1 on 1 with Peter

Get on with Life by getting answers quickly and putting an end to nagging issues–from the comfort of your own living room.  Set up a one-time or weekly series of 1-hour talks directly with Peter.  These are customized consultations that work, to deal in-depth with your specific requests.  Includes mp3 recording of each session.

1 on 1 with Peter – 1 Hour


1 on 1 with Peter – 5 Hour Series


Living Room Workshops

Group Tele-conference

A 1 hour tele-conference call, in which to share with a small group. Limited to a minimum of 3, maximum of 5 participants, so there will be plenty of time for individual questions. One-time sessions, or ongoing weekly. Sign up with a group of friends, or by yourself and we’ll put you in a group. Includes mp3 recording.

Living Room Workshop per person


Workplace Workshops

Improve performance and productivity by bringing the power of noticing to your workplace. Participants experience its benefits carrying over into their private lives, too. To discuss having a workshop at your workplace or university, please contact me.