Consciousness’ Ominpresence never is intermittent. Omnipresence, All, always is “on”–as All.

There is only the one NOW that is–so NOW is the One that is.

Oneness is not a One that many share. Oneness is Itself only.

The irrefutable Fact of Absolute Being is the perpetual preclusion of a stumbling, bumbling personal mind.

Undeviating Being never is lacking for perfect Self-identification.

The fact that Consciousness’ Allness leaves no materiality, leaves no one to think in material terms.

Infinite Spirit is not the least bit in awe of Its utter Unlimitedness–and there is no other being conscious.

Being never neglects to be fully present where Its Presence is, which is All.

It is not possible to go deeper into that which has no depth.

Truth Itself is what You are–not a state of thinking knowing something about Truth.

These posts cannot give you anything. They are a direct, explicit statement of what you are.

Truth never is trying to recall something of Itself from before, because Truth isn’t before. Truth is NOW.

There is no other to call Truth anything–not even to call It Truth–so there is no other to re-call Truth.

Always, always, It is Infinity that is being conscious, never a body. It is Infinity that You are, not a body.

In Infinite Reality, ALL, there is no attempt to gain control over matter, for there is no matter.

The one magnificent NOW is not going to happen at some later time. NOW already is.

Absolute Being never is nagged at by another state or feeling. Your Life is one of being eternally un-annoyed.

You are not a person that is being spiritual. There are not people being spiritual. There is only Spirit Itself.

The Allness of Consciousness’ own Presence leaves nothing to think with, or to think about.

The Absolute Present’s Perfection, Its Allness, never is clouded.

Any and every would-be “problem” is not the presence of something. It would be a suggestion that some of the Absolute Changeless Present isn’t all that is present. That’s impossible.

9 thoughts on “Ponderings

  1. Thanks for this beautiful expression Peter. The mind seems obsessed with having a problem. I guess its just the egos way of imagining its still in control and can change the present (in time!).
    You seem to point at that which is forever ordinary and never not so. God knows we need the rest from seeking the impossible.

  2. It used to be that I took “I am dreaming” to be a poetic metaphor…LOL…based on this, Peter, I “really” have been dreaming-but look, the sun is up, and It’s A Beautiful Day is singing….and life is Good.

  3. Peter Jones: “….and It’s A Beautiful Day is singing… and life is Good.”

    And so also I floated or levitated weightlessly with Peter’s (PFD’s) typically wonderful Post until I came to the last para on “would-be problems.”

    I hit a roadblock there! A rude one at that.

    The “would-be problems” are the roadblock for the free float. Especially with the problem arising on the ‘other’ ignoring his/her own civic sense and responsibility, when the ‘other’ becoming an exploiter. The exploiter goes with a glee of a Cheshire cat to let the victim lick his wounds in sorrow. Maybe this is not so common in the daily life in the West where people are generally more conscientious. Not so everywhere, particularly where there is conflict of interest or competition for resources.

    PFD views It All as Oneness — including the “would-be problem.” But it is a rude shock to the sorrowing victim in the ‘free float of Oneness.’ Repeat occurrences of these rude shocks will help only in the reinforcement of a “me vs. other” concept. A thorough schism in the Consciousness is ALL gets engendered.

    I feel variation of such rude shocks do occur everywhere – a trivial traffic violation to utter insensitive exploitation of physically devouring.

    At this point, it becomes difficult to take It All as One — at least in this seeming world where “would-be problems” constantly rear their ugly head.

    I wonder what Peter (PFD) of the seeming world would say.

    Thanks and many regards,

  4. awareness loses itself in experience. the terror of the situtation is the illusion of separtness. we all love stories, so we live & share them. we are each other, anyway. so why not live & tell a story of love? Que No? what we feel, we attract. feel the love as everything, see only love. trust Life, existance , be loving. in joy it’s all right Now. arrrrgh!

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