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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know, here is a new interview with Thomas Malone, whose popular radio show, Grok-the-Talk, is on

It’s a 2-part (each part about 1 hr.) conversation with Thomas that covers everything from the basic to the deeper points in CIA. Thanks to Thomas’ insightful comments and questions, it gets into some great things, especially in pt. 2. Enjoy:

Also, just wanted to say thanks to all those who were at Santa Monica, and in a few days please look for some new audios here on the website from that wonderful weekend.


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  1. Hi Peter, I just finished listening to your audio post and truly enjoyed it. The interviewer, Thomas Malone, was very good with the questions and comments.. I esp. liked the second hour. Thanx so much for posting this.. joyann

  2. Greetings Reality Check Blogmates,

    Absolute Appreciation to All!

    May you and all who know you, have a most Beautiful, Marvellous, Wonderful Holiday Season!

    Adoring Pure Presence,

  3. Dear Peter
    Many thanks for your beautiful writings. Would you kindly answer this question?
    Is spiritual experience related to right lobe of brain? A temporary relief from the authority of left lobe?
    That is, from serially thinking, logical thoughts, self-centered perception, time making, talkative lobe …
    To the holistic thinking, whole perception, no-time, silent witness lobe…
    And then the difficulty that confuses, is this;
    The silent witness (right lobe perception) is confused with the Background, the real Self.
    The Background which has no qualities. The Background unnoticed by all its objects (including thoughts and feelings).
    Then is this all about the change of perception (e.g. attitude, a kind of psychotherapy)?!
    And, is this the final regress (The Background) or there are e.g. infinite goings back?!

    Kind regards and my gratitude for your reply
    P.S.: I appreciate if you also send a reply to my Gmail (

  4. Hi Afshin,
    Thanks for your comment! The simplest answer is that this “perspective” is in no way trying to relate the Infinite, pure Being, to a brain–there is no attempt to localize or focalize Infinity in such a “place.”

    Equally, and most important, Infinity does not “start” from or with the finite and try to reason back to see what’s true of the Infinite (as in the “infinite goings back” you mentioned). The Infinite STARTS and STAYS wholly and only as Infinity–wherein there is no time, no appearances, no brains, no one asking questions, etc. Starting here, there is only Infinity.

    Please take a look at several earlier posts here which will talk about this further, starting with “No Return From the Infinite” on 4/28/10 up to “In This Debate, Don’t Take De Bait!” (which talks about endless regression).

    In one of the posts from 6/12/10, there also is a reference to a yahoo discussion group last March in which it was discussed how “witnessing awareness” and Infinity, Self, are not the same.

    In about a week there will be a new free audio here on the website from the recent Science/Nonduality Conference…it was a talk on Infinity as meaning NO FINITY AT ALL–rather than as meaning an endless, ongoing finity–which is what is usually taught.

    Thanks again for your comments and question!

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you for the question–though I’m not quite certain as to how you mean it. Here’s a try:

    The “perspective” here, and in much of spirituality is that of Life Itself, One Self, Presence, Love–whatever term one wants to use. It really is not a life that “all of us” are living, but Life Itself that is living. So, from here, there really isn’t such a thing as “each of us” who would love to be remembered. Yes, it appears as if there are many separate selves, but one no longer thinks in terms of separate bodies or separate selves as being REAL. It may appear that way, but it is only an appearance.

    We are not “anti” anyone who may seem to have a desire to be remembered–but one might want to examine that desire more closely. Such feelings or desires may seem to arise, but one does not act on them or take them seriously, once it is clear that they are based on a false appearance or notion.

    A close look shows that there really are no other “selves” or “separate minds” or personalities out there to be remembered by! The notion that there is a world of objects (including other bodies) “out there” separate from the mind, is an illusion of the five senses (see chap 13 free on the website).

    Further, exactly who or what is it that would want to be remembered? Looking closely, it’s really just a lot of thoughts or emotions that make it seem like there is a “personal me” that wants to be remembered. But when looking closely at this “me,” again, the “me” consists of merely some thoughts and feelings, and maybe some mental images. But there is NO SELF THERE, no conscious life or identity there–it’s nothing more than a lot of life-less passing thoughts and feelings. What’s actually present is pure Life, Presence, sometimes also called Consciousness or Being. It does not know or think in terms of past or future, but only “experiences” NOW. So the whole issue of “being remembered” does not occur.

    We emphasize that only the Present, pure Presence, is present–“always.” As this Present-ness is the only One, all that really exists, It certainly doesn’t want to be remembered, because Present-ness knows only Present-ness…It has no future in which It could be remembered! And It really leaves no others known as “we” who could be desiring such a thing either.

    I hope that addresses the question!

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