San Diego Workshop Dec. 2-4

If you live in Southern Calif. please join us for this weekend intensive in San Diego. Here are all the details:


Weekend workshop – December 2, 3, 4, 2011
Universal Spirit Center, San Diego, CA

Join us to take an eyes-wide-open look at what “you” really are—beyond body, beyond thoughts, emotions and sensations—all the way to Omnipresent Love. Come see and experience:

*What Omnipresence really means—and why It is effortless.
*Omnipresence’s actual aliveness right here, now—and not mere words!
*The power that goes with seeing Omnipresence as Omni-present-ness.
*The dismantling of age-old false beliefs in time, space, and separation.
*How Omni-present-ness functions as real power in daily living.

In this weekend “detective series”—you are both the detective and the one being investigated! Experience the simple magnificence and often surprising truth of Omnipresence. Emphasis is on actual experience, an effortless “living taste,” rather than mere ideas about Omnipresence.
SATURDAY Dec. 3 – 10 AM – 5:30 PM
SUNDAY Dec. 4 – 1 PM – 5 PM
Cost for full weekend – $150
Cost for either single day – $75

FRIDAY EVENING LECTURE – December 2 6:30 – 8:30 PM Cost – $5

Universal Spirit Center, 3858 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92103
Parking available at the Center
Seating is limited. RSVP RECOMMENDED. Please call 928-759-9943 or use the Contact form at

12 thoughts on “San Diego Workshop Dec. 2-4

  1. Hello Anonymous,

    Thanks for the question. Yes, as we mean them here, both “Consciousness” and “infinite bliss” are the same. Of course, they are both just words or labels–but both “stand for” Life’s all-present and effortless Peace, Love, and Bliss. Infinite Bliss is like an endless, indescribable EASE, and It is this very same EASE with which pure Consciousness never fails to be present and Self-aware.

  2. So, there isn’t any Bliss that can be experienced “later”, this is all there is? There is no “veiling” of the Self’s Unlimited Joy as some teachings argue?

  3. Hi Anonymous…that’s a kind of “loaded question” in the sense of, what is meant by “…this is all there is?” What do you mean by “this”?

    Yes, in Reality there is ONLY present Bliss-As-All, and no such thing as “later.” To Reality, the Infinite, there is ONLY Infinite Bliss, only Unlimited Joy, and nothing besides that could possibly veil It from Itself.

    This is where Self Itself “starts” and “stops”–no further discussion.

    While this is clear, it still may seem or appear as if there were something besides, but NOT REALLY. Life Itself is always “staying present” as effortless Presence, and not getting caught up in the seeming realm of thoughts, emotions and sensations that seem to operate as not-Present Joy.

    Also, Presence “always” is alert as Present-ness ONLY, and does not get involved in thinking or debating, “Well, is it this way, or that way? Which teaching is correct?” etc. Presence is too busy “fully ALIVE-ING” as Itself to do any thinking about Itself.

    If you care to, and haven’t checked already, you might want to go thru the archives here on Reality Check, which reiterate this from many different “angles.”

  4. Hi, Peter. I have something that I would like to add. A few years ago, while meditating, I experienced what can only be described as infinite joy. I am convinced that I experienced the true reality. This world took on the quality of a dream in comparison.

    If the bliss of Self isn’t being veiled, why don’t we experience that infinite joy always?

  5. Hi Ralph,
    What was experienced with the “infinite joy” can be seen two ways (seemingly). To Self Itself, Self IS infinite joy–undeviatingly–It is not an intermittent or random occurrence. Only infinite joy itself can or is “experiencing/being” infinite joy–and in this sense no joy is ever being veiled.

    Now for the double talk…what seems to have been the Ralph-experience of infinite joy is that the sense of a Ralph-body-mind identity wore thin temporarily…the sense of a Ralph body-mind seems to be super-imposed on top of ever-present infinite joy, and somehow, for a brief period, it wasn’t there as much. Then it seems the Ralph-sense came back and veiled it–but it only seems that way to the Ralph sense–not to ever-present infinite joy.

    I know very well that the verbal explanation above doesn’t “satisfy” the way the Actual does…About the best I can put it in words is in the post here on Reality Check from 10/12/10 (in the archives). It’s a matter of consistently and persistently admitting and conceding (without struggling) that Infinite Joy ALREADY is here, and isn’t veiled from Itself–rather than starting as the superimposed Ralph identity and trying to get joy to return.

  6. “Samuel Melgoza said…
    Pure Awareness is completely free of any and all emotion. That includes the human emotion that we call joy.”

    Joy IS the Self. It is just that the ego/mind seems to obscure it like clouds seem to cover the sun. Samadhi reveals the fullness of unlimited joy, like the clouds parting to reveal the full glory of the sun that always was shining.

  7. Joy is a human emotion. It is not an attribute of the Self. Pristine Being is not “infinite pleasure”. Awareness is Emptiness. Yet it is full and complete. What is wrong with that? People seem to want something “better” than “just being”.

    Again, why? There is nothing whatsoever that is wrong with this eternal, ever-fresh moment. THIS right NOW is all there is. There is no Ultimate Mega Super Happiness coming in a “future”. It doesn’t get any better than this. Awareness is satisfied with its state of “only” being Unlimited.

  8. Peter

    If the Self/Consciousness,etc. is All why is it not also responsible for what ego/mind/conditioned thinking does? You seem to talk about human thinking as though it is not something that Consciousness does.

  9. Hi Terry,
    Thanks for your question. The term “Consciousness” as it is used here, has a different meaning than in many nondual or spiritual teachings. Consciousness is capitalized to indicate It is referring ONLY to the Infinite, the Formless. This “perspective” does not start from, or with, the finite forms/appearances/arisings (including thinking) that the human seems to experience. It starts as, and stays as, the Infinite only. In this sense, to say “Consciousness is All” means Consciousness is all of Infinity only–wherein finity, time, appearances, thinking etc. do not really occur. If you care to further investigate the “why” of this, I suggest you read the free sample chapters on the Writings page, or some of the posts in the archives here on Reality Check.

  10. Hi Peter,

    Much Appreciation to All for such a wonderful celebration in San Diego!

    Though concepts and ideas were seemingly exchanged, it was clear that what they are pointing to preclude a phantom mind machine, with it’s imaginary thoughts about how it’s imaginary dream seemingly works.

    Hymns To Celebrating Pure Presentness…..

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