Reality Checks

The one magnificent NOW cannot happen at some later time. NOW already is.

NOW, the Conscious Present, is not a noun. It is living Present Reality.

Consciousness must be Single, All, Entirety. Why? If there were duality, the secondary state would be un-consciousness. But it is impossible to be conscious of unconsciousness.

What is the nature of the absence of thought? How is this question “answered”? Who alone can answer?

Being’s own Omni-Self-Immediacy leaves no other to see or be Being.

Being never can be prodigal to Its own Being, just as the Present never is prodigal to the Present–and there is no other.

Can you imagine a movie character saying, “Gee, if I meditate a little better, if evolve a little more, I can make the screen more present for me than it is now.”?

Infinite Consciousness, You, cannot vacillate between Infinite Reality and a dream, for Infinity’s Allness precludes there being a dream to vacillate to.

Being never vacillates between being and incorrectly being, or not-being. Being only can be.

What Consciousness is to Its own Pure Consciousness, is absolutely ALL. This fact leaves no other trying to, or that could know what Consciousness is.

There is only Truth Itself, being–which leaves no other to “know” Truth.

The “Answer” lies not in trying to overcome, or rise above time–but in effortlessly being the Changeless Present, wherein time never began, in order to then have to be overcome.

As there is only Consciousness Itself, being–there is no separate self to remind itself there is only Consciousness, or to even say there is only Consciousness!

All there would be to “problems-that-seem-to-arise-in-time” is a mere mental suggestion that the Unchanging Present can experience an absence of Its own Present-ness–right where Its Presence is unfailingly Present!

Yet, as Present Reality is absolutely ALL, there isn’t even a possibility of any unreality that could suggest itself.

How good, how thorough, is the Allness of Infinity at “starting with” the Allness of Infinity?

Pure IS being ALL, doubt never occurs.

Omnipresence never is intermittently omnipresent.

4 thoughts on “Reality Checks

  1. Hi Peter,
    I was originally going to ask you what you thought the mechanism was that keeps us in illusion and doubt when it has no reality. But I see that that is probably a wrong question, a question that can only re-inforce the misperception of illusion and doubt. Is it not then an all or nothing deal? What’s that Hsin Shin Ming quote along the lines of “make a hair’s breadth of difference and heaven and hell is set apart”.
    For most of us we are seemingly stuck trying to find something which is already here. So would you agree that any solution to this is only part of the problem? We believe in answers because we believe in the problem!
    I think I’ll just go and burn all my non-duality books…. 🙂

  2. Hi again Peter,
    Following on from my earlier comment, I know that other “teachers” agree that what you say about the absolute is absolutely correct but yet if the “student” still feels separate he needs to practise presence etc (endless list..) to realise the absolute truth. Their point would be what’s been termed “advaita shuffle” of claiming all is God or Consciousness eg. my suffering or ignorance is oneness appearing as such. In other words they would say its still intellectual and not truly realised. I know from my previous comment that its not possible to go where angels fear to tread as it were but do you have a response to this? There seems two irreconcilable positions. I admit to have been wavering between the two for a long time!

  3. Thank you again for another Reality check. As soon as I receive them, I immediately cash them in. Sometimes I wonder how they can be cashed in, because of the very large amounts that they are for, but they always clear!

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