Simply Notice guides you on an experiential adventure into the very awareness, consciousness you are now aware of being.

You start by noticing simple things—one page at a time—about yourself, the world, and Life itself. It’s like taking a self-guided tour of your Self. False beliefs are dropped, and incredible discoveries are made about how Life really works. You can’t avoid enjoying a life of clearer awareness in everyday living—but the power of noticing takes you even further.

You see that the very consciousness you are now aware of being is not body-bound, but is unlimited, and actually includes or embraces the entire universe. It becomes clear that Life is magnificent far beyond what we’ve been taught to believe. Simply Notice enables you to experience all of this, rather than merely reading theories about it.

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Video 1 of 3 – A Switch

Have you been groping for answers? Why do you sometimes feel free, unlimited, and other times feel very limited? Which is the real you? Sort it all out with a simple switch in what you consider yourself to be.