Information — Use it, then LOSE it!

Presence, NOW, is not information.

Presence does not need information to be what It effortlessly is.

Presence is present only NOW—It hasn’t been present before. In fact, nothing has! So how could there possibly be a need for information when nothing has happened yet?

As never-been-before Present-ness, you are completely un-informed.

Information and pointers about Presence appear to abound today, especially with the internet. This website is part of it, too. Are they this aliveness that Presence Itself is?

Websites, videos, audios, and books abound. All this information is wonderful, of course, and useful. Up to a point.

But then it can become more mind-candy. An actual dis-traction from the clean simplicity of Present-ness.

Flit, flit, flit goes the wanna-be mind. Looking for more, more. All along, silent Presence here, now, is ALL OF IT.
Or, information can become so much confusing mental baggage: “This website says one thing, but that other website I read yesterday was saying something that seemed contradictory. Which is correct?”

Meanwhile, pure Presence is simply, un-thinking-ly being without need of information.

YOU as you really are (or the absence of a “you”) doesn’t want a single bit of information.

Gloriously, Presence is clean—the absence of information.

It is light, free, effortlessly “floating” as the simple, satisfied Presence It cannot fail to be.

5 thoughts on “Information — Use it, then LOSE it!

  1. What! I’ve got to give up my mind-candy, to? 🙁
    But with de-Light-fully delicious posts like this, the “need” for candy will undoubtedly pass…I’m sure Albert Hoffman would be happy to see the “candy” is no longer needed….

  2. Thanks Julian! And good one Peter!(Although I had to check out who Albert Hofmann was, to get the mind-candy connection!)

  3. Thank you, Peter, for exposing the would-be mind for its would-be ‘candy’ addiction. When the candy-peddling ‘dentists’ are put out of business, they’ll thank you too!

  4. Dear Peter
    Information is power and those who control information are the most powerful people on earth (But not forever!).
    The true power is in my hands (me =being) (But forever!).
    Kind regards

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