Does Reality Check Itself?

Of course, Reality never needs to check Itself.

Reality simply means what is real, or what really is. Only Being, pure Consciousness, the Present, is what really is. Reality means that which is changeless, timeless, perfect, All–all that truly is present. Reality is the same as Being, Now, the Present–which never changes from being all that is present.

As Being, Reality Itself, is all that is being, It actually leaves no others to think about It or be in question about It! The fact that Being, the Present, is present never is in doubt or in question. It is unquestionable. Equally, the Present, pure Being, is unquestioning. Reality, then, is what unquestioning pure Being is to Its own silent Presence, to Its own unthinking Nowness.

This is where this One being presently conscious here, now, is “starting.”

It may sound surprising, but questions never come from Real You, pure Being Itself. Being’s silent Presence is not a question that has to be answered. Questions seem to occur only on the level of thought; they would be inseparable from thought. Pure Conscious Being is the You that is unquestionably present before thoughts seem to arise, or even if they don’t arise.

If this discussion seems strange or new, it is suggested that you read at least chapter 1 of Consciousness Is All (free on this site), and ideally the entire book. The basis on which these statements are made is discussed repeatedly, and it is made clear that this is speaking from the standpoint of that which is actual, functioning, conscious and alive right here, now–and is not merely theoretical “spiritual talk.”

Look at the nature of questions. They imply there is a valid state of thought that is unknowing or in ignorance of something. Questions usually consist of Why? How? When? or Where? They falsely imply that in pure Timeless Being there is time, change, a cause–and there isn’t. As said repeatedly, this site is concerned only with Timeless Being, pure Consciousness; it “looks out from” or “speaks” from Here.

Questions seem to be a kind of mental activity that would be assumed, or superimposed on, pure Unquestioning Consciousness, the unquestionably present Present. Which are You? Where do You identify? At most, such superimposed thinking and questions would be merely what one seems to be aware of–never Awareness Itself. You are now aware, so Awareness must be what You are–not a state of thinking.

Can you imagine the Present having questions about how to be present? Does Awareness need blogs, dialogues, books, videos, before It will be the Awareness It already is effortlessly being? It sounds silly because the allness of Reality, pure Being, actually precludes there being a would-be intellect or “thinking mind” with all of its questions and concepts. In Reality, to the Infinite One who is presently aware here, now, none of this is really necessary or even possible. Questions aren’t bad–the point is that they’re not going on in Reality. So if there still seem to be questions or discussion, at least let it be on this basis, with this clarity.

Be alert that the real “answer” to all questions is not reducible to words. Any words used here are pointing to the Wordless, the Inconceivable. Pure Infinity certainly does not talk or think–if It did, It wouldn’t be Infinity. Yet this Infinity never is afar off somewhere in “the Absolute.” It is this presently aware Consciousness here, now–being alive as Silence, Stillness, Peace–without need of thinking in order to be what It is.

Just suppose for fun that Infinity could talk. What would Infinity talk about, there being only Infinity? It would have to “speak” only of Itself and Its own Unlimitedness, since there’s absolutely nothing else to talk about. It would have to speak only of Its unchanging Perfection, for there is only This. And Infinity would be “talking” only to Itself, as there is only Itself. Do not make the naive mistake that, “Well, as Infinity is changeless, wordless, then there’s really nothing to talk about.” Have you ever tried? True, no amount of talk or conceptualizing ever can be Infinity Itself. But put it this way: as long as there seems to be talk, why not have it about the Real, rather than waste time talking about that which doesn’t even exist as an unreality!

As It is the Infinite Itself that is this very One being presently conscious, let the talking be from Here.

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11 thoughts on “Does Reality Check Itself?

  1. Hi Peter,

    I love this new “Reality Check” Blog by you and really enjoyed reading your excellent first post! May I suggest a column by you on the “illusory nature of objects.”

    After reading your book, as well as Rupert Spira’s and Greg Goode’s, a big key to “Standing as Awareness” (as Greg puts it), is the seeing through of the apparent solidity of objects. As Greg points out, you will see the world as you see your body. So, if you see your body as “solid and separate”, that is how you will view the world. Likewise, if you see yourself as pure awareness, that is how the world will appear to you.

    I think you sharing how you came to see objects as “not real” would be of value to your readers.


    Michael Jeffreys
    Los Angeles

  2. Hello Dear Peter,

    Absolutely Wonderful!!!

    Yes, “Of course, “Reality never needs to check Itself”… Blissfully Brilliant!!!

    The Absolute Joy Of Being… Is So Utterly Beautiful… Indeed!!!

    With Love,

  3. So what is written here is by consciousness alone, there is nothing else.

    The words are driven by the confluence of influence of the moment.

    They have no meaning apart from the meaning that is ascribed to them.

    There is nothing of value here, so immediately stop reading.

    Why are you still reading? What are you looking for? You won’t find it here so stop reading.

    Still reading!

    There is nothing to find. So congratulations, you have found nothing. Don’t let this nothing go.

    If you want pure consciousness, go to sleep. But you keep on dreaming, “let me out”. Have a laugh at the silly me who wants to escape from a dream.

    You’re watching the me in the dream, but hang on your’e not in the dream, so who is this me? Who cares about a dreamt me?

    Oh well! The dream goes on but who cares, just hope that silly me gets on with life!

  4. Game. Set. Checkmated. Over!!!

    What a marvelous Statement!

    We have to just “shut up” and Be.

    But…still, what is all this I see, the food I eat, the planes I fly in?


  5. Hello Mr. Dziuban
    Thank you for this opportunity for discussion. The book is fascinating, and well written. Looking at it from an Advaitic perspective, which is very similar, what stands out is your comment that consciousness is all does not mean the manifested world. I suspect this question comes up frequently. Some of the language in the book leaves this reader confused.

    Unless I am missing something, regarding the manifested world, this appears to be one area CIA and Advaita aren’t congruent. Advaita as I’m sure you are familiar, typically sees the appearance world as Consciousness itself. The appearances and perceptions are happening within Consciousness, and this is how Consciousness can experience itself through these experiences, which have no substance of their own. Consciousness in this tradition is seen to be playing a game of form, hiding from itself by losing itself in appearances, so it may rediscover itself again. Yes in the absolute sense it is not Being and not reality, but merely the dream, that never really Is. Yet the dream is a relative reflection of reality, and thereby is sacred and honored and not to be dismissed, but seen as it truly is. The dream could not appear to exist without consciousness.

    I understand the importance of starting with the Absolute and finishing with the Absolute; yet I am wondering if there is a possibility of becoming off balance by fixating in the Absolute, and not honoring the relative and human experience. My impression is that CIA is not giving illusion its due and perhaps regarding it as a mistake or accident, a side effect or just something unexplained that we must appear to deal with while we tell ourselves it is not reality.

    Perhaps you can bring some clarity to this reader.

    Thanks so much


  6. Hi, and thanks for all the comments thus far. The next post(s) will respond to Michael’s and Glen’s comments/questions in particular. These are huge, “sticky” issues that demand a careful choice of words (a book could be written on each). Hope to have at least one post on this tomorrow, with more to follow.

  7. Hi Peter, Just wanted to say that I love this blog! “Reality Check” is a great addition to an already incredible website! There is wonderful
    dialogue going on here! I’ll be following it…

    All the best, Susan Kahn

  8. Thank you so much Peter for the dialogue this blog inspires. Finally there is talk of Being only, instead of Being and meing! Much appreciation for the nourishment.

    For The Love Of Now,

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