Two New Time Out! Videos

For those who have been interested in the Time Out! series of videos, two new videos have been added. These will most likely complete the series, particularly because of what is said in the last one, Time Out! #23, Newness, Newness, Newness.

They can be seen here…scroll down to the bottom of the playlist:

Time Out! Series
The Time Out! videos in sequence, from 1 to 23.

4 thoughts on “Two New Time Out! Videos

  1. Is it possible for the illusion to continue on, forever? I do not wish for this wonderful experience of individuality to end…

    • Anonymous – You are very confused. There is no “illusion”. There is only the eternal manifestation of Consciousness in infinite forms.

      Once you are expressed as an individual by Consciousness, you will never cease to be an individual. You are a soul on an eternal journey of creative expression and self-discovery.

      There is no limit to what you can be, do or experience. You need not have any fear of being absorbed back into the undefined awareness that exists before manifestation.

      Awareness would never make any “mistakes”. This universe is not a mistake, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  2. Hello Peter,
    I feel a little puzzled here. Couldn’t we replace the word illusion by the word dream? And isn’t dreaming equivalent to experiencing? Also what about the soul that relates to body-soul found only in the dream…How does one know that the dream continues forever? I know that this question comes from the individual who still feels a sense of separation.What I underestand is that Love couldn’t come without manifesting itself.
    I’m sure I need some help here. Thank you,


    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for your comments. Clear definitions are essential when it comes to these various terms. All I can say is how these terms are defined here, in the videos, or in Consciousness Is All. As we define them, illusion, dream and experiencing (or maybe it’s better to say apparent experiencing), are all synonyms. From the “perspective” of the timeless Infinite, pure Being, we also would say that what is experienced as the “soul” is also an aspect of experience; for it, too, seems to involve time, change, etc. While a soul may be a higher or more ethereal form of experience, it still is time and experience, thus is not the timeless, changeless, Perfect Infinite. We would not agree that the dream (time also) continues forever per se, but only may seem to continue as long as one is not living as the timeless Infinite Perfection that One truly is. The other Time Out videos make clear that “dream” seems to always arise only “on the instant” and has no background, no real time-continuity to it whatsoever.

      I’m not certain what you mean by “love couldn’t come without manifesting itself.” Again, definitions–and we define Love as synonymous with Divine Perfection, Infinite Changeless Being, Omnipresence or ALL. Love, as ALL, can’t “come” because It is ALL to start with. Already being ALL, there is no place Love could come or go to, and in fact there is no “place” besides Love’s own eternal Omni-Presence. Thus there is no other besides Love to whom Love could come, either. Speaking from the “perspective” of Love-Itself-As-All, Love really cannot manifest, because there is nothing and nowhere besides Love’s already-Presence where Love could manifest. This is the Real You, Infinite Love. If one were to speak from a finite or relative perspective, what seems at that level to be a “coming” or “manifesting” of Love isn’t really a “coming”–it’s a matter of there just being less “ignorance” of Love’s Ever-Total-Presence. And when it seems there’s less “ignoring” of Love’s Ever-Presence, that’s what the finite sense would call “more” Love. But Love really hasn’t increased or changed at all–it’s just that some more of the “assumed separate me” has dissolved.

      I hope that clarifies it a bit!

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