La Jolla Talks May 22-23

There will be a two-day talk/dialogue in La Jolla, CA the weekend of May 22-23.

Times are 10 am – 3 pm on both Sat. & Sun. Cost is $75 for both days, $50 for either single day. Includes lunch and mp3 or CD recording.

Space is limited, so an RSVP is necessary. For more info, please use the contact form here on the website. It would be great to see you there!

Apologies for the delay in posting on the blog–the finishing touches are being made on the CD version of the audiobook, Consciousness Is All Plus, as well as getting caught up after all the OASG activity in March. There should be some new posts here starting in the next few days.


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One thought on “La Jolla Talks May 22-23

  1. Hello, Peter. I’m glad to see you posting again. I have a couple questions.

    If I am “eventually successful” in “fully abiding as Consciousness”, where I won’t experience anything finite whatsoever, what would happen if I were to seemingly ignore Consciousness “again”? Would the dream “continue where it left off”? Or would a completely new dream appear?

    One more question. Is it possible that as part of the “lifting of limitations” that happens as there is less and less ignoring of Awareness, that I could appear to have control of the dream?

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