Would Awareness Still Exist…?

Reality Check now has audio–and this post is the first to use it. Audio brings variety to our format, and is sometimes a more effective way to respond to deeper questions.

Click on the link below to hear the latest post (please wait a few moments while it downloads). The audio also can be saved on your computer, ipod, etc. for listening later. This particular audio runs 39 min. due to the nature of the question. Not all audio posts will be this long, and we expect to have short video posts soon, too.
Please feel free to comment and/or ask questions below as usual.
The question is from a friend who shall be called Joan:

“If there were nothing to be aware of, would awareness still exist?”

Click and enjoy:

2 thoughts on “Would Awareness Still Exist…?

  1. Things are objects to awareness whether present or absent. It is Awareness that has to realise that there is nothing to be aware of or something to be aware of.

    So this awareness as absolute subject has to exist in all cases but there is a chance that awareness may fail to be aware of itself being aware.

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