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Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that recently, Chris Hebard of generously invited several authors, including myself, to host mini-websites within Stillnessspeaks. It’s another opportunity to “get the word out” in a blog-type format, similar to here. Stillnessspeaks has a wide reach, so it is much appreciated!

There are already several posts there (I actually thought I already announced it here, then realized I hadn’t–oops!) which are of a different content than here on Reality Check. There is also one brief audio so far, on “All.” That’s one reason why things have been a bit quite here lately, but will pick up again here soon, too.

Please take a look when you have a moment:

Thanks, and see you back here soon!

2 thoughts on “New Micro-website Within

  1. Greetings Peter,

    Enjoyed as always, your postings on Stillness Speaks. Regardless of where it said or how or when it is said, Truth is All and All is Truth.

    It’s nice to see CIA reaching a wider audience. Once again, much appreciation for CIA’s life changing Crystal Clarity!

    Hymns To The Beauty Of All,

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