Your Endless Presence exists utterly, totally alone…

The fact that Your Endless Presence exists utterly, totally alone, is a permanent guarantee of never being threatened by any outside force—for there is no outside force.

There is nothing that could come in from outside, because Your Own Endlessness has no outside. It is impossible to need a protective barrier around Your Presence, because the fact that It is endless means there is no edge or border at which to put one.

For Eternity, there is nothing that could upset You. As Utter Oneness, You are completely at ease in the certainty of being unopposed forever, undisturbed forever. Perfect Calm is the entirety of what exists—as the endless, endless, reach of Your own “infinitely outstretched” Presence.

All there is, is borderless, unchecked Openness, which is alive—the endless “overflowing” of Softly Present Life.

As All, as the Entirety of Existence, all You ever know is that deepest, all-abiding Peace and Joy of being able to live completely defenseless. You never are naively open to attack—but simply can’t be protected or have a guard up, for again, Your Own All leaves nothing else from which to need protecting.

Absolutely nothing exists besides You, Your Infinitely Gentle Self.

There is only wide open, gentle Unprotectedness—being serenely, boundlessly free—a never-ending expanse of carefree Ease.

This open, free Ease is Unconditional Love. It is un-conditional because It never is faced by a condition—just “more and more” of Its own endless Openness. This gentle Open Love is the all-embracing softness with which Awareness, You, are now present and aware.

How indescribably delicate is Awareness as It now is being present?

How utterly, completely effortless is Your Existence as It goes about Its business of simply being? Yet how immovable and stable is It? Does Existence ever waver?

Feel how delightfully un-labored—how permanently easy—it is for Existence to simply, effortlessly, be here, now. Being this effortlessness is One’s Life Work, One’s Career—for Eternity.

That is all there is to It. Existence is simply being.

Existence never works at existing. It never struggles to be. There is absolutely nothing that has to be done.

Your Existence never is trying to arrive. It never needs to attain.

Existence never has to try, period. It just is.

There is no possibility of exertion in Existence for It already perfectly is, and nothing else is.

As Perfect Existence is already All That Is, there never is anything besides Its own Presence that It has to accomplish. Being need not work to sustain Itself over time, for in Absolute Being, there is no time. As this changeless Perfect Being, You never can have anything go wrong. You never make a mistake. There is nothing Perfect Being can do, except be, effortlessly. For Eternity, Your Life is delightfully effort-less.

Your Being is Divine Effortlessness Itself. This Effortlessness can no more withhold Itself from being All, than Being can withhold Itself. As It already is, It never can be delayed—or put aside.

Effortless Being never can be escaped.

Right now, stop. “Feel” how delightfully effortless Existence’s Ease of Being is. How un-tense and utterly “relaxed” is absolute Ease—endless Ease?

This Ease, which is all of Existence, isn’t a state You are in. It is what You are. This Ease that You forever are—is so easy, so effortlessly simple, It is not in the realm of words.

Existence’s Ease is the gently alive Bliss You now are alive to being. How marvelously soft and gentle is this Delightful Bliss to Its own Presence? How fully “immersed” in Its own Tenderness is It?

This endlessly overflowing Ease is what You never, ever, fail to be. This Infinite Ease that You permanently are being is never, never, never going to go away. It can’t. Ease is absolutely All That Is—there is nowhere besides Itself that It could go!

If this effortless Ease being You now were somehow multiplied a billion times over in Its simplicity and softness of being, Its wondrous richness and depth—that would barely scratch the surface of the Never Ending Ease that Your Present Self is.

This All-Embracing Ease is the “Satisfied Sigh” of Infinite Serenity.

It is the Divine Ahhh that is All—the Ahhh that never comes to an end of Itself.

From Consciousness Is All, pp. 321-323.

7 thoughts on “Your Endless Presence exists utterly, totally alone…

  1. Hey Peter,
    Much appreciation for the beautiful words that serve as an elixir to human imagination. What sweet good fortune to be Present Here for this offering!

    Thank you, Peter, and The Absence of you.

    Hymns To Unlimited Presence,

  2. Hello Peter,

    There is only BEING…

    Then way talk about the YOU.
    Like here: “Your Being is Divine Effortlessness Iself”

    Who is the owner when it is Your Being?

    When it is clear that there is only BEING then how can there be a Your Being.
    That sound like two times Being.

    BEING… Thats it

    No more to say.

    Wim Hein, Netherlands

  3. Thanks for your comment Wim (above). You make a good point. A lot of this is semantics.

    As you said, the “problem” with the word “Your” is that it can make Being seem like a possession, which would be dual.

    I don’t know if you have read the book (the passage was taken from the last chapter), but most of the time in the book, it does NOT use “Your” and simply says Being, Awareness, Self, etc.

    However, there can be a “problem” with this, too, sometimes. When using only Being, Awareness, Self, it sometimes is mistaken to mean “a” Being, off somewhere else. There can be a thought of, “Yes, this is true of Being, Self, but not true of me.” And of course that, too, is dual.

    So, the capitalized word Your (or My) is used to emphasize that the writing is as if Self Itself or Being were talking only to Itself, about Itself. It means Being is referring only to Itself, as this One being presently conscious “right here.”

    The use of “Your” and “My” in this way is discussed and explained in several places in the book so its intended meaning is clear.

  4. A note about the above post–it is from the Second Revised Edition. In the First Edition the passage is found on p. 290-292, although it has been changed somewhat.

  5. This passage is a direct translation into words of the fragrance of a rose…..the smile of a baby…..the joy that is always here….thanks, Peter

  6. Dear Peter,

    As we read these passages of yours, we easily get immersed in that ‘fragrance’ of a rose. We experience a feel like a ‘swim’ in a private pool on a sunny day — all to our self, no other, not even a ‘me’, no intentional, conscious perception of anything, not even that of the pool or sun being there except that swimming goes on ‘unaware’.

    But then, we are back again into duality. The sense of a ‘lack’ haunts as Mr. Anand said. And once again you led us into that ‘inexpressible’ space in your response to him.

    I want to get to the root of this ‘lack’ – a lack not for any objective ‘thing’ but that gut feeling of “not satisficing”.

    One way is to see the ‘lack’ to be “ALL”, the very Being. However, this looks to be a mere explanation.

    The ancient Upanishadic teachings equate the dream state and the awake state. In fact they hold that dream-awake is a continuity. We (in a wakeful state) understand fairly how and why dreams occur, what are the parts of the brain involved in the process, what are the stages of brain when dreams are absent etc. etc. Present day Neuroscience is bringing in greater clarity on the issue of dreams, though the last word is yet to come.

    But I do not find anywhere, either in the ancient Indian lore or in the modern non-dualism teachings, any body explaining the emergence of the wakeful state with all the phenomenal ‘world’ and its goings on. Words like ‘Maya’, ‘Leela’ (play), ‘Freedom’ etc. are used to explain how from that Immutable Oneness the first ‘I-thought’ is engendered to manifest later as the variegated manifold. But these are admittedly just explanatory fictions. Such explanations take all the mathematical precision and scientific regularity in the phenomenal world as ‘given’. They accept the inevitability of inexorable natural laws and never provide any clue as to why a law is the way it is.

    Do you like to touch on these issues in your posts, though, I agree, these are more of a pedagogic nature unrelated to the main thrust of your message?

    As I said, we see a ‘signature’ of dream state in a dreaming brain (REM sleep). How do you think the brain state would be when one is “abiding” as “ALL”, “One”, “Consciousness”, “Brahman.”

    With many thanks for the wonderful messages and the freedom you allow in these discussions,

    Warm regards,

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