New Post on Nonduality America

If you care to have a look, I was invited to post a short article on the blog site, Nonduality America. Nonduality America was just voted the #15 “Enlightenment Website” by Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine–and the site has been up for only 3 months. Well deserved!

The post is titled, “One Presence, Many Perspectives.” It’s a bit of a summary/commentary on the recent Science and Nonduality Conference:

Also, big congrats to Chris Hebard, whose website was voted the #1 “Enlightenment Website” by Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine. Also well deserved!

More coming here soon, including notices of upcoming meetings.

One thought on “New Post on Nonduality America

  1. Hi Peter,

    After reading the article from SAND, thoughts arise such as, Clarity, Smooth, Effortless, Elegant, Soft, Light, Ease, Serene, Peaceful Presence. It’s like reading words scribed on water.

    Absolute Appreciation for a most beautiful ride, postmaster.

    Adoring Presence….

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