Reality Check

Welcome to Reality Check.  Feel free to participate, or simply spectate.

Why the name Reality Check? Before asking a question or commenting, participants should check their “viewpoint” and ask themselves a question or two.  Such as: “Am I starting exclusively with what is true of the Infinite alone? Or am I speaking of a ‘personal me’ and what this ‘me’ seemingly thinks, feels or experiences?  Who alone is being alive, aware here, now?”  The answer is the Infinite Self Itself, and there is no other.  That is the basis of this website—to “speak” from the standpoint of the Infinite.  The point is, make a Reality check first.  Being clear on this at the start eliminates many unnecessary questions before they’re even asked.  If questions still persist, or if it seems you’re brand new to all this, that’s the purpose of this forum.