Second Chance For SAND 2011

“The Never-Before-Ness Of All” was this year’s workshop at the recent Science and Nonduality Conference.

Even if you couldn’t make the workshop, you can make it now, because the entire recording is now available on the Audios page here on the website.

This is over 3 1/2 hours of listening, and the original workshop fee was $65. Cost is now only $14.95

Thanks, and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Second Chance For SAND 2011

  1. Hi Peter. I was reading through the comments on the previous post and I know that you already answered, but I have some questions.

    How can Consciousness really be “infinite bliss”? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to call it peaceful, or satisfaction? Calling it “infinite bliss” seems like hyperbole.

    All of Consciousness is Here and Now, and while it is at peace and without pain or suffering it most definitely is not “infinite bliss”.

  2. Hi Rick,
    Thanks for the comment. Good point. It seems this is a case of semantics, and what is meant by “infinite” and “bliss” when using those words. (And the real difficulty is that neither can be reduced to words!)

    Infinite, as used here, does not mean big, vast, or powerful–but simply measureless, un-observable. And yes, bliss is a satisfaction or peace. So infinite bliss is not some kind of divine gusher or flood of bliss that “blots out” everything else. However, infinite bliss–as infinite bliss–is so “full” and total, it leaves ONLY infinite bliss. It doesn’t overpower lesser states. To infinite bliss other states do not occur.

    That being said, what really counts is the “taste,” the conscious aliveness AS infinite bliss–rather than having the perfect verbal description OF it.

  3. Hi Frederick,
    Thanks for the comment. To say conscious aliveness “is just kind of there”…In pure conscious aliveness is it possible to find an opposite, an opposing force? We would say no. In conscious aliveness there is ONLY conscious aliveness. There are not two, no opposing forces, only one, and in this sense it is harmonious or blissful because there is no opposition, no pressure, no friction, no conflict. If it seems kind of “blah” or dull, perhaps this is due to not having more fully “immersed yourself in” the conscious aliveness you are. It is not something you have–it is the very conscious Life being “you” now. Also, conscious aliveness cannot be said to have a fixed border, a certain finite size or volume, a limited amount or quantity of any kind–so these are just a few reasons why it is referred to as “infinite.” It simply has no finite qualities. Any attempt to say it does would be coming from thought ABOUT conscious aliveness–not pure conscious aliveness itself.

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