1 on 1 with Peter

Get on with Life by getting answers quickly and putting an end to nagging issues–from the comfort of your own living room.  Set up a one-time or weekly series of 1-hour talks directly with Peter.  These are customized consultations that work, to deal in-depth with your specific requests.  Includes mp3 recording of each session.


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Living Room Workshops

Group Tele-conference

A 1 hour tele-conference call, in which to share with a small group. Limited to a minimum of 3, maximum of 5 participants, so there will be plenty of time for individual questions. One-time sessions, or ongoing weekly. Sign up with a group of friends, or by yourself and we’ll put you in a group. Includes mp3 recording.

source site Living Room Workshop per person

source site $29

Workplace Workshops

Improve performance and productivity by bringing the power of noticing to your workplace. Participants experience its benefits carrying over into their private lives, too. To discuss having a workshop at your workplace or university, please contact me.