What Readers Are Saying

“Peter Dziuban’s book, Simply Notice is simply one of the best in the growing category of books leading us to our innermost nature as consciousness, awareness. Why? Because it offers a cornucopia of everyday life experiences, common to us all, wherein the direct experience of pure awareness or ‘nonduality’ is noticed, enlivened and lived, within and without. The results include greater harmony, inner peace, less reactivity, more stability and a deeper connection with one’s self and the world. Simply Notice is a work I will turn to again and again.”

–John Raatz, Principal, The Visioneering Group, and Founder, Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE)

Simply Noticing is like one big exercise in paying attention that is effortless and natural. And simple. The author persistently invites you to notice thoughts, feelings, sensations, objects, body, while leading you on an adventure of discovery of what you really are. To read this book is to experience it, which is a rare achievement for any work.”
–Jerry Katz, Nonduality.com

Simply Notice is a wonderful, easy read. I felt like I was being communicated with, rather than being talked down to. Its simple style and poetic intelligence has the feeling of receiving a letter from a friend or loved one, inviting you to simply notice how marvelous you already are.”
–Julian Christopher, Actor, Vancouver, BC

“What Peter Dziuban does so eloquently in Simply Notice is to show that Alive Presence is what we really are, and that all that we think is real, is really an illusion, albeit an extremely convincing one. Through the logical pointers so carefully constructed by the author, you will definitely have the means to see through the illusion of a world of separate objects characterised by time, space, and fear. As an academic trying to lead my very educated audiences to see the truth of what’s really going on, I most often fail. The illusion holds fast. With Simply Notice we now have a tool that should make the task of unmasking the unreal that much easier. This book is highly recommended.”
–Professor Kriben Pillay, Dean of Teaching and Learning, College of Law and Management Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa

“What is it like to live happily, effortlessly, stress-free? Does it seem impossible or is it how Life really is? Simply Notice shows one the limitless nature of Life, free of struggle and full of joy. It helps you experience it, not just theorize about it. It’s simply noticing what is already true. It’s just gone un-noticed. You owe it to yourself to check it out. Enjoy!”
–I. Turner, CA

“Unless there’s an emergency, stop everything right now and read this book! And be free!!”
–Jason Walters, Life Consultant, Phoenix, AZ jrwnow@gmail.com

“In Simply Notice, Peter has put his finger on the heart of the matter for those desiring boundless freedom, peace and love: ‘It is thanks to first being aware that you are able to do anything. And at this moment, being aware is what enables you to notice and focus on these words.’ The simplicity, straight-forwardness, lack of spiritual jargon, and that the author shares from his direct experience make this book a must for any seeker whose desire is to awaken to the timeless Truth of their Being…which means to Simply Notice what you already are!”
–Michael Jeffreys, Awakening Blog: www.mjeffreys.com

“The Upanishads took shape when the ancient Maharishis taught millennia of years ago about ‘Who you are and What this world is.’ ‘You are eternal, ever pure, unbound and wise Beingness; that’s your true nature’ was their unequivocal message. Peter is imparting that very Knowledge in simple and direct words with the same love and compassion as the ancient Sages in a style that is quite intimate and friendly. As he says early on in the book, ‘This awareness is not some far off ethereal state that must be attained. It is this very awareness you are presently aware of being.’ I have no doubt that Simply Notice would soon be the favorite modern day Upanishad for many a reader. It’s a powerful, hands-on practical manual that equips us with tools that can transform our worldview. A sure-fire life-changer.”
–Dr. Vemuri Ramesam, Author of Religion Demystified

“If there was ever a step-by-step “how to” book for releasing a body-based, thought limited reality, this is it. Peter Dziuban guides you on an experiential path awakening you to life’s un-restrainable, infinite love—the love you are. This book is brilliant and perfect for those who may be new to spiritual literature; it’s a fine accompaniment to Consciousness Is All.” –Sherry Harris, Psychotherapist, Spiritual Counselor

“This book is a true gem! Whether you are new to non-duality — or a seasoned traveler — you will find every paragraph pauses you, yields fresh insights, even (or especially!) on a second or third reading. It is beautifully written and shines so brightly: more than anything else, it points you with unerring precision to the softness and lightness of the un-go-away-able Life that is reading this right now! I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.”
–Colin Winborn, UK

Simply Notice is simply the best. The Truth DOES set one free.” –Jim Crawford, San Diego, CA

“Non-dual pointing instructions now come in many shapes and styles. Peter’s often verge on poetry as he artfully softens the sharp edges of familiar words, crafting phrases that are nearly transparent to the light beyond them. He invites us to ‘listen how silently now goes about being present now’; to ‘feel again how endlessly soft Love’s gently alive presence is’; to notice the ‘immeasurable quiet of Life’s pure awareness.’ It is his repeated invitations to Simply Notice our true self in these ways that make Peter’s new book worthy of some of our precious time and attention.”
–R.K. Grants Pass, Oregon