Reality Check

Welcome to Reality Check.  Feel free to participate, or simply spectate.

Why the name Reality Check? Before asking a question or commenting, participants should check their “viewpoint” and ask themselves a question or two.  Such as: “Am I starting exclusively with what is true of the Infinite alone? Or am I speaking of a ‘personal me’ and what this ‘me’ seemingly thinks, feels or experiences?  Who alone is being alive, aware here, now?”  The answer is the Infinite Self Itself, and there is no other.  That is the basis of this website—to “speak” from the standpoint of the Infinite.  The point is, make a Reality check first.  Being clear on this at the start eliminates many unnecessary questions before they’re even asked.  If questions still persist, or if it seems you’re brand new to all this, that’s the purpose of this forum.

Audios From San Diego 2014 Weekend Now Available

Audios From San Diego 2014 Weekend Now AvailableAudios from the recent January San Diego January workshop are now available on the website.  The theme of the meeting was Wholeness, Completeness, Allness. If anyone would like to "join in" with the workshop from the convenience of your living room, you can now do so.  There are about 9-10 hrs. of [read more...]

New Simply Notice PLUS Audiobook

New Simply Notice PLUS AudiobookThe new Simply Notice PLUS audiobook is finally finished and available. It consists of reading from the text, plus spontaneous commentary as it arises during the reading.  Overall it's about 8 hours of listening for the Preface, Introduction, and 19 chapters. You can listen to the Introduction here:   A free sample of [read more...]

San Diego Weekend Workshop Jan. 24-26, 2014

San Diego Weekend Workshop Jan. 24-26, 2014          San Diego Workshop           January 24-26, 2014 Wholeness, Completeness, Allness It is the nature of the Self, the All-One, to be alive as Wholeness, Completeness, the Entirety of what exists.  As this is the only “you” there is, then you as you really are, must be alive as This now, and only [read more...]

Two New Time Out! Videos

Two New Time Out! VideosFor those who have been interested in the Time Out! series of videos, two new videos have been added. These will most likely complete the series, particularly because of what is said in the last one, Time Out! #23, Newness, Newness, Newness. They can be seen here...scroll down to the bottom [read more...]

Time Out! Video Series Now Available On Audio

Time Out! Video Series Now Available On AudioHi Everyone, For listening convenience, the popular Time Out! video series is now available in MP3 format.  The audio tracks have been taken from the videos and adapted for listening on your ipod, in your car, or when you just don't feel like watching a video. There are a total of 23 audios, which [read more...]

Reply to Din's Question on FB 7-11-13

Here is the question posed by Din on Facebook, followed by the response.  The reason for posting it here is that FB does not permit comments of this length.Well Peter, since I have your ear, I have a question for you I've been involved lately with the emptiness teachings, and [read more...]

New Review of Consciousness Is All PLUS for Collective Evolution Magazine

New Review of Consciousness Is All PLUS for Collective Evolution MagazineMichael Jeffreys, whom some of you may already know, recently wrote a review of Consciousness Is All PLUS (the audiobook version of Consciousness Is All) for Collective Evolution Magazine. Michael is a fine writer/teacher in his own right, who regularly holds meetups in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica CA area.  You can see [read more...]

Full Video Presentation From SAND 2012

The full 32 min. video presentation from last year's Science and Nonduality Conference is now available for viewing if you would like to have a look.  The title is, The Softness of Life.The conference presentations were filmed by FORA TV and until recently were only available as pay per view.Enjoy!   [read more...]

Phoenix audios removed

Sorry to say, it was necessary to take down the recent post with the links to the Phoenix audios.  There were problems with the links.  The full set of audios will be available at some point on the Consciousness Is All website.  Many thanks to all who [read more...]


6 DAY INTENSIVE - PHOENIX, AZ FEB. 23-28 2013This intensive is primarily for those who have attended prior workshops, or have a very strong interest in the main points found in Consciousness Is All. The theme will be multi-faceted, allowing us to go as deeply as possible. While there will be plenty of spontaneity and ample opportunity for [read more...]

Science and Nonduality Conference 2012

Science and Nonduality Conference 2012This year's Science and Nonduality Conference is coming up soon--October 24 through 28th, 2012.   It will be held in San Rafael, California as in previous years.I will be there only briefly this year, giving a talk on Saturday morning Oct. 27, at 9AM.  The title of the talk is, [read more...]

Preface for Simply Notice

Preface for Simply NoticeBelow is the Preface for the new book, SIMPLY NOTICE - Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Is Here, Now. An upcoming post will feature the Introduction.  This is Book 1 in what will ideally expand to a series of Simply Notice books.  The book is not yet published (working on that [read more...]