Dallas Weekend Workshop, Aug. 19-21

There is a full weekend workshop coming up on Aug 19-21 in the Dallas, TX area. If you live nearby and can join us, that would be wonderful!

The workshop is being held at CompassionWorks, and will be hosted by our new friend Jordan Shafer.

Friday night Aug. 19 is a free lecture, from 7:30 – 9 PM

Saturday and Sunday will both be 10 AM – 4 PM with a lunch break.

For full details, please visit http://compassionworks.com/workshops And if there are any questions, please get in touch via the Contact form here on the website. Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Dallas Weekend Workshop, Aug. 19-21

  1. I shared some of my recent experiences in consciousness & awareness one of the respondents suggested I check out Peters book “Consciousness Is All”, I was so impressed with how Peter has put this to words that I immediately ordered a copy.
    Below has been my recent experience;
    It’s been very clear for me that I create my own limitations and opportunities through my beliefs. Below is a brief description on where I have recently been playing out this great game.

    “I’m not who I think I am; I only experience Life through who I think I am” is my personal mantra. It has so much depth depending on the role I am playing in the game of life; and the role I’m playing changes throughout the day. What determines the role I’m playing? My beliefs about myself and the rest of this amusement park.
    I can take this further and recognize that I am grander than I could ever imagine and that I am nothing that I could ever imagine. Within this amusement park we call Life; I take on limitation in order to pretend I am something smaller than I am in order to have an experience. Every belief no matter how spiritual and uplifting it looks and feels is still limitation.
    As I’ve peel away my personal beliefs, I start getting an expansive feeling. If I peel away enough beliefs I have experienced this oneness, god consciousness that we hear some describe. No separation, no individuality, non-duality.

    About a year ago I decided to see how far this dis-creation of beliefs could go. From the state of oneness I decided to explore and dis-create the beliefs and identities of consciousness. What I soon discovered is that the feelings of this universe and even the concepts of Oneness and I AM were all just an illusion created by beliefs. As I dis-created consciousness the rest of this just disappeared. The rest is tough to describe because there was nothing left, no I, no consciousness, no oneness, nothing, just definition less, undefined awareness. An awareness that wasn’t aware that it was aware. I have recently read of others that have described this as the void.
    What was fascinating was observing creation. As soon as Awareness became aware that it was aware, consciousness arose, and the feeling of an I, and a recreation of this one-ness, god consciousness thing.
    Now that I have recreated an I and I’m back in the amusement park wandering around, it’s even more clear that there is just awareness creating this conscious fabric of creative energy and within this are these hefty sacks of beliefs called humans and every other belief creation, taking on a role in this amusement park of Life.

    It’s very clear for me that the only reason for this game is to create experiences; no grand plan, no meaning except for what facilitates the experiences.

    After this experience of dis-creating and recreating an I, I had three months of just nothing, no drive, no desire, attempting to recreate some beliefs, some meaning and some passion.
    How do you fool yourself into believing something to have an experience when you know it is just an illusion?

    I still find some disconnect, it takes some effort to even listen to someone’s Belief and Story (BS) and find a hook to peak my curiosity and really get into it.
    I personally see this illusion as a wonderful amusement park to play out an infinite number of experiences.

    It’s only been recently I have been sharing this experience. Not so much that I’m worried someone would think I was crazy or use it as an excuse to be irresponsible (being irresponsible is just part of the illusion). The reason I’ve only recently started sharing this, is a struggle to find the words to describe the indescribable.

    It’s been fascinating to consciously observe, as I change my beliefs, the characters in my story reflect those changes, including some characters moving to the background and new characters arriving to facilitate the experience of the new beliefs.

    “I’m not who I think I am; I only experience life through who I think I am.”

    All the Best

    Steve Dahl

  2. Thanks very much for the comments, Steve! You did a great job of articulating something that’s very hard to describe, and it gave a very clear “sense” of the experience.

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