Enjoy clear Awareness from the convenience of your living room, with these audios from weekend workshops. The content is timeless, and each is a live, in-depth, one of a kind gathering. All have lots of discussion and Q&A, covering both the basics and many deeper points.

Dallas Weekend Workshop August 2011. Approx 8 hrs. $50

A marvelous meeting with a new group of friends. Many attendees were familiar with nonduality, but few had read Consciousness Is All. This provided an opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences (often significant) from “traditional” nonduality. Full of helpful questions and insightful comments from the group, focusing on why there is so much more to Present Awareness than merely seeing through an ego or personal sense of “I”! This is a good, thorough overview of the main points in Consc. Is All that goes very deep–and all in a single weekend!
Approx. 8hrs.

Santa Monica Workshop April 2011 Approx. 8 hrs. $50

Emphasis on the ease, the effortlessness of Presence. The impossible job of trying to make NOW not be now, not be present. Invisible Presence or visible person—what is the difference? Seeing through the false sense of weight, heaviness, and being “on” solid ground. Do you glibly say Consciousness is all, but still assume you are a body on a planet? Is there an end to how light Lightness is? Tasting the taste is enough—stillness, silence.

Santa Monica Workshop – Dec. 2010 Approx. 8 hrs.

Saturday: Are you really clear that this Present Awareness leaves no history–not even of Awareness? Clarity means speaking as Presence, to Presence–not speaking person to person. Are you honestly clear why there really are no material objects, and no material world? Great comments and questions from all who attended.

Sunday: Why it’s not necessary (or possible) to be clear about the workings of a history-less dream. Letting go of the baggage you actually never had! The deeper meaning of “Consciousness Is All” and what “Now Life Is Completely New” is really saying. More insightful comments and questions from our wonderful group.

La Jolla Workshop – 2010 Approx 8 hrs.

Saturday: Who or what, and how many are in La Jolla? Boundlessness is the only One present. You are not the thinker about Awareness. Functioning as Presence, speaking as Presence, “throughout the day” and much more.

Sunday: How is all this practical on a daily basis? Dealing with others who don’t share this. Awareness-As-All leaves no other having to hold to Awareness. Concept-busting. It all comes down to simplicity and silence.

San Diego – Dec. 2009 Approx 8 hrs

Saturday: As Consciousness is All, Perfect, why isn’t my daily experience perfect? What does one “do” about Reality in daily affairs? The difference between pure Aware Being and thought. Is Awareness gone during “unconsciousness”? Has the world of the five senses always existed? The weightlessness of Awareness. Lightness, Lightness! Discussion of what All is.

Sunday: The un-changing-ness of Awareness. Do materiality or false concepts really “fall away”? From who? In pure Infinity–no lesser mind, thus no possibility of blaming everything on “mind.” Was there really a past in which there were sages and great lights more enlightened than “me”? In-depth discussion of the sticky issue: Does Awareness “include” appearances? The Freshness of the pure Present, and more.