted as ‘common knowledge’, (I mean, all you have to do is look to see that the land is basically flat!), and so was rarely questioned.
Likewise, most of us take it for granted that we are located somewhere inside our body. (And yet, when you look, you can’t pin-point exactly where or what ‘you’ are or even where ‘you’ begin or end! Don’t you think if you were actually located somewhere in the body, you would know where!??). The result of this erroneous, uninvestigated ‘core belief’ is that it produces a precarious feeling of being a separate-self, a mental ‘me’, that appears to be happy when it gets what it wants and unhappy when it doesn’t.
Yet, if we are honest, even when we get what our mind tells us we want, the happiness is short lived. And so, we stubbornly continue seeking out in the world of form, in vain, for the one thing that will bring us lasting peace and happiness. What we don’t realize is that we are starting off on the wrong foot so to speak. The ‘mistake’ we are making is starting from the position or belief that we are a ‘human’ who has to ‘get back to’ or ‘reconnect with’ our True self. There are many spiritual teachings that preach this, but that is NOT what this book is saying. Not at all.


In Consciousness is All, Peter is making the boldest of claims imaginable: we have it all backwards! That instead of starting from the perspective that we are a broken, screwed-up, confused human being who is looking to become one with or merge with God, Oneness, Awareness, All that is, etc., one should start AS pure Consciousness, pure Presence and stay there! Why? Because that is what the ONLY alive Consciousness that is present right here and right now is doing! Says Peter:

“To start or identify merely with, or as, all the seeming sights and feelings and thoughts that one seems to be aware of is to totally ignore Awareness Itself. It is to attempt to function as un-Awareness, not-Present Life, and that’s why the suffering seems to continue.”
-Peter Dziuban
In other words, we are unwittingly putting our attention on form (thoughts, feelings, images and sensations), on that which changes, and in so doing it somehow escapes our attention that there must be something present that does not change, or how else would we even know of change!?
This changeless presence was never born and thus cannot die. It is the eternal, timeless, present moment that time appears to appear in. It is fully alive, fully present, boundless, uncontained by anything, for what can contain the INFINITE?
“Infinity has no form or limits—exactly as the Consciousness You now are has no form or limits. They are the same One.” – Peter Dziuban




What sets CIA apart from almost every other ‘spiritual book’ out there is that it really has nothing to do with ‘being spiritual’, rather it’s just clearly recognizing what you already presently are AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN! What you start to notice is that whatever you observe, cannot be you, since you are Aware of IT. If you know of its existence, than you must be prior to it, or how would you know about it?


Around here the thought may come, “Well, how do I know this isn’t just Peter’s beliefs or imagination?” Good question! The answer is that throughout the audio (and in the book as well), Peter is constantly and sincerely encouraging you not to take his word about anything, but to check it thoroughly for yourself. In fact, it’s the only way you’ll come to see this for yourself; to know it directly. And it has nothing to do with beliefs. No belief can contain it, yet ALL beliefs appear in it. Note that Peter is NOT asking you to swop one belief for another. If you do than you will have missed the entire point of the book/MP3s! Consciousness is the seer of ALL beliefs, the owner of none.


“Feel how delightfully unlabored–how permanently easy–it is for Awareness to simply be here, now.”
– Peter Dziuban



The book is very good, but the MP3s/CDs are better. You are basically getting a Ph.D in Consciousness (YOU!) for $49.99. (31 MP3s containing over 39 hours of material.)

Full Video Presentation From SAND 2012

The full 32 min. video presentation from last year’s Science and Nonduality Conference is now available for viewing if you would like to have a look.  The title is, The Softness of Life.

The conference presentations were filmed by FORA TV and until recently were only available as pay per view.



This intensive is primarily for those who have attended prior workshops, or have a very strong interest in the main points found in Consciousness Is All.

The theme will be multi-faceted, allowing us to go as deeply as possible. While there will be plenty of spontaneity and ample opportunity for all questions, the purpose is depth and immersion as consciously alive Love. Some of the deeper points in Consciousness Is All will serve as but a springboard into even “more” of Life’s magnificence.

Particular emphasis will be given to the “softness” and “lightness” of Life–not as theory, but as alive, conscious experience. We will also work with some of the material from the forthcoming book, Simply Notice. The daily schedule will be approx. 10am to 5 or 6pm, with breaks, and plenty of time for sharing/socializing as a group in the evenings.

Attendance will be limited to most likely 15 attendees, possibly 20. Cost for the Intensive will be $450, or $400 for those who register before Feb. 1. This cost covers only the Intensive, not lodging or meals. (An events/registration page for this will be in place on the Consciousness Is All website in a week or so.)

Venue: Extended Stay Deluxe Hotel – Phoenix/Biltmore:

This is not a high luxury or resort hotel, but was chosen because of its central location, conveniences and pricing. Rates will be approx. $79 to $89/night, very reasonable for high season in Phoenix. Each guest room has a full kitchen.

If you are seriously interested in attending, or have questions, please notify me here, or by email, or by using the “Contact” form on the Consc. Is All website.

This event will also be listed with and

My deepest and most sincere thanks to all of you for your incredibly wonderful friendship this past year. May your Holiday season be totally Love-filled!